Part Two of Our Response to a Faith Assembly of God Leader in Poughkeepsie: John Morabito

Casperkill Campus, Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY – If you say you have love but you don’t have the Truth with in you; then you have neither Love or God.

Casperkill Campus, Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY – If you say you have love but you don’t have the Truth with in you; then you have neither Love or God.

A leader from Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY has stepped forward to counter this blog. And this is Part two of a two part answer to his challenge.

An alternate title for this post is :

“Cheap Grace and the Attack of the Doctrine of the Priesthood of ALL Believers”


A Brief Prologue of Part 2 of this series

This post is a continuation to our response to John Morabito, a member of Pastor Edward A Jones’ Inner Ciricle. Part One has a full prologue where we tell you why we responded to John Morabito’s 220 word ad hominem attack and why we responded at all due to the nature of what was written. In its entirety not to include the Prologue to our response is in 11 sections back to John Morabito which was sent in advance to John Morabito (and we assume Pastor Edward A Jones)before  posting this on our blog.

The eleven sections are as follows:

In Part One of our Response to John Morabito we started from the beginning to “John M’s Attack Point 5.” As follows:

  • From the Get Go – we started our response with a unyielding point which John should of grasped, but didn’t. (We wanted to make a stand alone point.)
  • A Brief Introduction – self explanatory
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 1We discuss his knowingly false accusation of “Disgracing Good People”. Classic narcissist “Blame shifting”
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 2We discuss his knowingly false accusation of “mudslinging” and illustrate what the slander culture of Faith Assembly of God has produced. Classic narcissist “Blame shifting”
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 3 – John played the “Forgiveness Card”. We call this the “Forgiveness Card and Cheap Grace” This is a theological discussion on how and why we as Christians must have a “Penitent Faith” in Christ.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 4 – John uses a heretical “Christian Cliché” that is used as an “excuse” to live an unrepentant life in Christ. He also uses the word “mistake” in place of “sin” to justify “covering up” Pharisaical and Personal Sin. ie “moral turpitude”
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 5 – We examine John’s definition of “Petty” and how it is used to demean victims and their families to protect unrepentant criminal activity. Minimalize the sin by Minimalizing the Pain of the victims. Minimalization is a classic cult / narcissist technique. This was a very hard section to write and a very hard section for my loved ones to read and relive.

In this post, Part 2 of our Response to John Morabito will start where we left off at. We will start off at “John M’s Attack Point 6” and conclude with our “Conclusion and Final Remarks” as in the original response that John has received (as well as we assume Pastor Edward A. Jones also received.

  • John Ms Attack Point Number 6 – We examine his use of “Move On” and committing “Blasphemy” using the Lord’s name in conjunction with it.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 7 – John expressed doubt I was “called” to write this blog and I gently remind him that scripture calls us all that hold the office of “High Priest of all believers” (which is all) to do so and how.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 8 – John says he doesn’t see any “good” in this. We try to help take his Blinders” off, express that this serves as a Standing Indictment and emphasize a walk with Christ is a Penitent Faith
  • Conclusion and Final Remarks of our response – not really a summary. We reemphasize a point or two. It also includes an Administrative Section which redirects any direct response to Pastor Jones.

As we did in previous posts we will post any significant additions to the original letter in Bold Red and post any later additional comments we may have in Bold Blue.

At the end of the response we sent to John Morabito we will then conclude with “A Brief Conclusion and Commentary of this two part series”.

If you have not read Part One of Our Response to a Faith Assembly of God Leader in Poughkeepsie: John Morabito, then we suggest you read it (or re-read it) before reading Part Two.

And we realize it is a long post, so if you don’t want to go through it all we then suggest the second best thing is to just read the Prologue before we start the letter on Part One and The Section we call John M’s Attack Point 3 we call the “Forgiveness Card and Cheap Grace”.

Note Aside: John M’s Attack Point 3 section, what we call the “Forgiveness Card and Cheap Grace” is probably the key section back in our response back to John Morabito. It just may illuminate the pathology of the corruption of selected leadership at Faith Assembly of God and certain member’s criminal activities.

You will find Part Two quite a bit shorter then Part One. So if you read through Part One, Part Two will be a breeze for you.

Before we start with the remainder of our response back to John Morabito, we would like to give you two quotes to think about that we hope will set the tone for the rest of our response. These quotes can also be found in the last section we published in Part One under John’s Attack Point 5.

The first quote is from Pastor John MacArthur talking about what happens when unbiblical authority takes control in the church:

Mark it my friend. Those with counterfeit authority always abuse people. And they will abuse those who are least able to defend themselves.  – John MacArthur


The second quote is from the Holy Scripture. Jesus is speaking.

Matthew 9:36 Seeing the people, He (Jesus) felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. (NASB)

This is more than a story about someone that was crippled by the criminals that run a ministry. It is more than a church leadership seeking to protect those criminals. It is more than a story of the people who had to bare the ungodly burden placed upon them by leaders willing to subvert the Holy Scripture, their own stated doctrine, and their legal requirements within their Constitution and ByLaws. It is a story about “expediency over righteousness” It is more about what Yeshua warned His children would happen. It is a story about Cheap Grace and the high cost we will eventually pay for it. It is a story that is an example for the world and the “true” Church what is happening within Biblical Christianity aka the visible church.

So without further delay we will return to our letter responding back to John Morabito, a leader at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY. Originally our response was sent on 3/21/16 and resent 3/25/16. We will start off on John Morabito’s Attack Point 6


——– Start of the second and final installment of our response to John Morabito——-

John M’s Attack Point Number 6 – Saying just to “Move On” and at the same time engaged blaspheming the Lord’s name.

Let me divide this in two parts. We will briefly deal the more serious part, your blasphemy, second.

On the “Move On” comment we have dealt with several reasons that should have been apparent to you why we will keep our blog up to include the threats to do harm. I’m not going to rehash.

Frankly John, you don’t have the personal integrity to influence us to the contrary. This “Move On” comment was disingenuous at best. Your concerns are not coming from a pure motive. It is to stop the truth that the Bible says should be dealt with. You are more concerned “maintaining appearances” than the truth. You have no real goal of what God says should be your goal.

Don’t ever tell someone to “MOVE ON” Christian if you are not willing to show real substantial compassion and learn his or her pain while walking with them. Definitely never tell someone to move on while they are going through it. As you see I will live through a life time.

And John, NEVER EVER tell someone to “MOVE ON” when you have displayed contempt for the Biblical Process of “Biblically Moving On” of repentance (godly sorrow, confession to the harmed, correcting the sin… you know repentance) and healing. Especially do not tell someone to “Move On” when you go to such extent as documented in your letter to accuse falsely using proven devious methods to defend the sin that harmed so many people. That is called corruption brother. You only had those in mind. You certainly didn’t care about what Yahweh had to say about it.

You are truly a purveyor of Cheap Grace.

You certainly wouldn’t defend the Biblical mandate of scripture and use your influence that way. Wh is your Daddy? Do you follow King Edward A Jones or King Jesus?

And then you use the Lord name’s in vain. That is Blasphemy.

NEVER use His name to promote mans agenda, attack the innocent and justify sin. You should be ashamed. You show no Fear of the God who created you. Do you really believe that Yeshua wants His name attached to your false accusations and ad hominem attacks?

This is no simple Blasphemy and all is sin. You are no pagan teenager texting OMG on your cell phone. (And yes that is sin to a Holy God.) You are a self proclaimed leader in the Church. Do you know what you told the “world” about what it means to be a Christian Leader? What have you communicated to the youth in the church and the new believers?

You cheapened the Lord’s name to promote your false accusations and ad hominem attacks.

And make no mistake about it, you wanted that post to go through without censor. That makes this sin a public sin. Do not go up on that platform Brother without a public confession to that “world” of your repentance.

Did you not read and learn from my public admonishment of Brother Martone? Did you not take counsel of the Holy Spirit before writing that? If you believe that “Jesus” led you to falsely accuse someone in order to cover up the sins of leadership rather than comfort the battered sheep; then sir I would say you follow a different Jesus.

Repent Brother before your heart is hardened.


John M’s Attack Point Number 7 – You expressed doubt that the Lord called me to do what I did.

I am not going to use your sarcastic words and imputed “Straw Man” lie by innuendo to take us off topic here John. I have “dignified” enough of your points by quoting them. You have built enough “Straw Men” in your letter to staff a Scare Crow Convention.

John, guess what. The Lord did tell me. No, not in an audible voice or signs and wonders like a talking mule; He tells us all. It is called the Bible. Study and show yourself approved. Some of the scriptures have already been noted in this blog.

If you read your Bible brother, Jesus states by far the signs for the end of the Age of Grace, will be the falling away within the Church with Heresy. He mentions it 4 times in Matthew 24 more than any other sign of the end of the Age (AKA: the Olivet Discourse).

Yeshua and His apostles have warned the church. And He tells us to expose both the moral and doctrinal heretical leaders in the hope of “repentance” and to warn the true church in the visible church. And let me remind you again, this was attempted to be addressed privately and or semi-privately as doctrine suggests. I’m sorry, you don’t like that Word, but it is Biblical Doctrine. Isn’t it John?

You see John, the greatest work for apologetics today is not with cults like the Mormons or the Jehovah Witnesses. It is within the church itself. Again Christ told us. Doctrinal failure always ends up as Moral failure. Each age has its Heresies to deal with and we are dealing with an expansion of the heresies like no other time in church history. And for the local church to ignore, make excuses, and even participate in them without dealing with them or examining themselves like individuals in the Lord should; it will bring destruction to the Body of Christ.

If you say that this can’t happen in “my” church or “my” pastor you are forgetting the simple fact that we are all “fallen” from grace and it is within “all” of us to sin. It is called the Doctrine of Depravity. And John it is in our church. Not to talk about it and deal with it means you have to ignore Yeshua himself as he told you to look for it. You have to ignore significant writings of the apostles. And if you are a Leader/Teacher in the Church and don’t teach it, it means probably you don’t want the church to ponder on it. For what reason you ask? I think the answer is obvious here. The whole counsel of the word is to be taught.

Every generation has it’s heresies to deal with. If they don’t, the next generation has the greater and more difficult task of addressing them when the wolves are entrenched. Today the American (Western Church) Church is the greatest exporter of Heresy to the church worldwide. “Being quiet” about it brought us to the point where we no longer can defend our testimony because we are too busy dealing with the dishonor these heresies bring to the church and world sees it.

For example, what does it say John when the church has people in leadership that support the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) with all it’s parlor tricks and rank heresy like Dominionism that was declared as such by the Assembly of God? They are lunatics. Even the world sees it. Yet we have people on the Board that actively support it if not support it through ministries who are headed by those false teachers. Again what does Paul say about these Heretics. They are not to be leaders. If they persist we are to separate from them or separate them from the flock. Paul says let them be accursed if they won’t repent. That is Biblical truth John.

How can the church gently correct a sheep, when they allow it among leadership or people the leadership actively supports?

The Druckerites and the lunatics in the NAR who are proponents of Cheap Grace and Doctrinal apostasy are just the tip of the iceberg. As mentioned not just by me, but by orthodox scholars, apologists, theologians, there is always a bridge between moral declines in the church with doctrinal heresy. To name a few is Jacob Prasch (Pentecostal), Chris Rosebrough (Confessional Lutheran) Dr. James White (Reformed Baptist), and David Wilkerson (AoG).

And they are not silent. (“were” in the context of David Wilerson.) They mention names and the sin. They encourage otherwise than to be silent. Jacob Prasch says the only two things to do that is “honorable” when we witnessed as I witnessed is to “Stand up and Leave” and/or “Stand up and Fight”. Those are the two Biblical Options I had.

On the contrary though.

Those who stay seated in silence do not honor Yahweh. Those who defend this behavior who are self promoting leaders outright disgrace Christ. That especially applies to those leaders that stoop down and use the argumentation in your attack letter that represents willful deceit to silence righteous dissent.

The options you choose is not in the Bible, but is noted as the signs of a good church turning into a cult. Why don’t you re-review the Dr. Jerry Kaifetz videos attached to “Part two: Answering Inquiries” for more on this? It is the actions of a man who is a purveyor of “Cheap Grace”.

Your comment represents three big problems here at Faith Assembly of God.

The First is that to make such a comment illuminates the fact that you and other leaders have not shown you know the Bible and your Theology and Doctrine and/or you prefer to ignore God’s Word.

This is a little confession John; when I first became a member of Faith Assembly of God I was jealous of those who I thought must have all this Biblical knowledge because they were either born in a Biblical Church and or had all this “food” of Christ that Peter was told to give the sheep on a regular basis. I was so hungry. But as I walked I began to find out that things were not as they appeared to be. I found that people really didn’t have the hunger for “Truth” that sent me down to my knees. I found out how superficial our love for the Brethren was. Actually the words of Ed Jones inspired me to go further when in membership class he told us doctrine was important. So I found out what that was and why it was important. Then I made the connection of Truth of Scripture to Theology.

You see John, I found out the hard way that many in leadership were there because they are promoters of men and not lovers of Truth. They repeat what others say about the Word of God, but they don’t know the “Word” in context. And it doesn’t matter to them that they don’t.

The fact that you don’t seem to be aware that unrepentant sin is not something we don’t address, especially in the context of leaders and “would be” leaders is folly. Remember Yeshua attacked Pharisaical sin in public thirteen times. In the Epistles we are told to fight it at least seventeen to nineteen times. It is part of the ministry of “the Priesthood of the Believer”.

And if you don’t believe in the authority given to the individual “Believer”, how can a leader expect Yahweh to honor that leader who doesn’t?

The Second point of my answer to your comment reflects that you don’t take serious the damage of Heretical behavior, both doctrinal and moral has on the body of Christ and the witness to the world.

This could be related to the first.

Like I said, we are living in a time where we are fools not to take Yeshua’s warnings about the end of the Age of Grace. He tells of the corruption of the church and that is where we see the bulk of these signs.

I could list more than I have. I talk about it in the hope that my brethren will actually care about what Jesus says we should and study for themselves what I have encountered. And as I also stated it is this generation that is paying for the Heretical Doctrine that the older generation refused to deal with. Like it or not, we are losing the message of the Gospel as these wolves come into the church through their followers unchecked and allowed to spread their nonsense and garner support for those who teach a different Christ or Gospel.

It isn’t just the NAR (which is a AoG declared heresy brother – “Latter Rain Movement”) Or the dumbing down Bible twisting Druckerites or the Word Faith movement who caters to the narcissist itching ear types. It goes on in a slew of ministries that out right steal the sheep’s money on false promises like the Benny Hinn and Kenny Copland who prey on the poor among us because they are not taught as scripture says that these men and woman are frauds. Second Timothy Chapter Three comes to mind. There is never been a time since the reformation we have seen this much “Gospel Destroying” Heresy allowed into the church.

The world sees this destruction and they report it. We need to thank them and show the world “the church” has the righteousness within to deal with this or we have to compromise and become an “organization” of the world.

John, when people see what I wrote outside of Faith Assembly of God who are in the world; at least they don’t see a characterization of a “Christian” that will follow a leader blindly, ignore his or her own sacred scriptures and look away from sin that they wouldn’t look away from. But they look at you John and see a leader of the church who doesn’t have compassion for the hurt and as a declared “Christian Leader that is willing to point your finger like a Pharisee to cover-up for the sins of other leaders. They see a leader that doesn’t have the love for their scriptures and their legal documents and thinks the Creator of the Universe is less than what we say about Him.

And that leads into my final and third point to your sarcastic attack point.

This again would not be necessary to even discuss if leadership would call these heretical movements as they are: Rank Heresy. It happens when you don’t teach the whole counsel of the Word of God. We should be warning the saints, but it seems we even protect these wolves outside the local church.

First name the heretics who are pilfering the souls of the Saints and name these movements. And after you do that, tell the leaders who won’t separate themselves from these wolves, that they can no longer be leaders. Once you have leaders that have confessed and cleansed these Heresies from their lives, you have leaders that can lovingly correct the saints with Orthodox Doctrine why they have to let go of these sins.

This is just a Biblical suggestion John.

And John, if you say there are none who embrace these heretical doctrines. You either knowingly lie or want me to publish the names.

Like I said before John, the American Evangelical Church is now the prime exporter of Heresy for the Biblical Church in the world. We have fooled ourselves in making light of the Gospel where we no longer have a message. We allow heresy to seep in and it becomes an imbedded decease where we no longer have either a relation with the Savior and has a working culture that looks like the “world”. To please the world we have become like the world. We can no longer hold a moral position without the world laughing. They see us creating little popes on earth in Mega Churches while others act like a circus act. How many of these Mega Churches with their little popes worldwide have drawn scandal to themselves and shame to the church?

We have seen these exports end up in churches in the third world promoting greed and making the local tribal religions look more Godly. All while feeding peoples darkest desires for lies about wealth and formula prayers. They don’t learn the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They learn Prosperity Doctrine of Joel Osteen and T. D. Jakes. We are playing God when we turn a blind eye to this and don’t warn others not to preserve a false peace. Preserving a false peace in this manner is just an unbiblical excuse. We are to warn the bretheren. Titus says it is the people who hold the offices in Christ’s Church who are to do it, but in all too many circumstances they are the ones who are supporting these wolves who help the forces of darkness in supporting them.

Do we speak the truth to the Brethren? If we don’t, we really don’t love them.

When I write about these things, it is my hope that it will cause some stir enough that the reader will research on what I say and learn. My hope is that if the brethren love Yeshua enough to study to show themselves approved when they have to apply scripture to research these vipers. It doesn’t bother me that Brothers and Sisters motives are just to try to prove me wrong. I am praying that truth will win out. And I don’t worry about what the outside thinks, because it may spark a curiosity to find out what this Jesus is about and just may find the Gospel when they research these wolves because they have to learn the Gospel to know what I am writing about.

I don’t include these names of heretical movements like the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) because I like to fill in blog space, I put them in because they are a contributing factor to the Pharisaical sin that is part of the culture at Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY. And I do find it hard to believe that Ed Jones doesn’t know our fellowship, the Assemblies of God, considered this Heresy in the form of the Latter Rain Movement was declared as such in 1949 and almost destroyed our Canadian Brethren’s fellowships. So why has EJ done nothing since I wrote the post back July 2014. It was a gentle hint for him to clean up his act even though it was about Ramsey-Dixon and her continuous heretical behavior to check his own house. Hint – There are board members involved in this heretical movement.

John, study to show yourself approved. The local church is in trouble and so is Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY. I have mentioned a few apologists from a diversified group of respected Biblical Christian Teachers Rosebrough, Prasch, and White from all over what is left from within Evangelical Biblical Christianity. Why don’t you check them out? Oh yeah, there are others too.

So John in conclusion of Attack Point 7, yep, the Lord did give me this ministry to work. And as the Lord knows I didn’t want it. He gives us all of us “this” ministry at one time or another in our walk whether we recognize it or not. Your sarcasm is in short is an admission that you failed in this area. Remember the cause of Division in a church comes from leadership, not us sheep. It is bad doctrine that leads to disunity. It isn’t a sheep pointing it out.

When sheep get blamed for Biblical disunity, it is a sign of a cult.

But John, I have one question for you. Did the Lord give you a ministry to cover-up sin using known deceitful argumentation, false accusations and blaspheming His Holy Name? John, you don’t have to answer that.


John M’s Attack Point Number 8 – You stated in words to affect; that questioned how this (blog) would be a help to anyone, you fail to see the good and it’s not positive at all.

Well John, it is a question at first glance that I can honestly say it isn’t for you or me to see the results of obedience of God. Surely when Jeremiah and the other prophets were in obedience to God, they saw nothing but heart ache. I have paid people’s rent, gave to folk my last $20 and never saw results. Talked about Jesus and gave Bibles to strangers that I will never see again. Prayed for people as the spirit led and never see results. Prayed for my enemies. Guess what, I may never see results here in this world. It doesn’t bother me all that much. I am not God and I trust in Him on what He does and says. He is sovereign, neither you or I am.

Point of fact John. We are not supposed to “hide” unrepentant sin as in the nature for what we have wrote about in the church by leadership. We are to expose it; especially Pharisaical sin when it is refused to be dealt with. The Bible doesn’t mention that I will be rewarded for it. The Bible never says we are to expect reward or people will find it “positive” in this world. Actually the Bible is quite clear that we will suffer if we abide in him

But the fact is, it has had a positive effect and helped others for the better. It also brought me closer to Yeshua with understanding that I would have never had. I write about it, but not nearly enough. Maybe I should.

I have also outlined in the beginning of this response a major reason that “helps” my family in limiting the hand of a dangerous criminal team of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon that seems to have no boundaries.

Let me suggest some possibilities and why people who are experts in this area tell you to do what I did.


  • It tells saints that are going through what my family and I did (and is) that they are not crazy. It encourages them. And it gives those abuse sheep information how to spot and with resources.
  • It warns other saints of the signs of an unbiblical leadership and the abuse to watch out for. Even if they read this now and have a defensive mindset or “Bunker Mentality” or “not in my church” attitude, they may take pause and on a later date see another sheep go through the same thing and react as a Brother or a Sister and come alongside and do the right thing.
  • It may actually cause someone to research and refine their doctrine closer to Yahweh’s as the Bible suggest.
  • It is a possibility that when a certain team member of the aforementioned Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon returns to her vomit, it just may protect another victim with the knowledge it represents. This is a real practical one.
  • It does what the Bible says and gives warning to others that may be inclined to act the same as the false leader/prophet or Teacher the Bible states.
  • It simply may cause people to reexamine themselves and repent. What a novelty. Real Godly sorrow, repentance to those we harm, make restitution, correct the harm we have done and be reconciled to a Brother and a Sister and bask in the Grace of God being forgiven. Live a Penitent Faith in Jesus.

But then again, none of that may happen. And maybe a sovereign God will do something else.

But John I do understand your position. You see this with a mindset that you don’t expect change because in your heart of hearts the people involved can’t change or you see too much work in facing the truth and don’t want reform. If you are in a “Bunker Mentality” when you see people upset and you are seeing truth made public that has a possibility to make change, it is easier to sin some more then possibly come to the reality that change needs to happen to focus back on Jesus.

Been there. Been in denial myself. Didn’t want to look in that mirror.

Then I realized that I am that wretch of all wretches. That is when Yeshua can do the best work in us. When we realize that He changes us because we can’t.

You see John, I pray for reform. I love my church enough to state what’s wrong. And when I say the church, I do not mean the organization. I mean the remnant that is in there. I also love the goats who have been deceived or haven’t come to a saving knowledge of Jesus. And yet that comes only by the grace of Yahweh who gathers His children that He has chosen.


What this blog and our response to you represent is an unanswered STANDING INDICTMENT. This should be a good enough reason for any reasonable Christian Leader. Public pharisaical sin means public rebuke. It also means public confession that is not contrived as “part” and start of repentance (private confession, restitution, etc…) for any hope of reconciliation of the victims and the beginning of a restoration process if possible for any leader involved.

That is the Biblical Mandate. Don’t like it John. I understand. But that is doctrine.

The church’s unwritten “mystery” indictment against me, was first to disfellowship me via a Sadistic Gag Order by Pastrix Schreck, and finally with the Martone/Jones Formal Exile Letter is no such an indictment at all. It has no complainants and has no sin attached to it that warrants removal from fellowship. None. Nada. Zip. The Jones mystery indictment against me is a sheet a paper that trumps innuendo over substance signed by someone that will not account for the words he put on that paper and has no reason on it.. It is expedience over righteousness. It is cheap grace presented cowardly by those who have no love for truth, God’s Word, and the Bylaws and Constitution of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY; which tells the criteria how someone is removed from membership. It defiles the offices that are supposed represent Christ himself, by some people who no longer (or ever had) the qualifications of an “Overseer” as stated in the scriptures.

And John, you inevitably showed that to be true because you stated nothing to the contrary. Nothing. Point of Fact; you address nothing to the contrary to our STANDING INDICTMENT. And sir if you could defend the illegal exile, then John you would have. If the level of debate has lowered itself within leadership to go after someone who was crippled, slandered, stalked extortion using the most vulnerable and then exiled to save face by using pure ad hominem attacks and false accusation; then sir the ability to reform within is not within the church organization to do it on it’s own. To overlook the protected class, culture of gossip/slander, “get even” mentality, moral cowardliness of leadership, secret tribunals as you have, should put one on notice. It is plain corruption. But you have demonstrated it with your letter that you and certain leaders are oblivious to the seriousness of what is going on and care more about appearances than the “sin” of the law.

Silence evil

And John, that is one reason why this blog is here. If one remains silent. It will not change. And if it doesn’t change than people should be warned. I write for many reasons, the first it is as scripture dictates. The other reasons are secondary but important. And on that list is for reform for my church or if your heart(s) have grown hardened to expose and warn. To say nothing when you can; does several things to include say there is nothing worth fighting for. Not the innocent, not the unrepentant and his or her relationship with the Lord, and not God’s word.

If one remains silent, it will happen again. That is the legacy of cheap grace. That offends a righteous God, but soothes the carnality of man. It is a reminder of the separation that would exist if we didn’t have a savior who died on that cross and was raised in the resurrection. There is no Love when the truth is hidden. We are to have a Penitent Faith in Christ. There is no glory for God when we are silent about the sins of the Pharisees. The wolves posing as shepherds give no mercy to the sheep.

. . . In such a Church the world finds a cheap covering for its sins; no contrition is required, still less any real desire to be delivered from sin. . .

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

This STANDING INDICTMENT in the form of this blog needs to be answered. It is plain church corruption to ignore it and not answer it. Neither you nor Pastor Edward Jones can morally, ethically and/or Biblically defend the position not to answer it. Your attack proves that. What happened was and is evil for which a lot of people were affected negatively toward Christ, the Church in general and Faith Assembly of God specifically. Not because the truth was told, but because the truth was silenced. Where is the transparency that is supposed to happen for victims of violence? Why was the Biblical mandate of the church ignored? If for no other reason to show these people who were harmed that this is not of Jesus what happened to me and others.

This is more than two violent reprobates who follow a different Gospel/Jesus; it is a lot more about how the leadership of a church who forgot (or maybe never knew) who loved them first and lost their fear of an Almighty God who has their future in His hands.

The points you should be raising is what good is coming out of this by covering up the sin that should be exposed in according to scripture. It only produced more sin against the victims. That should be the point made by a man who follows Yeshua.

But then we go back to cheap grace and the question that was asked at the end of our response to your Attack Point Number 3 “the Forgiveness Card and Cheap Grace”.

“What would you give your life for? Would you die for the sacrifice for the cross like Bonhoeffer?”

And that really does take a Penitent Faith in Yeshua.


Conclusion and Final Remarks of our response

Well John, I know you are disappointed because there is so much to talk about and we didn’t scratch the suface. I did cover the major points. And actually if you reread the whole blog anything you have thought I missed are in this letter or the rest of my blog in a form you don’t like. I don’t feel it necessary to repeat myself just to embarrass you. That is not what I am about.

People who know me know I don’t provoke just for the sake of provocation.

Reminder how we started our response back to you

I don’t want to rehash any the points that I have made Brother. But let me once again make this point I started out with. A point that you have seem to miss and you shouldn’t have. My family is important to me. I will NOT yield to threats from the two reprobates who did my family evil and threatened to do more. And we regard them as dangerous especially when Cocurullo went as far as she did and sought to use the most vulnerable in my family to get to me after these two already harmed us and her personal threats would not stick. That is a person who knows no limits of evil. And again apparently has the blessing of her partner Ramsey-Dixon.

Reread the beginning of the letter before you get the idea that you have something to say about it . My family matters. They are NOT a sacrifice at the modern alter of Baal within any church for cult like purposes. Understand that brother. I will do what is legal and Biblical to act as a cushion from the likes of two who harmed them, the ones who will help them.

The foremost formal debater in apologetics today is a man called Dr. James White from Alpha and Omega Ministries in Pheonix Arizona. I really can’t think of anyone in the field that comes close to his integrity who does what he does. Men with integrity are attacked more than ever in Christendom today because truth is more a rapidly deteriorating commodity than even the world. And Dr. White is a target and has no lack of enemies.

Dr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries recommends only giving into the opinions and criticism the weight they deserve. John, when “my board” and we knew from the beginning when we saw your submission that was one long ad hominem attack we made a decision that went against Dr. White’s advise in these matters. John, your response of this blog was to bring down the level of discussion lower than a political message board. Our response back was patient, direct and to the point.

You did provide an example of the mindset of leadership at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie NY by the temperament of your attack with you pure attack on this blog using almost every cliché, false accusation and diversion tactic that was in your arsenal without touching on the critical arguments of deep seated moral corruption. And John, that saddens me. It was not just lacking substance. Your response was totally void of compassion of people whose lives that will be changed forever not by the criminal violent narcissist activities of two people who should not be in ministry, but by leaders who are playing church who sullied their office in Christ’s church. Not yours, Not mine… Yeshua’s Church! And that John is more than a slap in this cripple’s face, my family’s face and others who have suffered at the hand of corrupt church leadership. It is a slap in the face of Yeshua.

Your submission was invaluable to us in that respect to use as an example as a leader of Faith Assembly of God. Like we said in the beginning, you have provided us with a treasure that folk is the business of studying Spiritual Abuse and Cults who study the tactics of this American phenomenon.

With that said John, there was NO moral, ethical and/or Biblical cumpulsion to answer your continuous ad hominem attack which was written obvious dubious motives. I hope to you didn’t deceive yourself in believing it was. My feet was held to the fire. And as a cripple victim who was the target of evil, I was held like I was the criminals who went after people’s families.

And John, you know who is under Biblical compulsion if indeed they are Christians to answer this Standing Indictment. The first is the leaders who are responsible for this blog. There is no dispensation for immoral acts from withholding information which enabled slander, extortion, stalking and deformation of character, ungodly Gag orders that prevented help, leaks from the board, illegal exiles etc…

But then John, by not addressing the sin at hand directly, you have proved there is no defense for what was done to us. And John you are a high profile leader who has acted as a spokesman in the walls and out for the church leadership. You should have higher accountability.

This blog is a Standing Indictment. And it is unbiblical not to explain, confess and repent. My feet were held to the fire. Extraordinary measures (sin) were taken to maintain this thief-dom of corruption against victims. It is time that these questions are answered. And if the questions can’t be answered honestly, than the question of Biblical Qualifications for the people involved are answered. You have helped to answer “that question” for them.

Jones, Andrews, Conti and yes Linda Schreck have avoided all accountability. It is an accountability that is required by scripture. It is an accountability which is much higher than mine or my family according to that same Holy Scripture. It is and was their “reasonable service”. It is nothing less than moral turpitude. And people who know me know that I don’t use those terms lightly.

And John, there is no lack of documentation. It is not “he said they said” documentation.

John, call the district Presbyter of the State of New York. The leadership has shown it cannot handle this Biblically. This is a common request that has also been documented with absolutely no action positive or negative from leaders. It then required a response with explanation. It still does. It still involves “moral turpitude”

It is obscene to hold the sheep to a higher standard than leadership.

John, I would like you ask yourself a question, What if some miracle I appear at the church because some act of repentance takes place; how are you going to greet me and face me brother? Because you wrote your “Hit and Run” piece with it in the back of your mind that you will never see me there.


Administrative Section:

 There is something I need an answer on and I need it from your boss, Pastor Edward A. Jones, not you John.

It appears you used your Faith Assembly of God email account when you sent this during working hours while you were paid by our tithes and offerings to do so being a hireling. That means your boss has some complicity in your actions whether you intended it or not.

As stated you have a history of representing Faith Assembly of God publically outside and within the walls of the church with leadership blessings.

John, in your submittal you sought to bear false witness against me and inadvertently did the same against others who you said was petty in their concerns. You did indeed commit slander. You did this with the intention of going public. The tactics you used were not the tactics one would associate with being a Christian in your submittal, let alone should represent someone in full time ministry and someone who Pastor Edward Jones has raised to be a leader.

And by the way John, your position alone demands you stay clear.

Public sin for those in leadership in public ministry requires public and private confession. You have sinned against more than a Brother in Christ. You have sinned against the people harmed. You have sinned against Yeshua.

So I suggest you give a copy of this to Pastor Jones as well as a copy of your submittal. Please remind that all communications will be by email. Remind him that not to call me, especially at my employment as others have done. Any other communications can be worked out between him and me via email.

I specifically want to know if you are representing Ed Jones and what he proposes to do about your slander and behavior. Pastor Jones has to answer that question. I am not going to deal with an underling again. He is accountable for what you wrote.

In Closing

I hope you get past your defensive mode and you will read this and find the Holy Spirit convicting you of what I wrote. Eventually what I wrote may edify you.

Please take to heart my high recommendation that you stay off the platform until you repent. And please refrain from ministering to the brethren until you learn doctrine and compassion. The evidence here says it isn’t your gift.

John you are more concerned with appearances and what it takes to maintain them, then the victims who are thrown under the bus. Again sir, that is idolatry. Again, leaders are to be held to a higher standard. There is no protected class in Christianity that gets special dispensation for sin. That is called a cult. It is just the opposite.

Don’t try to silence the victims; it is an act of Satan. The people the Bible says to silence in the church are the False Leaders, False Prophets and the False Teachers. The voices of the wounded sheep is not bringing dishonor on the church. It is the sinful acts of leaders that bring dishonor and division in the church.

The silence just allows sin to grow.

Your sin of “Respecter of Persons” has led you to your sin of a public Bearing False Witness against a Brother.

You have to admit this whole thing is a great study on how “sins” grow and are heaped up one on top of the other until “Jesus” is just a passing thought. That is the story of the American (Western) Evangelical Church as told to us would happen in the last days by the Holy Scripture.

John, I know I am the wretched of the wretched. Repent brother and live out a Penitent Faith in Christ.




Illegally exiled sheep and still a member in “Good Standing”

Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY




——– End of the second and final installment of our response to John Morabito——-


Our Conclusion and Final Remarks

“A Brief Conclusion and Commentary of this two part series”.


Our call to Pastor Jones to answer for his hireling’s statement(s)

As stated in the Administrative section, a email was sent to Pastor Edward A. Jones to answer for John Morabito’s statement. If you have been wondering if Edward Jones has replied you are wrong.  Only a few of the people affected actually asked if he replied. No one really expected he would. And that email was only written so that Brother Ed could not say he was not given a chance (again) to make a difference.

The following was the last few lines in my email to Brother Ed regarding John Morabito’s Letter and our response:

“Brother Jones, As this was done on “work” time with the church email address.

  • Did the church sanction this submittal?
  • Regardless whether you appointed him for that attack; what are you going to do about this?


A few folk that was affected by John’s submittal want to know. A non-answer allows us to reasonably draw our own conclusions. As John is your hireling and a brother under your authority, you hold some responsibility to John’s letter.”

Pastor Edward Jones’ non-answer leads to a lot of questions. It surely doesn’t help John Morabito’s case. It sure leads to questions on ministry intergrity. It goes to the heart of the matter that EJ will avoid responsibility at all costs. It goes to his stand of don’t make waves, protect his inner circle (his buffer) at all costs. To include the “hell” with his pastoral mandate in the Holy Scripture and subsequently circumvented our by-Laws and Constitution. Never mind the big price the targets have taken of Pastor Jones.

Just think of it. If John was indeed righteous in what he did and wrote (And that is a very very BIG “if”), then John Morabito has been left out to dry because his friend EJ wouldn’t step forward to lessen the response or defend John.

And to be fair, the people John “used” as an excuse to defame me using a narcissist favored technique known as “Blame Shifting”, never came forward to either support the content of John’s Letter nor separated themselves from such argumentation. “Pastor” Schreck didn’t, “Deacon” Andrews didn’t, “Deacon” Conti didn’t, former “Deacon” Martone didn’t, Ogden didn’t, and Bieneman didn’t. Nor did the Cocurullo/Dixon Team. None, Nada, zip.

But that doesn’t excuse Pastor Edward Jones’ complicity in the matter. Pastor Jones part in it grows every day he “does nothing”. Does anyone read the Pastoral/Overseer Epistles?


A Standing Indictment

As stated, this series of posts is an Standing Indictment. It is also a Biblical study on what happens when ”Cheap Grace” creeps into a Church in the form of Heretical Movements that make the Judaizers and the Gnostics of the New Testament  time look orthodox in their theology and doctrine.

It has led to this sin to be heaped upon with more sin.

There is no question I ask that a Bible believing church should not address. Not one. And if leadership cannot humble themselves and repent, then they have no moral authority to teach the sheep to do so.

There is no Biblical Authority without adhering to Biblical Doctrine. We live in an era of “Hyper Cheap Grace”. We live in it because the Visible Church refused to address the prophetic voice of people like Bonhoeffer. Every Age in Christianity brings heretical movements, which are not addressed leads to the next generation to handle a bigger and growing heresy.

And that Brothers and Sisters is the cycle of 2000 years of Church History. It is also the case for ancient Israel which mirrors the cycle of Heresy in our Age.

This is the state that the western evangelical visible church is in today. We live in an age of “Hyper Cheap Grace” for which Faith Assembly of God is just another story that represents that age. We love men’s dreams over the “Word of God”. We have become idolaters worshiping “church” Leaders instead of the Crucified Christ who tells us to repent for the forgiveness of sins and to live for His truth.

Remember, I was told as a cripple to deceive/lie to my family and my employer for the sake of protecting two unrepentant criminals by both Pastor Linda Schreck and Deacon George Andrews. Both are leaders in our church. That should be enough to send shivers down a Christian’s spine. But it doesn’t phase the likes of John Morabito who is our representative leader. Why? That in itself tells more than I can type on this blog.

John Morabito as Pastor Edward A. Jone’s representative couldn’t dent the veracity of this Standing Indictment. John only confirmed what was written already and we thank him for that and thank Yeshua for the opportunity to clarify and restate what needed to be talked about.

As you see we have a lot of questions to be addressed. A lot more questions have arisen just in this series responding to John Morabito, a leader of Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY. There is no moral or ethical reason for a righteous Christian leader not to answer them. And there is EVERY righteous reason for those in leadership to address them.

There is no Biblical reason not to answer this Standing Indictment. Or else we would have seen it by now.

It was the Truth that led me to collapse at the foot of the Cross. Hopefully it was the Truth that sent us to the cross for all of us who declare Jesus as Lord. Where is that yearning for that Truth today?

There is a couple common threads that go through this series of our common thread that I should have amplified for which I never really focused on but should have. And that is the destruction and/or attack of ”the Priesthood of ALL Believers”. This thread that is common throughout this series overlaps or is entwined with what Bonhoeffer talked about when he warned about “Cheap Grace”.

But another common thread that I should have amplified for which I never really focused on but should have. And that is the destruction and/or attack of ”the Priesthood of ALL Believers”. This thread that is common throughout this series overlaps or is entwined with what Bonhoeffer talked about when he warned about “Cheap Grace”.


The Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers

If there is a common thread that goes this series on both Part One and Two is a universal attack on the Priesthood of All Believers. A person who has contempt for that doctrine is by definition cannot be in any leadership within the church. Because if they don’t believe in it, they have contempt for that which is central office of their very own position of “overseer”. They cannot confess Jesus and have contempt for God’s priesthood.

If a leader shows contempt for “that” ministry of the priesthood of all believers that God has given you; that leader is not qualified as an overseer. If he or she is consistent in showing contempt and/or lives a impenitent  (in  contrast to a Penitent Faith in Christ) life, then it is clear that that person isn’t in the Priesthood of All Believers and just may never have had those qualifications of an overseer.

How many of your Brothers and Sisters have been unbiblically exiled from Faith Assembly of God? Were there not rumors and slander propagated by leadership leaks? Does that qualify as an attack on that Priesthood of ALL Believers?

You can’t find a section of this series where example after example where the Priesthood of All Believers has not been attacked.

  • A Leader that interferes with one’s family in the goal of unbiblical control does not believe in the Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers
  • A Leader who attacks victims from within the church for defending their family does not believe in the Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers
  • A Leader who uses their position to protect sin via the silencing of victims does not believe in the Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers
  • A Leader who attacks victims from within the church for defending their family does not believe in the Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers.
  • A Leader that engages or enables release of privileged personal information or does nothing to mediate and be a vessel of repentance to the victims of such behavior does not believe in the Doctrine of the Priesthood of All Believers.
  • A Leader who twists Biblical concepts like forgiveness without repentance, that sin is really mistakes (like extortion?) , expediency over righteousness, that leaders are an authority to themselves (Self as God), overlooking and participating in both moral and doctrinal heretical behavior to avoid conflict, etc .. does not believe in the Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers.
  • When a leader creates an inner circle to act as a buffer zone to prevent inquiry and accountability does not believe in Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers.
  • When a leader uses an “underling/hireling” to uses tactics as John Morabito has done for Pastor Edward Jones to create a buffer for accountability avoidance does not believe in the Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers.
  • When a leader formalizes the exiling of a sheep without explanation against Holy Scripture and their own stated By Laws to avoid confrontation of personal and pharisaical sin of his or his inner circle does not believe in the Doctrine of The Priesthood of All Believers.
  • … and the list goes on

If a Pastor is willing to silence a cripple from preventing him from getting help for him and his family in order to protect to impenitent criminals in the congregation, that made it nessesary for that cripple to get help outside the congregation and outside the geographical area; then that (those) Pastor(s) doesn’t hold the Biblical qualifications of a “Overseer”.

If that same said Paster summarily exiles that crippled sheep from the flock without regard to Holy Scripture and that church’s stated By-Laws without even telling that cripple a valid reason. means that Pastor probably NEVER had the qualifications of “Overseer”; an act that was meant to cover up his or hers own Pharisaical and Personal Sins.

That “overseer” is Pastor Doctor Reverend Brother Edward A Jones of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY. EJ doesn’t choose to ignore Yeshua and the “Word of God” and his own By-Laws making “membership” and rights that go with it a joke. Edward Jones has shown by his leadership in this act that he is an enemy of the Doctrine of the Priesthood of ALL Believers. He has stolen the Tithes and Offerings (including donations to expand to Casperkill where I and other exiles are not welcome.)

I would love to hear a rational Biblical explanation.

And just a note: The Bible also mentions a overseer does not have the qualifications when he acts for sordid gain,. This is not just money, it is maintaining a title, and act to continue to live in un-repentance. And this is where “Cheap Grace” meets “contempt for the Doctrine of the Priesthood of ALL believers”. Pastor Jones is the Chief Purveyor of Cheap Grace at Faith Assembly of God. By his acts he has shown he does not believe repentance, forgiveness, reconciliation or restoration as mandated by Orthodox Doctrine. Thus EJ has demonstrated he does not believe in the power of the Holy Spirit he preaches on as much as this crippled sheep EJ exiled.

The office of the Priesthood of ALL Believers is not to be trifled with by anyone. It is an office we sheep must show worthiness and maintain by living out a Penitent Faith in Jesus the Christ. It should be defended. We sheep have that responsibility. Let me repeat what Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries has stated is the two Biblical points of action when that Priesthood is assaulted if you see this happen in your fellowship: You are to stand up and leave or you are to stand up and fight. That is your responsibility Yahweh gives to you. Staying seated on you blessed assurance is not an option in the Bible. It is allowing the wolves to take from you what God gave you.

The office of the Priesthood of ALL Believers; It is the most worthy office for one to fight for in our faith.


Final words

I realize this is a real long post. If you read the two posts, I want to thank you. It covers a lot. It needed to be said. I am humbled whether you agree or not.

There is no way I can summarize what was written. If there is one center point or core section I would like to emphasize, it would be the section labeled “John Ms Attack Point 3 – The forgiveness Card and Cheap Grace” in Part One of Our Response to a Faith Assembly of God Leader in Poughkeepsie: John Morabito.

I wish I wrote more on Bonhoeffer and Cheap Grace.. The understanding of salvation in Jesus Christ is center in our lives, not what God can do for us in the temporal. If you begin to understand that, truth will not be a ever devalued commodity in your life.

This series has several sections and different parts are written to different targets. If there are universal target groups that I am writing to, it is those who have been abused by unscrupulous leaders. I am writing to brothers and sisters in the faith that see what is going on and need the big picture and for encouragement and strength in their walk. You are not alone. You are not going crazy. It isn’t Biblical Christianity. Yeshua (Jesus) isn’t the problem, it is the Pharisees (wolves) and Hirelings. And Jesus warned us about them 13 times in the Gospels.

I am writing to leaders who have taken the wrong road and hearts have not hardened who need to repent for the forgiveness of sins by a merciful God.

There are people I have mentioned here with the hope that John Morabito will study. They are from current apologists that take on heretical behavior inside the church and to the people who do their work in Spiritual Abuse; these folk are great resources for understanding what you are going through to the ones here that center on giving you a great base for defending the Faith. It is discernment through study of Orthodox doctrine and theology that has helped me the most besides a relationship with Yeshua. And if you see people going through the same thing, it is my prayer you come along side that battered sheep.

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a great link between Spiritual Abuse and the modern day Heretical Movements within the church. Use these resources. Study yourself to show yourself approved. Not for men, but for your relationship with Yahweh, the God of all.

This is the area of apologetics today that is being hidden from the sheep by the false teacher, but is most needed. I don’t get that just from a Biblical scholar; I read it in my Bible, and It is the words of Yeshua who tells us that False Leaders is the greatest sign of the end of the age. That is the Olivet Discourse in Matthew 24. And the Olivet Discourse is preceded by the 7 woes. The seven woes Matthew is Jesus communicating to the sheep about how Yahweh feels about Pharisaical Sin and the purveyors of such. (Note: some also call it the 8 woes).

Let me wrap this up now. There is no clean way to do it.

To my detractors: This Series remains a Standing Indictment

To the battered sheep, I once again leave the same words of Yeshua again:

Matthew 9:36 Seeing the people, He (Jesus) felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. (NASB)

He knows what you are going through. He has not forgotten you. He will not forsake you. You are in him and He is in you. He loves you. Fight the Good Fight of Faith. God Bless you.

Thank you again for having the patience to read this through,

Humbly submitted,



An Illegally Exiled Sheep

A “member” in Good Standing at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY

A Wretch of all Wretches

An Office holder of the Priesthood of ALL Believers

Part One of Our Response to a Faith Assembly of God Leader in Poughkeepsie: John Morabito

Casperkill Campus, Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY – If you say you have love but you don’t have the Truth with in you; then you have neither Love or God.

Casperkill Campus, Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY – If you say you have love but you don’t have the Truth with in you; then you have neither Love or God.

A leader from Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY has stepped forward to counter this blog. And this is a two part answer to his challenge.

An alternate title for this post is:

“Wearing Blinders to the Truth”.


A Prologue to our response to John Morabito, a leader from Faith Assembly of God.

About the Leader in question who submitted a response to our blog:

About the Leader in question: His name is John. He is a full time employee at Faith Assembly of God. He is a long time member of Pastor Edward A Jones inner circle. He is frequently on the platform and is used a spokesman to push through Pastor Edward Jone’s agenda. He has specifically used the last few years to persuade the congregation for more borrowing for the Spackenkill Campus of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY. Again he has been an authorized spokesman inside and outside the walls of the church.

He is not on the Board presently, but John Morabito is in the “unbiblical” upper tier of the food chain at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie. I feel safe in stating that there will be NO challenge by the board in anything he does as long as he is Edward Jones’ inner circle.

In that light and the fact that Pastor Jones loves an unbiblical buffer from controversy; we take serious the great possibility that John Morabito was acting with full knowledge and blessings by Pastor Reverend Doctor Brother Edward Jones.

About John Morabito’s Submittal:

John’s submittal was not one of what you would expect of a well reasoned man, let alone a Christian Leader. I’m sure in John’s defense that it might be an initial emotional response because of the nature of what I wrote. I understand that. There are many a word I wrote and walked away just to come back and delete it and then thanked the Lord I didn’t press the send key. There is also few times I misspoke (Mis-wrote) and send that communication then send another communication confessing my sin and asking for forgiveness. But John didn’t do that either.

We should expect more of our leaders.

John letter was pure attack. Not one of the issues at hand were discussed or challenged by John. No compassion was displayed for those harmed. Instead was mostly ad hominem attacks with tactics we all know as building a straw man / red herring, blame shifting (aka: Psychological Projecting), minimizing the harm on victims while falsely seeking sympathy on the unrepentant (Impenitent). John unashamedly and irresponsibly for emotional response throws out Christian clichés.

The only thing Biblical in it was the name of our Savior, and that was used as a form of blasphemy. No scriptures or any kind of acknowledgement to sound doctrine. He misused other concepts with a twisting that is reminiscent of what was written earlier in previous posts, particularly in our ”Answering Inquiries Part 2” post. There was plenty of christianeze finger-pointing using either false precepts of Christianity or the tactics just mentioned but not limited to what was mentioned.

John does not address any specific topic. His letter was pure antics designed not to address the real sin or issues in this matter. His submittal is clearly not meant to do any of that. It is meant to divert attention using the lowest of tactics.

If there was a topic that John should have addressed it would be the issue of why Pastor Edward A. Jones illegally formally exiled me by circumventing the By Laws and Holy Scripture which we say as a church to the world we are held legally to in handling such matters. With John’s background, his omission on this one issue was an admission of guilt in that issue. But he addressed none of the core issues to include the unbiblical handling of my exile. None Natta, zippo, and zilch.

It is actually what experts describe will happen in a good church changing into a cult. We were expecting such a response, but not jammed packed with what people in the field of church abuse like Ronald Enroth, Jeff VanVonderen and David Henke warn us about. Apologists like White and Prasch mention the same characteristics and mindset that John displayed as characteristics of an apostate church.

In that way John’s little “attack” letter confirmed what we have been talking about that subject and is evidence of what happens in a church when these experts talk about not being Christ centered, but man centered. It is a gift from John in that way. No one would believe that so many characteristics could be thrown into one such response of a 220 word paragraph just thrown together with no substance, but with pure antics of attack.

About our response

We were not actually going to respond to this due to the nature of John’s ad hominem attack. It was a minority opinion that won over. The reason why is explained in our response to John.

The reasons are as follows but not limited to the following:

  • John Morabito due to his position, whether he knows it or not, is representing the voice of Pastor Edward Jones. It was written from his work at Faith using the Church email address during the work day. It is probably the only response we would get from the inner circle.
  • It documents the mindset as we point out from leadership. It shows how far that one can drift from Christ while maintaining an outwardly appearance of being a disciple of Yeshua.
  • It gives us a chance to address the absolute unbiblical and dangerous concept that someone has to be silent when they have been abused and perpetrators of criminal and violent acts are being protected. John’s letter can be broken down into one phrase “Shut-up and take the abuse.”
  • It gives us the opportunity to re-emphasis some points that folk and leaders like John seem not to have picked up.
  • It gives us a chance to bring to the table a more broader discussion of the heretical movements that are especially destroying the church in the west and how churches like Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie have been embracing or not addressing these heresies while the sheep are misled.

Like I said, it is not limited to that. And yes I openly admit it serves our agenda and I pray the Lord’s.

We would not normally address the nature of ad hominem attack such as John’s. It would be like casting perils to the swine. We are not going to publish his attack letter and dignify what he wrote. He can do that on his own behind the walls of Faith Assembly of God. It will give him something to say. We will not engage in direct debate with “So Called” leaders who engage using low level tactics who’s heart is not for Truth.

John Morabito was sent a copy via email on Thursday March 24th, 2016 along with another name Alex Alverin. The date on the letter is Monday, March 21, 2016. I found out that I committed a typo writing John’s email address and had to send it again the 24th. Me bad. I am sorry.

We also emailed Pastor Edward Jones on the 21st to account for John’s attack that included Bearing False Witness on a brother and tell John Morabito that at the end of the letter to him. You will see that at the end of the letter which will be in Part 2 of this response to John M. You see this was written during business hours using the church email address. We believe with this fact as well as John being a member of Pastor Jones inner circle, that there is a very very high likely hood that  John has written this with Pastor Jones blessing. Either way just due to John’s position, Pastor Jones has a moral duty to make clarifications to us and state to us what action he intends to take. This is serious.

What does our response include?

Well our response is in 11 sections and comes out to 54 pages on Word. So we divided this response to dear John Morabito into two posts. It starts out right from the get go (and that is what we call it), into a brief Introduction (and that is what we call that too). We follow up with addressing eight attack points of John with some minor ones tucked in. And we end with a short conclusion that includes an administrative section that we talk about above.

So the two posts look like this

  • From the Get Go – we started our response with a unyielding point which John should of grasped, but didn’t.
  • A Brief Introduction – self explanatory
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 1We discuss his knowingly false accusation of “Disgracing Good People”. Classic narcissist “Blame shifting”
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 2We discuss his knowingly false accusation of “mudslinging” and illustrate what the slander culture of Faith Assembly of God has produced. Classic narcissist “Blame shifting”
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 3 – John played the “Forgiveness Card”. We call this the “Forgiveness Card and Cheap Grace” This is a theological discussion on how and why we as Christians must have a “Penitent Faith” in Christ.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 4 – John uses a heretical “Christian Cliché” that is used as an “excuse” to live a an unrepentant life in Christ. He also uses the word “mistake” in place of “sin” to justify “covering up” Pharisaical and Personal Sin. ie “moral turpitude”
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 5 – We examine John’s definition of “Petty” and how it is used to demean victims and their families to protect unrepentant criminal activity. Minimalize the sin by Minimalizing the Pain of the victims. Minimalization is a classic cult / narcissist technique. This was a very hard section to write and a very hard section for my loved ones to read and relive.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 6 – We examine his use of “Move On” and committing “Blasphemy” using the Lord’s name in conjunction with it.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 7 – John expressed doubt I was “called” to write this blog and I gently remind him that scripture calls us all that hold the office of “High Priest of all believers” (which is all) to do so and how.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 8 – John says he doesn’t see any “good” in this. We try to help take his Blinders” off, express that this serves as a Standing Indictment and emphasize a walk with Christ is a Penitent Faith
  • Conclusion and Final Remarks of our response – not really a summary. We reemphasize a point or two. It also includes an Administrative Section which redirects any direct response to Pastor Jones.

Part 1 of our Response to John Morabito will start from the beginning to “John M’s Attack Point 5.”

Part 2 of our Response to John Morabito will start where we left off at. We will start off at “John M’s Attack Point 6” and conclude with our “Conclusion and Final Remarks”. We will post Part 2 in about a week.

As we did in previous posts we will post any significant additions to the original letter in Bold Red and post any later additional comments we may have in Bold Blue.

And without any further delay we introduce you to Part One our Response to a Faith Assembly of God Leader in Poughkeepsie: John Morabito

———————– Start First Installment of out Response back to John ———————-

TO: John Morabito

Hireling and inner circle member of leadership

Faith Assembly o God

Poughkeepsie, NY

FROM: Frank

Illegally exiled sheep and a member in “Good Standing”

Faith Assembly of God

Poughkeepsie, NY

SUBJECT: Responding genuinely and thoughtfully to John M’s disingenuous “Hit and Run” attack that defends sin and attacks the wounded sheep


REFERENCE: Your submittal (Ad Homenim Attack) to Hudson Valley Ministry Watch


DATE: Monday, March 21st, 2016 (resent 3/24/16)



Dear Brother John,

We received your submission sir. I can’t say it was a communication that provoked deep thought or touched our hearts. But through our studies of this phenomenon it wasn’t unexpected.

But let me clear up some things before we really get started. It is important that you keep this in the back of your mind. Since you “stated” you read the blog several times and you seem to have missed a few pivotal subjects or else you wouldn’t have gone on and on in your letter the way you have. Let me present an uncompromising point from the people harmed and under threats.

From the get go, let us correct a badly formed idea you have .…

If your purpose was to convince me to take the blog down, you have failed miserably. You say you have read my blog a few times, but certain central issues have seemed not to sink in.

A primary reasons in addressing this the way I did was because of a “Promise to do further Harm” to me and my Family by the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon Team and the unorthodox manner it was being handled by certain church leaders to the detriment to the victims of criminal behavior. This came three and a half months after the violence and criminal acts that left me a cripple for the good part of two years by the Cocurullo/Dixon Team. It is both talked about in my first post in the opening statement and again in my 4th Post. I suggest you re-read this.

Understand this John M., My family, others who have submitted testimonies and I regard these two unrepentant criminals to be dangerous and unstable. One of the members of the Cocurullo/Dixon Team has shown to have a long history of retribution toward others with a long memory. She has gone after whole families (not just mine) to bring her sick retribution on people for no reason. In this case she has incorporated criminal and violent acts then went forward with systematic slander, some stalking and extortion of the vilest kind which shows she has no restrictions of the Holy Spirit in her heart and is willing to continue unless barriers are placed in front of her. This blog is one of those barriers.

Couple that with the fact that the other member of the infamous criminal team is an individual who is a Peace Officer who is willing to bring disgrace upon her public office in law enforcement and betray the” public trust” with criminal acts of her own and for reasons of her own. This is a person (Ramsey-Dixon) who obviously has no problem with her partner (Cocurullo) stating that she would lie for her. Miss Ramsey-Dixon has had plenty of opportunities to either publically renounce Miss Cocurullo and show remorse to bring peace in the lives of Cocurullo’s targets, but chose to show solidarity with her sin not of least is this depraved act of extortion.

NOTE: Sister (sarc) Ramsey-Dixon dare not challenge that Sister (sarc) Cocurullo did not say these things, simply because the threats of Miss Cocurullo targeting me and my family stating that Constance Ramsey-Dixon, a law enforcement officer , would “again dishonor” her position again and breach the public’s trust (for the second time) are recorded for posterity. So thus Constance Ramsey-Dixon has bound herself to Cocurullo’s extortion/stalking event.

The extortion of Cocurullo’s told us there were no barriers in her head that Cocurullo and her team member Ramsey-Dixon wouldn’t cross to do harm. When Cocurullo took a family tragedy that brought tears to all of us in my family and close friends and then twist that event and try to use it to silence me and target our sister who was going through enough (no thanks to Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon); it was an act that horrified us. My Uncle remarked what I should have done the first day of the criminal trespassing and the Hit and Run was to call the cops and prosecute. He was right. The grace I gave them was just being rubbed in our faces by Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon.

Ramsey-Dixon and Cocurullo’s ethics are NOT centered on Christ, but the “appearance” they wish the world to embrace.

Is that clear, John? Or do you not understand our position of “zero tolerance” for evil from either of these two. They are dangerous and incapable of repentance. They just issue more terror for people they “feel” might get in their way. Whether it is rational or not, that is what they have done. The conviction of Christ will never have them to repent, because He is not their Lord. What kind of Christian is it that will go after a family that way? Better yet, what kind of Christian would go after a family that way after they severely harmed them?

The answer is “no kind of Christian” would. And that “kind” is represented in the Ramsey-Dixon/Cocurullo Team.

Are you beginning to understand where we stand now John? Let me go on.

Since the church (selected leaders) would not do what it was suppose to do, and my family and I regarded with very good reasons “the likes” of Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon as dangerous; it was my Biblical responsibility to minimize more attacks of “ Further Promised Harm” by this morally bankrupt team of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon especially when the church (selected leaders) were more concerned about their public persona than the health and protection of people I love, the dire straits I was in with my health, my current employment and my family. Like it or not John, That is what the Bible says.

Let me state, there is some Biblical Christian doctrine that you seem not to understand.

1) There is no Biblical reason to protect individuals in the church who are unrepentant and especially has committed crimes that affected so many people and then promised to harm one’s family. In this case none of the criminal parties and their supporters are not new “in the faith” and what makes it more significant the two are self promoting leaders who has “NEVER” (and I mean NEVER) shown remorse for my family and others lastingly harmed and affected. Neither of the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon ever stepped forward to make amends and give reasonable explanation. NEVER. There is and was a duty for leadership to stop the ongoing threats. Christians have a responsibility to expose it if not dealt with in the church and publically for the safety of the innocent. Unrepented sin among the brethren, especially dealing with violence and criminal acts turned into something much worse like going after people’s family should never be tolerated and dealt with by silencing the victims. NEVER. That is abuse. That is simply ungodly.

2) It is not a sin to expose these criminals and for victims to be subject to question for any retaliation by church leadership, especially when they negated their own responsibility in the matter; but instead actually heaped undue burdens on the victims and enabled future sins and protected the unremorseful criminals without any Biblical reason or explanation to the victims. These individuals are self declared Christians and supposedly not of the world, they are not “new” Christians where you give latitude; they in fact are self declared leaders within the church. The Bible is quite clear what to do in this matter, expose them.

That is right. Expose them. That is doctrine John.

My family and I had learned the hard way in dealing with the narcissist world. One of the best lessons we learned as a family was to expose the sin rather than keep silent. We learned how to document it. What better way to hinder systematic slander, stalking and extortion from people who had a history of such acts then to make their unrepented criminal acts public? It was up to us to protect ourselves, especially when the church refused to give help or even state a position. All my family and I got were unexplained and unclear edicts.

Both legal and Biblical doctrinal counsel was used. I had about 5 options to use (or a combination of “said” options) to do this and tell our story. I was told both by our counsel and Assembly of God case studies that at that point, 1 Corinthians 6 would not be held against me in the eyes of the Lord because of my patience dealing with an ethical leadership tactics on the matter. So yes, legal options were available and still available. So the “internet” thing was our option and was deemed to show on our part mercy to our enemies with a greater prospect of repentance. Not that we expect repentance, we don’t.

Note aside: John, The closest thing to a policy of the Assemblies of God in dealing with victims of criminal/violent acts from within the Body of Christ, more like a high recommendation, is that the church should have approached the victims and told them not to be afraid of retaliation to go to the authorities to report it. This didn’t happen. Just the opposite happened, I was approached and “Warned” that there may be consequences if I do (within a day of being crippled even), without even seeking to help or understand the “targets” position. Another words criminal behavior being reported to authorities would have repercussions on me.   John, if the church is to protect the victims and suppose to promise that the victim is supposed to be reassured that there will be no repercussions by the church according to the Assembly of God if I pressed charges, why did I receive just the opposite. And why was I “isolated” from the body of Christ with a Gag Order to prevent me from asking for help, defending myself and fellowship from the Brethren?

That seems to be the OFFICIAL POSITION of Faith Assembly of God and Dr. Pastor Reverend Brother Edward A Jones. Threaten repercussions to people harmed by criminal activity when it comes to an unbiblical protected class of unrepentant (and probably unregenerate) criminals.

And as we see, we did face repercussions.

And John if not, why did I receive retaliation when I protected myself and the people I love (via this blog) from further encroachments from two unrepentant criminals who have “promised to do harm” to my family, when legal actions would have been more damaging to the Cocurullo/Dixon Team and their leadership support? In fact it shows the board under the leadership of Pastor Edward Jones did indeed act with reprisals/repercussions against me to protect criminal behavior against me unbiblically (even before this blog) and in direct conflict with the Constitution and Bylaws of “our” church and even “worldly” societal norms.

I have a Biblical mandate to protect my family from “further harm” as was promised/threatened by the Cocurullo/Dixon Team. 1 Timothy 5:8 comes to mind. You see if I do not what I can to support my family which includes protecting, Yahweh considers me a “Less than a heathen or pagan”. And John, what Yahweh says about me has a lot more influence than what you say about me. This is not a scripture that I just picked out of the air. As some on the board will tell you I lived that scripture for years when my family was under attack from someone who has similar thought process / disorder as Caridad Cocurullo.

Be patient with me as I reemphasis that point: I am saying is that what Yeshua thinks of me, holds a lot more weight with me than you or the protectors of unrepentant sin think of me or else I would be an idolater.

Am I making our family position clear John? Good.

What does it say though when a church leader like yourself, turns a blind eye to God’s Holy Word and ignore the acts that were done to myself and the people I love from within the church? What does it say John, when criminals are protected by church leaders to a point the victim, a cripple can’t even ask for help he needed desperately from the brethren in order to protect sin in the form a “gag Order”. This is a Gag Order that not one leader can show me is Biblical as it was instituted or a model where it is accepted by orthodox doctrine or just plain common decency? It was and is immoral. It was and is the unrepented sin of selected leaders.

Note aside: this is another reoccurring current theme; “Selected” leaders cannot not explain the heavy burdens they imposed (on the innocent to protect the wicked). That sir is should be a big red flag for you John, which they knew they were committing sin to cover sin. They had NO BIBLICAL mandate to do what they did. Again that is a reoccurring theme that you seem not to want to notice. Also a common trait of a cult or a church headed for being a cult. Where are “Gag Orders” to protect criminal activity in the Bible. Where is the written policy on this and why are leaders not explaining this? A lot of folk want to know.

So Brother John, just with this reason, which is one of “many” reasons that this blog will remain. If your intention was to convince me to close this blog; then a good step would be to take down this barrier of “Promised Further Harm” to my family by two proven unrepentant criminals. Your persuasion falls far short of the peace of mind this blog represents for my family and me. You said you read the blog. You should have gathered that point. I hope that this notion is now laid to rest and ANY misconception that you might have on that thought on “that” matter.

My family matters, and that seems to be lost in the culture of leadership at Faith Assembly of God. You said you read the blog but you seemed to skip over that. You did say you read it a few times and you missed that?

Or did you purposely ignore that?

Let me be clear, this decision while affects the church, it is immoral and unethical for the church to assume that it has any final “say” in how we protect ourselves from two well documented unrepentant criminals as long as it is legal and Biblical. That would certainly be as Peter has warned leaders not to “rule” over the sheep and go against the doctrine of the “priesthood of all believers”. That decision is for the targets (my family and I) of the Criminal Team of Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo / Constance Ramsey-Dixon Team. Those “targets” of the “further promised harm” are my family and I. If the church wanted to avoid this, than it should have taken the people harmed more seriously instead of unbiblical mandates to the protect sin of two dangerous and unrepentant criminals who try to silence me by going after the family they already harmed with perverse extortion that horrified my family.

Is that clear John? It should have been clear if you did what you said by saying you read my posts several times. And if you don’t understand that brother that my obligation to my family trumps “embarrassment” of so-called leaders of “any” church that follows Yeshua. But I think you do understand just fine, but feel need to show a false loyalty to men rather than the God who breathed life into you (idolatry). Who is your Father John? Is it Christ or an organization/man?

Note Aside: By the way Brother John, the church knew I was going to “tell my story” long before the blog. Rev Pastor Edward Jones had a chance to be advised and give counsel on the subject in late November 2013 via Deacon George Andrews. Oh yeah the leadership could have acted alright. Instead I had to go through a dubious mini tribunal the day after Christmas 2013 with three deacons: Andrews, Conti and Leman. The second worst Christmas for our family and I get a meeting that was centered on an agenda to protect criminals without any explanations. Let me stress “WITHOUT EXPLANATIONS”.

Plainly John, Church leadership was actually given an opportunity to counsel me on this subject, but decided not to persuade me one way or another. The question of any thinking person should ask is, “why didn’t they?”

In short Brother John, Not one leader even tried to stop me from “telling my story”. Not one scripture was used to persuade me one way or another. Not from Andrews, Conti or Leman. And definitely not from Pastor Edward Jones, the Lead pastor of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY. Absolutely no counsel on that subject to this crippled brother whose family went through hell because of the acts of Cocurullo-Dixon Team. NONE! Even till this date – NONE!

Nor were there any Biblical actions as should have been to correct the slander or stop the threats with or without reasonable accountability to the victims of this type of sin dictates because of the nature of Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon threats and established slander. None. Nata. Zippo.

So brother John, the question arises, why do you suppose an ad hominem attack with false accusations would sway me by an individual (yourself John) that has not displayed an ounce of compassion or honor that is of Christ. You do not present a moral Biblical argument, but told me instead,  as well as my family and others affected that you also as other leaders have shown that you can’t provide a Biblical Argument by the manner which you represented yourself and the church.


A Brief Introduction:

If you have written to defend what the church leadership and the two unrepentant criminals have done; then sir it should defend the actions of the leadership. But your letter doesn’t. It should state complete explanations for their actions. You as a leader should know this. The defense should include scripture, published policy and researchable cases similar. Your “defense” includes none of it. If any allegations are to be against me, then the source should be stated, that would be a person, and that person should be able to be questioned by my family, other witnesses that have come forward and myself. If that person won’t come forward they are in sin.

You do not address any specific topic. Your letter was pure antics designed not to address the real sin or issues in this matter. Your submittal is clearly not meant to do any of that. It is meant to divert attention using the lowest of tactics.

Indeed John M, your letter was not for more clarity, it was a designed to cloud the real issues of sin. The techniques you use are time proven tactics to cover up those sins and prevent the truth for being seen.

If your allegations are without a source, then sir they are worthless and will be considered an ad hominem attack against the victims. And brother John, I don’t have to tell you that, do I?

Usually I put definitions at the end of my post. But since this is the breath and life of your post, let me go over what seems to be at the heart of your letter to me John. So let us review some definitions of your tactics:


Ad hominem

  1. Attacking a person’s character or motivations rather than a position or argument:
  2. Appealing to the emotions rather than to logic or reason.


Red Herring

  1. something intended to divert attention from the real problem or matter at hand; a misleading clue.


Straw Man

  1. an argument which is intended to distract the other side from the real issues or waste the opponent’s time and effort, sometimes called a “red herring” (for the belief that drawing a fish across a trail will mislead hunting dogs).


Blame Shifting or Psychological Projecting

  1. A technique used by Narcissists (to include cults and churches heading toward being a cult) to transfer blame (sin) onto his/hers victims or targets from the real culprits.

A decent Biblical Reference to this tactic of “Psychological Projecting” or “Blame Shifting” is 1st Kings 18:17-18 when Ahab blamed Elijah for the state of Israel due to the leadership of Jezebel. Today it is a technique used by abusive churches and Christians Cults to avoid accountability of personal sins and Pharisaical sins of Leaders.

1 Kings 18:17 When Ahab saw Elijah, Ahab said to him, “Is this you, you troubler of Israel?” 18 He said, “I have not troubled Israel, but you and your father’s house have, because you have forsaken the commandments of the Lord and you have followed the Baals. (NASB)

A very apropos verse in this scenario as Pastor David Wilkenson has given in a sermon warning the church of such behavior as we have witnessed at Faith Assembly of God. He called it a Jezebel Spirit when false doctrine enters the church as I have cited in a previous post. Don’t you think John?

Let me reinforce and state again: If your allegations are without a source, then sir they are worthless and will be considered an ad hominem attack against the victims. And Brother John, I don’t have to tell you that; do I? In other words you are a false accuser.

Brother John, My family and I have an agreement that happened on day “one” of this event, since I had to convinced them against their counsel (and others) I would not go to the police and press charges on the obvious, but rather deal with it Biblically. In other words, let the church and God’s scripture be the rule of the day. Since we had previously dealt with an individual that had the same dangerous proclivities as Cocurullo, a transparency rule was established between my family and I. In other words they are informed when anyone connected to this, including leadership of Faith Assembly of God has anything to say about this. You see this was extended to this blog. They have a say as well as others who are close to the damage that the Cocurullo-Dixon Team did. They are my board as such.

My family was skeptical about trusting the “Word” and church leadership. They were half right. The “Word” of God is true, but leadership wasn’t. Were they John? My family, the social worker at the hospital, management at work, my neighbors and brothers in the Lord outside of Faith Assembly of God were right; I should have pressed charges.

So we received this “comment” of yours that was pure attack from a leader of Faith Assembly of God which led to a review of your post by my “board” (which is mostly family) as it was. The majority of which said it wasn’t a serious letter by a Christian because of the content and we shouldn’t entertain it and not encourage this less than honorable behavior. But a minority opinion dominated. He explained this is a perfect opportunity not necessarily to address the attack of yours, but to illustrate as an example to what Leadership is all about.

In that light, your letter in that light is a treasure of sorts. It is a great collection of minimalisms, false accusations, worthless platitudes all designed to take the focus off the real issues. You tactics include ad hominem attacks, intentional convoluted logic, and building a straw man. You even use a tactic narcissists are known for called Blame Shifting or Psychological Projection except you are not as talented as a member of the Cocurullo / Ramsey-Dixon Team.

If I didn’t have your submission, people in the field of Church Abuse like Ronald Enoch, David Henke and Jeff VanVonderen would think I was manufacturing such a letter because of the your whole letter is stuffed with so much what these gentlemen warn about in their books about abusive and cultic churches/ministries. Your letter was totally void of the Biblical issues that were on the table, but it was line after line what these authors use as an example of destructive church leadership.

Yes, in that light John, your letter is a treasure as an example and evidence how leadership works at Faith Assembly of God. It is prize collection of what we were warned about to see as we were attacked. And at the end of your letter you even drag the name of our Savior into your world. By the way, that is called blasphemy brother John.

So we will answer it in part in the hope church leaders will become more thoughtful and prayerful before they act. Since your attack is one big paragraph we will cover the bulk of it as well as we can and see fit. You don’t get a line by line review.

So let us get going and not waste any more time.


John M’s Attack Point Number 1 – John, you stated that I wanted to bring “Disgrace on Good People.”

That is an obvious obscene lie. It is a false accusation. I laid the unrepentant sin at their feet. If these “good” people suffered from “disgrace” it was from their own doing. It was their sin that they wanted covered up. The disgrace is from their own acts. It is obscene to blame the victims and targets of their unrepentant sin. Your attack is “blame shifting” and “ad hominem”. It is clearly presents a lie to deter focus on the truth presented. Another words you built a “straw man”.

Biblical criteria were observed by us, even though it wasn’t observed by the church leadership; Linda Schreck, Deacon George Andrews, Rev Edward A Jones and/or Deacon Terry Padillo Conti. The two unrepentant criminals involved who not only crippled me, but wished/threatened further harm to my family can’t even say that they were oblivious to our complaint. All were told of the charges in semi-private manner which they choose to ignore from my family and I.

It should be noted John, that the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon Team (and I guess I could add Conti as a member) went public in less than a week at a time I was barely making it day by day. I guess Pastix Schreck only put the “Gag Order” on me. Except their public declarations were laced with slander.

Not one of the parties discussed directly can say that the information and charges were withheld from them. Point of Truth, you can see that too. After all, three of the posts were centered on past communications. Some eleven months old. I was actively seeking Biblical resolve and my family protected.

You talk about “good people” while ignoring their responsibility for their very own sin and began pointing your fingers at the victims of those same said “good people”. Good “innocent” people were harmed. How did you miss that John? You were more concerned about the “good” unrepentant people.

Did you examine this before you typed that John? Did you ask the right questions to yourself?

Can anyone of those “good” people you defend, actually say they were not apprised of the charges I made with offerings of evidence and over Eight witnesses?? Can anyone of those “good” people truthfully say that I lied or am lying today? Can anyone of those “good” people say that my family and I didn’t try to handle this privately and/or semi-privately as scripture dictated first?

Can Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo or Constance Ramsey-Dixon say differently?

Can Deacon George Andrews or Pastrix Linda Schreck say differently?

Can Deacon Terry Padillo or Deacon Bill Leman say differently?

Can Pastor Reverend Doctor Edward A. Jones, the lead Pastor of Faith Assembly of God, the President of the Board of Faith Assembly of God, the spiritual sugar “Daddy” of long time documented slanderer/unrepentant criminal Carrie “Caridad” Cocurullo say differently?

Not one of those people noted have offered to myself or the people affected/harmed and attempted a reasonable explanation (or unreasonable) for their actions/sins, nor did they seek to correct me Biblically if I sinned, or seek forgiveness (repentance). Not one. Not one has approached us to say we have lied. Not one. If any inference of wrong doing has been made on myself or my loved ones, it has been done behind our backs in closed meetings which is a definition of moral cowardice and cover up or they just sought to defame myself as we have found out.

Well can anyone say differently? I haven’t been told or by any of my possible “accusers”. I mean John, don’t they have both a Biblical and Ethical obligation as Christian “Leaders” to do so? And if they do have a complaint brother, shouldn’t they have addressed it to me FIRST? Shouldn’t you have told us who they were?

“Shouldn’t you have told us who they were?” A good question for you John; Who were these people who complained to you about me and my family?

Where are my accusers? Who are they? What are the nature of the complaint? If they are leaders, can they say they are above reproach in this matter? Was doctrine applied? etc...

Where are my accusers? Who are they? What are the nature of the complaint? If they are leaders, can they say they are above reproach in this matter? Was doctrine applied? etc…

And if anyone of them made a complaint to you, did you stop them and hold their feet to the fire and insist that they approach me FIRST? That is your obligation brother, unless you are no longer a “leader” and /or a Christian who knows better.

Is there a top secret doctrine that goes along with the secret tribunals that counters Biblical Orthodox handlings in this manner? Is this the same secret doctrine that mystically removes sin without repentance or God’s hand in it? Sounds like mysticism from the NAR, you know, modern day Gnosticism.

(ASIDE NOTE: NAR = New Apostolic Reformation includes heresies like the seven mountains and Dominionism which the Assembly of Gods declared Hersey in 1950. The NAR uses same techniques on congregants using “extra” Biblical Doctrine as Faith Assembly of God when “members” develop questions using Biblical principles. It should be noted that some involved in criminal acts and cover up are involved in the NAR. They preach a different Gospel, they preach a different Christ.)

(Note on ASIDE NOTE to John: John if you are trying to figure out the reason the NAR reference in this letter, then you really haven’t read the blog. We have people here that support the NAR and claim to be teachers and leaders. The NAR movement makes the Gnostics and Judiazers in the first century church appear to be of pure doctrine. That is how bad it is. We are to separate from these of false doctrine, not embrace them. And doctrinal heresy is just a small step to moral heresy (and visa versa) as we have seen at Faith AG. Paul talked about this several times. Remember what he said of these people “Let them be accursed”. They preach a different Christ)

Infiltration of the New Apostolic Reformation (aka Latter rain Movement) has found it's way into both leadership of BNBM and the Board of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie. Saint Paul says teach another Christ/Gospel - Let them be accursed.

Infiltration of the New Apostolic Reformation (aka Latter rain Movement) has found it’s way into both leadership of BNBM and the Board of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie. Saint Paul says teach another Christ/Gospel – Let them be accursed.

So John, where did you get the OK from to represent these Leaders? I see no endorsement with your rant from the people you say (imply) you represent. Should not ANY accusation come from them be directed directly to me? (Instead of whispered among the saints in the sanctuary.) If so John, who is your source and why have you immorally held back that information in your False Accusation? Surely John, if the Deacons and Pastors do indeed hold the qualifications of “Office” of Pastor or Deacon in accordance with the Holy Word, they have the obligation to do these accusations in writing directly to me as Christians who hold Biblical Offices in the church. Not through a spokeman whether he is self appointed or appointed.

Again a common theme you seem to miss, “Where are my accusers?”

And going on that same silliness of your complaint John, what I wrote John was a “measured” response to the evil my family and I experienced. There was a whole lot John that was withheld that I could of included and some say that I should have included.  If any of those who you say I tried to disgrace were “honest” they would have to say I held back on my public complaints. If George Andrews, Constance Ramsey-Dixon, Pastor Linda Schreck, Terry Padillo Conti, Carrie Cocurullo and/or Pastor Doctor Reverend Brother Edward Jones want to deny that, let them disgrace themselves again and make that charge to me John.  In writing!

John, you and your false accusations fall short of the criteria of me “wanting” to disgrace them. And John, you know that. I was more than patient before reacting; I put my complaint in writing and my case semi privately as scripture dictates even though from the nature of the charges and Leadership’s unorthodox game playing, I was merciful with a measured response. And John, the most important fact, it is obvious that sin was unrepentant. It was their sin to own. They disgraced themselves, their brothers and sisters, Faith Assembly of God and Christ, especially those who hold Biblical offices. They own their sin. Not the people who were harmed.

They were all leaders or self professed leaders. You seem to believe that a crippled sheep to carry their sin. That is obscene.  Your false accusation is obscene. It was laid at their feet, they own their sin. They own the disgrace and they are responsible for the dishonor they bring to the Body of Christ. Not the cripple and his family. Not the witnesses that line up against them.

And John it is so noted that the good “innocent” people were not even on your radar. A couple of those are still paying for what was done by two unrepentant criminals. Your concern was to protect the “unrepentant “without compassion for those who the selected leadership had contempt for.

Again, the idea that I wanted to bring disgrace on good people is an obvious obscene lie. It is a false accusation. I laid their unrepentant sin back at their feet. If these “good” people suffered from “disgrace” it was from their own doing. Your attack John was unethical and based on and obvious lie which you didn’t hesitate to use for sordid gain. Repent brother.

A Christian would have sought to protect the victims. Where is your heart?


John M’s Attack Point Number 2 – John, you stated that I wanted to only to “mud sling” Faith Assembly and it’s leaders and the hit and run team of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon.  (“hit and run” is my words added)

Your attack is “blame shifting” and “ad hominem” . It is clearly presents a lie to deter focus on the truth presented. Another words John you got caught building a “straw man”. The truth is not a respector of Man, but you are. You tried to replace the Truth with hate.

As stated in our reaction to your 1st Attack Point, with the criteria for a public complaint we made was Biblical and it is ethical. This was approached by us first semi privately. It was done in the objective to be settled. Our complaint is true. It surely isn’t a “he said – they said condition” with the amount of documentation that was in their own words via recordings and their written material they provided to me. We see no written or direct complaint from the people who you say I am mudslinging. We see No reaching out to help either with the truth or let us seek help from within the church to help this cripple. We have received no thoughtful answers to our inquiries preceding the blog. Again, our response was a measured response. It was done to mediate active threats against me and my family by people who had no remorse for what they have done and think nothing of bringing more havoc against innocent people.

You have to be kidding brother. Especially when the bulk of my complaint is about what you call mudslinging directed against me, my family and even the people who came forward as witnesses. The bulk of what I wrote on was in fact a complaint of slander, gossip, attempted extortion and defamation of Character of which I had gathered witnesses. The bulk of my complaint included enabling of these activities by leaders in the church, back room communications, leaks from secret tribunals that went outside the walls of Faith Assembly of God for which no one takes responsibility for. Making public to mediate the assault of mudslinging (especially in the form of threats/extortion) is NOT mudslinging. It is the Biblical thing to do. Warning the Brethren of tactics like aforementioned culture of slander is what all is called to do when all attempts have been exhausted.

Calling what I did (am doing) “mudslinging” or “sin” is a corrupt notion to cover-up the actual sin. You are engaged in “Blame Shifting”.

Leaving out those who could have stopped the real mudslinging in a Biblical church “office” is a sin. As with the same who refused to address the Board Leaks and or refuse to process the complaint. As with the members of the board who have participated in the mudslinging. I suggest you read the “Overseer epistles”. I suggest you ponder the phrases “Beyond or above reproach”. The request for a Presbyter was never acted upon and/or explanation why from the panel of three Deacons. And you know and I know that this is a sin that is a sin against Jesus and the whole congregation. It is not a sin that is kept quiet from the congregation. If a member and/or members engage in the release of privileged information , the “whole” board’s integrity comes into question. And the “whole” church body has a stake in it. It is a sin against the “whole” body.

John, it is very apparent that “slander” and “gossip” is an institutional problem at our church, Faith Assembly of God. What I have written and outlined in these letters is only tip of the iceberg. Even George Andrews let on it is a “problem” with the leaks from the board. Remember John, leaks from the Church Board and travels selectively outside the walls of the Church was the deciding factor for me on which direction to go with the threats from the Cocurullo/Dixon Team. And if that was not enough, I learned as a mild mannered sheep of another leak which was used to cast aspersions upon the character of Deacon Edwards having an unjust cause against another brother. The source of that defamation of character came from the lips of Deacon Terry Conti using Cocurullo as the conduit to spread dissent who has not answered to those affected by Cont’s leak, which means she has no remorse for her responsibility in the matter. Other leaks from the board were used on other exiled members of Faith Assembly of God. I just heard another one on an exiled brother recently.

Reminder John: You brought up the subject. This was already posted. You did say you read it. Didn’t you?

Let me remind you John then that three deacons got that same complaint and they decided to sit on it. They didn’t get back to me and they didn’t give that complaint to the board. The negated their duty as “overseers” and didn’t report it for action to the “whole” board. Can you say “cover-up”? Can you say “Moral Turpitude”? Tell me John, doesn’t the military and most businesses relieve people of their position when this happens?  What is their excuse? They didn’t personally like the source is not a credible answer.

Let me also remind you John at this time as I have already alluded to when I have mentioned the “Overseer Epistles”. Leaders are held to a higher standard than the sheep. Yet you have created standards in your letter that are not Biblical and just the opposite. The questions arises; Has John M, who is in the “inner circle” of Pastor Reverend Doctor Brother Edward A. Jones, sent a worthy rebuke to those who are in leadership that I have mentioned and have taken steps commiserate to the position of those who call themselves leaders engaged in slander/gossip, enabled of slander/gossip and/or protected slander/gossip?

Instead you are manufacturing “sin” for the sheep.

What kind of organization is it that purports to hold those with greater accountability with absolutely No accountability for sin in the Board? What kind of organization puts a “Gag Order” on a cripple that needs help from the brethren, protects criminal activity of two unrepentant leader “wannabees”, shows contempt for the other victims and  then goes after the cripple because he Biblically questions the accountability process? Come on John, you know the answer. It is called a cult. Let me spell it for you; C – U – L –T.

A ethical institution/organization holds their leaders to an higher standard before they address the supposedly “same” problems of their subordinates. Whether it be the military, the private sector or the church organization. Yet you attack the sheep for doing what is scripturally right and ignore the seriousness of what selected leaders have really done. Can you call yourself an ethical leader?

Are you saying the institutional slander of me (and others) consisting partly of leaks from a “Secret Tribunal” are not to be exposed when leadership negates to correct and explain?

Pastor, Doctor, Reverend, brother, Spiritual Daddy of unrepentant criminals, and self proclaimed King Edward A. Jones

Pastor Edward Jones – Just what is his position on the leaking of Privileged Information from his Secret Tribunals?

Let me also remind you at this time that the leaks “landed” outside the walls of Faith Assembly of God” long before this blog. Let me also remind you that I never wrote a thing about this institutional Slander until 5 months after making the complaint of the leaks to Deacons Conti, Andrews and Leman for which they had the immediate moral responsibility to acknowledge the complaint to me, to act and inform the rest of the Board, no matter of their feelings. They did not. They had a responsibility to get back to me.  And neither did Pastor’s hirelings Biennerman and Ogden.

Note aside about the leaks: John you used the word “Move On”. Tell me John, can you provide a list of Biblical Churches that “our” board has not leaked “SLANDER” and/or privileged personal information to in the Hudson Valley full well knowing that the Church Leadership refused to correct and mediate? No? Then you are basically telling people to be silent about evil and accept the slander that will follow you. When you say “Move On” you are arrogantly saying they “have to accept the slander” of the church that will follow them. So your motivations are not pure, are they?

Let me also remind you that this is serious. Pastor Jones had (and still has) the moral responsibility of immediately reacting as the Board President or be in defiance to God according to the qualifications of his office. You know that. I know that. Every Biblical Christian Pastor in the Hudson Valley knows that. That is doctrine. He has helped making me a “marked man” in the Hudson Valley by virtue of not doing his job in making amends, correcting, mediate the damage and informing of the possible information I would have to address as a result of the leaks. It is unconscionable and ungodly that he hasn’t and won’t. He has brought the dishonor on himself, his office, the Body of Christ, Faith Assembly of God and Yeshua. Not I. Doctor Pastor Edward A. Jones has. Do not lay his sin at my feet.

Now John, if you did indeed hold those accountable; why you don’t share those letters with me. A First Century New Testament Church is supposed to be transparent to those affected. But John, you didn’t, did you? You have been in the inner circle for a long time. That tells me along with the tenor of your letter that the culture of this type of corruption is indeed part of the culture in leadership. You have become what you falsely accuse others of without any shame.

Since you say you read this several times John, just maybe you missed this topic of Institutional Slander of the leaks. Maybe you should review the topic I wrote starting with the first of four as linked below:

Other Exiles and Members being Mudslinged by Leaders – Continuing with Board leaks and other misadventures.

Again, this is not the testimony of just my family and I, it is the testimony of other exiles who have left Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY. “Mudslinging” (as you call it) is indeed part of the culture. The leaks of privileged information from the Board is just a small part of the institutionalized culture of slander that seems to be the rule of the day. And John you spent more time trying to lay that sin at my feet with the knowledge that that is a true statement or else you would have stated it wasn’t true. You are not angry because it was documented and true, you are angry because the dirty laundry was exposed.

And John the leaks on me are not isolated either, as I have mention we do know another leak from another secret tribunal was caught and we know the name of that Deacon in name only. The Deacon who leaked the privileged information is Terry Conti, who leaked it to Cocurullo who used selectively the information to start rumors against another Deacon by the name of Armond Edwards. The leak was used to try to lower my opinion of Deacon Edwards in the guise to show that Brother “X” was being railroaded; except they misread that I wouldn’t say or do anything. I am not going to say “nothing” when the target of that Secret Tribunal, Brother “X” appeared to be unjustly attacked. That is not within a DNA of a Christian.

And yes a man of “Elder status” happened to be there when Brother “X” appeared to be unjustly attacked. And I let what I knew to be known to both Brother “X” and that “elder” my concerns and voiced that the brother needed support. I told them both of that “LEAK” and what I knew. That “elder” offered no resolve/or even advice for what I should do or offer intervention, which tells me a lot of the culture of Slander at Faith that it has been around for a long long time. But I digress.

And John let me reiterate a point as we continue with a point I have made several times: It isn’t about hiding our dirty laundry or exposing our dirty laundry, but is about cleaning our dirty laundry. It is about dealing with sin, not covering it up with more sin.

Back to the “Blame shifting” when you falsely accuse me of “mudslinging” John when “mudslinging” is obvious a part of the culture of the certain members of leadership Faith Assembly of God by continuing with this idea of “creating” sin for the innocent to be exploited while justifying and demanding tolerance of known sin, namely in this case what you call “mudslinging. What the Bible groups together with gossip and slander. And this one thing John you should have acknowledged in your letter to have any credibility at all. To say anything else before attacking me leads to no other conclusion that your “blame shifting” accusation of “mudslinging” is an obvious cover-up of this institutional(Pharisaical) sin and personal sin.

And one could argue the whole nature of “Secret Tribunals” without the knowledge of the members being scrutinized creates or lends to this culture because it gives unbiblical power to those trusted that the Bible never intended. As Pastor Phil Pringle of C3 Church fame said of his pro-pedophile “under” Pastor Dench; “ He is (They are) an authority to himself (themselves).” And that sir is what you have at Faith whether we like it or not. There is no accountability for those who are supposed to be held at a greater accountability.

They are an authority to themselves. They mock the authority of Scripture and Yahweh by their actions.

In the world, leaks from boards of personal information leads to a high degree of accountability. People lose their jobs and or demoted. People lose their relationships because of Cocurullo like slander. Companies receive major lawsuits. People involved are never left in a position of responsibility again. In the military, they prosecute the offender. Even some churches have a high mark for confidentiality (sarcasm).

The people attacked by these unscrupulous methods never recover in this world. To look away while it happens in the church goes to a deep personal corruption. It is a Pharisaical Sin that Yeshua and the Apostles dealt publically.

When Pastor Edward A. Jones first heard of the leaks (long before it was noted in the blog) he had a moral responsibility to contact me and reassure me that this would be handled and give me the reassurance (as well as my family) that the right thing would be done to mediate the leaks or a reasonable explanation would be done no matter what he felt personally towards me. And if he couldn’t handle it due to some “conflict” he then had the responsibility to ask the State Presbyter to make those assurances.

And by the way dealing with these leaks, that moral responsibility of Pastor Jones to correct, give reassurance to the victims, give reasonable explanation to us, still exists today whether he considers me a member, an exiled member or whatever. It is his reasonable service. It is required by his position. It is required if he calls himself a Christian.

You would have thunk that Pastor Jones would do that to retain the qualifications of overseer as the Bible states. The integrity of the church board he leads is in question with these leaks.

There is no such Biblical principle as making a sacrificial lamb out of anyone to protect the leadership from righteous inquiries or protect the “name” of an institution. (Idolatry) Not in Yahweh’s world. Not in the New Testament Church. And this John is exactly what has been done.

This culture of slander and gossip is not relegated to the back rooms and lowly sheep, but seems to be led by those whose are in trust and authority.

Pastor Linda Schreck – contributor to “Mudslinging” of others

Note aside: It was not just with the board that was disseminating Privilaged Personal Information. Apparently Pastrix Linda Schreck gave what she “thought” was medical information directly to the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon team without even informing me that Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon were receiving it and why. This was especially disturbing since Pastor Schreck kept information that I should have had in the name of transparency for the victims. Remember I stated that I wasn’t even allowed the names of people who were involved and was given a deceptive answer in reply to that question three months afterward.

To this date Linda Schreck has not given me a reasonable (or unreasonable) answer for this deception and why this behind the scenes exchange of information without my knowledge. Sort of very ironic that I couldn’t enlist help because of a twisted spine from the brethren because unrepentant criminal acts were being covered up and all this information is being exchanged without my knowledge. Sort of corrupt, isn’t it John? Explain the word “confidentiality” John?

Pastors Edward A. Jones in Mudslinging – IAW Cocurullo of Brand New Beginings Ministries

This particular disposition of “mudslinging” is not just confined to the board “secret tribunals” from leadership, but to the head of the board in other duties, Pastor Edward A. Jones Lead Pastor of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY. And the accuser is not me John. The accuser is not me, but Carrie Caridad Cocurullo, John. You know her as the half of the “hit and run” team of Cocurullo/Dixon , and the Spiritual Daughter herself of Pastor Edward Jones.

Miss Cocurullo didn’t accuse Pastor Jones in an accusatory tone “mudslinging”, no, it was more in a boastful announcement that the victims and I were scorned for having a united position and stood together. This was during the period as described in question 1 in the “inquires” post. It is documented in her Cocurullo’s own voice that has been preserved electronically. Pastor Jones I guess condemned myself, my sister who was representing my sisters and a brother in the Lord from outside Faith AG who stood alongside me since I was not able to gather support from within Faith Assembly of God because of the immoral Gag Order.

This boastful accusation by Cocurullo that Pastor Edward Jones is a “mudslinger in authority” who spreads seeds of contempt to Cocurullo and “everybody” (as Cocurullo puts it) leads to other questions that should be answered. If indeed Pastor Jones had a problem with myself, my family and a brother in the Lord; one would have thunk that he would address the so-called problem to me directly. It was never addressed to me. Never. Instead Ed Jones complains about it to Cocurullo?

This boastful accusation of Carrie Cocurullo leads indeed to questions and accusations not to be limited to moral failings of Pastor Jone’s own, dealing with discernment, confidentiality, partiality, protection of sin, contempt for the hurting, enabling of sin like stalking, slander, extortion etc.. (giving confidence to the wicked), the contempt for believers outside the fellowship and moral turpitude if this is covering up of criminal acts.

Remember John, these accusations are not what I laid at Pastor Jones’s feet, but these very accusations were laid at his feet by his very own “spiritual daughter”, the one and only President of Brand New Beginnings Ministries, Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo is the presenter of these sins. And also for the record John, this cripple tried to handle this privately first.

You just might say to me John something to the affect that,” Well Frank, Carrie must be a serial liar/slanderer as you have said.” And John, you just might have a point. But that also brings just as many questions for Pastor Jones on why he didn’t act accordingly to keep his integrity and more importantly keep the office that Yahweh gave him “beyond approach” as stated several times in the “Overseer Epistles”.

It’s not that this information is needed to prove my thesis, it is just part on what we experienced that pushed us to lose trust. Bare with me, but this just tells us that Pastor Jones was not interested in the truth, but peace and protection for the Ramsey-Dixon / Cocurullo Team. He was not interested in Cocurullo’s predisposition to slander / defame character. You see Pastor Jones “actions” answered the questions on why he wouldn’t review the recordings at the time in the presence of witnesses (my neighbors) of “that day’s” incident. You see Cocurullo’s accusation about Pastor Jones may be true. It surely answers why he did the old Pentecostal two step in acknowledging or talking about how this affected innocent people, especially my family, who I was refused to even ask for help from the brethren. (The immoral and ungodly cult like Gag Order.)

Again I was thrown under the Bus to protect two unrepentant criminals, which only propagated more what you call “mudslinging” from this “unholy alliance”. And John, if someone tells me that Pastor Jones doesn’t know the true nature of Cocurullo, I would say that Brother Ed Jones has more than a discernment  problem. We have to note that Ed Jones has had a relationship for a long time on a personal basis that goes beyond a normal congregant. And John, I had to face that myself. An outside advisor had to force me to step back and see the way it appeared to him.

So Brother John, can you step back and see the whole picture like I was forced to by an outside pastoral advisor to me? The questions I was forced to look at why would a pastor risk putting some one on isolation with a gag order and deny a cripple, that couldn’t even get through a church service without severe pain, the ability to ask for help from the Brethrens? You have to consider this long time unholy alliance/relationship of Cocurullo and Edward Jones that seemed to cloud discernment of a leader entrusted by Yahweh in doing the scriptural thing.

John you can’t say that there is a rational answer for any of this or else you would have given it, instead you gave us a series of straw men and a series of ad hominem attacks in your letter.

Caridad (Carrie) Cocurullo serial mudslinging and Company

And John, It is very hard for my family and I to believe you that you defend Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon in this matter, especially with your charge of “mudslinging”. It is very hard to believe that you being an insider actually don’t know about “Spiritual Daughter” Cocurullo long term problem in this area of character assassination. But since you singled them out over Jones, Andrews, Conti and Schreck it tells me I have to go a little deeper then I wished to speak about in the Cocurullo back room systematic slander and destruction of character of others.

You see John; the attacks of Cocurullo can be very dangerous. Her lies can destroy relationships as well as threaten a man’s or woman’s employment. Her attacks were not limited to sheep, but to leaders as well. Pastor Jones is well aware of two cases and complicit in one of those cases. Some of the stories that were told about me, were so damaging that I had to gather witnesses to the contrary. Witnesses Cocurullo will not face and Pastor Jones would not listen to. Which was an eye opening experience for my family and I.

Cocurullo’s rumors and slander were just as threatening to others. Maybe even more so. She would seek revenge without reason, even using children.

I’m not going to use names without warning those affected. I will not get specific at this time. But let me tell you her war included both sheep and leaders. She has the uncanny of spreading lies without a second thought. The “Outside” people who came forth in my defense were all amazed how quickly without conscience she would go after me and twice as amazed how the church wouldn’t take action. They recognized how dangerous the attacks were.

Like I have stated before, Cocurullo is a masterful slanderer and tells lies better than most can tell the truth. That is why she went after my family with extortion because she realized her and Ramsey-Dixon’s lies and acts were documented by audio recordings. It is a common trait with the Cocurullo Team leader-First Panic-Second Anger- and Third Attack. (And repeat the process) This is long time problem she had actually eluded to (while she was angry) and that is also documented via a recording. In Cocurullo’s own hate she convicted herself with her own words.

Let me tell you of the nature of some of Cocurullo’s attacks on unknowing brothers and sisters and you tell me if these are not serious. There were very few she did not attack with her gossip. The ones she would fellowship with one minute then she would scandalize the next. She would attack whole families just to cast aspersions on one target or just to damage by relation. That includes a small child. (yeah – again she will use the most vulnerable to get at her final target.)

These are attacks of gossip and slander that would destroy family and career relationships. Some of her attacks were on men inferring that they were abusive just to cause a new marriage to be covered with a dark cloud. Another was a charge of whoredom and blamed that same person for destroying her kid’s life. In that last case she was taught the 4 steps of the Matthew 18 resolve where you go to the person in love about their sins in the first step instead of telling other people about it. The first step would take her warped fun away and she might just have to help a sister get through it.

And as I found out the Cocurullo/Dixon attacks go beyond the church walls.

The attacks on leaders went from homosexuality, child abuse without reasonable explanation from her, attacking the downtrodden (respecter of persons) solely on a matter of “fashion” to her “perspective” of moral failure. These attacks were not just on Deacons. They were focused on four people with the title “Pastor”. And John, yes Pastor Edward Jones seemed to know this. There are two of these cases where I do know Pastor Jones did know about. A former Pastor (and his wife), Cocurullo and apparently Deacon Conti labeled as abusive to children according to Cocurullo.

And a second Pastor, well I am not going to repeat until I speak to him. The charges were several that ran from the silly to very serious career destroyer.

The third former Pastor was a man I have great respect for. You see his great crime was that he “offended” Pastor Jones by leaving and I was told I should break off any relationship with him or I would “offend” Pastor Jones. I am not kidding. The reason why is unclear. Unfortunately for Cocurullo her passion for her gossip sent up a rather large red flag. It told me things she didn’t want to communicate such as an ungodly alliance with Pastor Jones and some ungodly characteristics of Pastor Jones as being a little paranoid, he suffers from unforgiveness, and even wanted loyalty that went beyond ties of one’s family .

You see sometimes Cocurullo uses truth to manipulate. I didn’t believe it at first and thought it was just Cocurullo’s way of casting aspersions on people that backfired to paint Brother Edward Jones in that light. This was confirmed though by a least likely person, when I expressed doubt on Cocurullo’s  ability “not to slander” I gave this as an example why history wouldn’t repeat itself with me under the Gag order to Pastrix Linda Schreck. Pastrix Schreck told me most sternly that not to bring this up with Pastor Jones as if it was a sore subject giving Cocurullo some credibility in her accusation of Pastor Jones.

In other words Pastor Jones in this case thought little things like devotion of family is a sign of disloyalty when it appeared that devotion of family interfered with Pastor Jone’s vision. And frankly John, noting Pastor Jone’s attitude toward my family’s crisis and Cocurullo’s noted statement of Pastor’s contempt for my family; it is very conceivable that is true.

Pastor Jones says I should endure slander from within the church.

It is rather funny that you willfully make false accusations about me and complain about slander and gossip (mudslinging) and try to take what should be laid at others feet and try to lay it at mine. It is sort of ironic that Pastor Jones had told me to endure the slander, while he has trouble with me speaking the “truth”. (That statement that I should endure Cocurullo’s slander came from our sole meeting in late June 2013 and in itself shines some light.)

I wonder if Pastor Jones gave the same talk to Pastor Schreck, Deacon George Andrews and Deacon Conti  except that they should endure the “truth” (rather than slander). How about it John?

At that same meeting, Pastor Edward Jones also told me that “we” would deal with the “on going” slander at a later date. You have to admit John, that is pretty unbiblical brother, especially with the “sin” of slander because the sin of slander renews itself each morning without immediate correction. But Pastor Jones’s promise “to handle it later “was most likely a lie. Wasn’t it John?

So-Called Deacon Terry Conti in Mudslinging

Also apparently along the same vein, Deacon Terry Terry Padillo Conti was not just involved in the Board Level culture of rumor control of leaking privileged personal information (both to protect and as a “leaker” herself), but was directly involved in base level character assassination. And again this was transmitted to me by Cocurullo herself. Again this was not in an accusatory mode, Caridad Carrie Cocurullo’s accusation of “Deacon Conti was done in a boastful anger mode during the same period her accusation was laid down on Pastor Jones.

(Note aside with a note of Amusement: Cocurullo’s boastful proclamation about Terry Conti’s hate for came during a brief period of discussion 3 and a half months after her and Ramsey Dixon crippled me and destroyed people’s lives. When these discussions took place as I had the opportunity asked her about “who knew” of the hit and run since I was on a “Gag Order” and she stated a big LIE Deacon Conti was not informed. It is funny she forgot all about that LIE and boastfully contradicted herself as she got more frustrated and started threats when she realized I wouldn’t be black mailed. It’s bad when you can’t keep track of your lies. I wonder how creative she will be to explain this. And yes it is documented/recorded. It is easier to repent. But Cocurullo can’t, she has no conscience.)

The accusation was that Deacon Conti had “Hate” for me also. This is again at a time I was a cripple and on a immoral gag order and my family needed help desperately. It appears no one else was on a gag order. Apparently, the so-called Deacon Conti (especially) has no respect for Matthew 18:15-17 if Deacon Conti did indeed have a righteous complaint, why choose to engage with gossip and slander as Cocurullo states rather than approach me as scripture dictates. The complaint can’t be righteous, since it was incorporated in a campaign to keep me from the truth. We should also remember that Terry Conti admittedly knows the propensity of Cocurullo to use information for evil as she did. Apparently Cocurullo is a greater influence than the Holy Scripture on Deacon “in name only” Conti.

Apparently Deacon Conti had enough contempt for me that it was OK that cripple not be able to ask the brethren for help. And why was a “gag” order on me at the time while seemingly no restrictions to on the other parties put on. This is remarkable John.

You see John, Conti has the same propensity of gossip and slander as Cocurullo, except she doesn’t have the psychotic nature of the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon Team. You see socalled Deacon Conti did not only enable Cocurullo for Slander, stalking and extortion; Conti encouraged Cocurullo to do so with stating contempt for me to Cocurullo. By example Conti gave the green light to slander further.

And unlike socalled Deacon Conti, I confronted her in writing with two or more witnesses after initially trying to address it privately. This is as scripture and doctrine dictates John. She was required to answer this charge especially as a Christian who holds an office in the church. She never did.  And that was her burden to do.  Can anyone say, hiding behind a title? (Idolatry)

Unholy Alliance - Deacon Conti leaks board information to Cocurullo so she can do the ground work of defaming another Deacon using her special talents. And then Deacon Conti protects Cocurullo/Dixon Team for Criminal Trespassing, Hit & Run, Injuring a Brother and his family, slander, extortion, stalking and helping to exile the cripple for telling the truth. It is all about protecting sin. It is moral turpitude. It is maintaining appearances. It is Idolatry.

Unholy Alliance – Deacon Conti leaks board information to Cocurullo so she can do the ground work of defaming another Deacon using her special talents. And then Deacon Conti protects Cocurullo/Dixon Team for Criminal Trespassing, Hit & Run, Injuring a Brother and his family, slander, extortion, stalking and helping to exile the cripple for telling the truth. It is all about protecting sin. It is moral turpitude. It is maintaining appearances. It is Idolatry.

Can we say Conti no longer exhibits the qualities of an overseer? She dishonored her office (many a time.)

And there is a whole bunch of other questions that has to be answered on this matter John.

Most Doctrinal sound churches would have immediately had her on suspension and being a leader take steps to remove her from the church fellowship. She would only be allowed to come back after she repented to ALL affected parties.

That is doctrine John. You know it John. I know it. My advisors know it. Pastor Jones knows it. Deacon Conti knows it. And even the moral coward “Deacon George Andrews knows it. It is not “petty”. It is Yahweh’s system.

And when you consider Deacon Conti withholding information to the victims about in the criminal/violence of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon which is called “moral Turpitude”, we see a pattern of contempt of God’s Word and replacing it with a depraved man’s law based on emotion and feelings. She is “supposed” to be held to a higher standard than the sheep. She obviously believes that she is above judgment and the overseer epistles have no consequence when it tells us the qualifications of office. She has elected herself “as an authority unto herself”….. NOT GOD.

And John, there is a lot more I can write about the unrepentant “mudslinging. Type sin in this matter. You see Deacon Terry Conti did not only enable and encourage the attacks on me and my family; Deacon Terry Padillo Conti was an active participant. You see with a tidbits of info she did give (out at the “Three Deacon’s Meeting) about the day Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon did their criminal act. It turned out that little piece of info would have negated the need for the recordings. One bit of info would have beautifully shown the slander that was used against me. We confronted the Deacon with this information. One would thought when she saw that an innocent man and his family was persecuted because she unjustly withheld information from them and that a moral individual that claimed to be a Christian would be under conviction and feel obligated to clear that person’s name.

That is something I learned when I was eight years old.

But Deacon Conti didn’t lift a finger to do so, even know she knew my family went through hell and Cocurullo’s later extortion horrified us. Terry Padillo Conti became a practicing full-fledged slanderer at that moment. She actually proved herself once again involved in Moral Turpitude. She at that point became an active participating Slanderer. One who is a leader and who that lies were spread because she protected the slanderer and doesn’t do everything to correct and expose it does take on the title of the sin she protected.

Deacon Conti enabled slander, she encouraged slander, then she became an active participant. Either one of those steps disqualifies Terry Padillo Conti for any office within the church. That is Doctrine. That is not opinion.

Doctrine (that is reflected in most church By Laws states) she is to be removed until she repents, which means total private confession to the victims and public confession to the Body of Christ. It means more, but we shouldn’t make this a doctrinal lesson for you.

John perhaps I should do a separate Post on “The Deacon Terry Padillo Conti Moral Integrity Threshold for Sin Allowance Standard” to be a guideline for young Christians at Faith Assembly of God. There is enough data on her actions and the people she protects to put together a list. And perhaps I can lower my standards in subsequent posts so I can inject stories. Terry should be honored. That would be OK, wouldn’t it? I can say this post is “Certified to be above The Deacon Terry Padillo Conti Moral Integrity Threshold for Sin Allowance Standard”.

I’m sure Pastor Jones will endorse it publically as he already endorses it privately.

…. But also give hearty approval to those who practice them (take note you will see it ahead / re: Romans 1:32)

Have a board member in writing state otherwise if they can. They can’t, can they?

It is no wonder Pastrix Schreck used deception (lie) when she was asked who was involved. I guess in your book lying to the sheep is ok. Protecting one’s title or another’s is also noted as “Sordid” gain by the Apostle Peter. Leaders should be beyond or above reproach according to Paul. Deacon Conti is steeped in Pharisaical sin at the cost of innocent folk John. Her “partner” Cocurullo is a common thread on the slander, the direct release of “privileged information “ and protecting violence / criminal acts and voicing hate at Cocurullo’s level without abiding in scripture.  I guess Deacon Conti didn’t get your memo on “mud slinging”.

Let’s go back to your attack point 1 for a second John. The day Terry Padillo (Conti) made a conscious decision not to inform the victim(s) of her participation that day; she sinned in the form of bearing false witness. That same day she made that conscious decision not to inform the victim(s) and didn’t resign from her position; Terry Padillo (Conti) brought disgrace on her office in Christ’s Church and Christ himself.

Let me repeat that John:

The day Terry Padillo (Conti) made a conscious decision not to inform the victim(s) of her participation that day; she sinned in the form of bearing false witness. That same day she made that conscious decision not to inform the victim(s) and didn’t resign from her position; Terry Padillo (Conti) brought disgrace on her office in Christ’s Church and Christ himself. And that was the day two unrepentant criminals by the name of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon came to my home when they were told to stay away, defiled my home and twisted my spine, April 7th, 2013.

Terry Padillo Conti is NO “Woman of Noble Character”.

The board knows it, I know it, you know it and my pastoral advisors advised me of that. And the Doctrine of Jesus Christ demands she resigns.

Terry Padillo Conti wasn’t just covering the violence and criminal acts that left me with a twisted spine. Terry Padillo Conti was protecting her own sins. She would rather see an innocent brother with a twisted spine not be able to enlist help he needed from the brethren, than repent herself. And if the so-called Deacon Conti denies this she is a LIAR.

If the disgraced Deacon Conti is one of those “un-named leaders” who acted upset to you and made a complaint, it is just one more sin she created that needs to be repented publically. And it is evidence that Terry Padillo Conti NEVER had the qualifications to hold the office of Deacon. It is Christ she sinned against as well as every congregant of Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie NY

There are some other issues/actions that negate Terry Padillo Conti for not holding Biblical Office and one of those does engage in her unrepentant sin of “your” charge of “mudslinging”. But we will engage that later in my blog.

So called Minister Ramsey-Dixon in Mudslinging

Lest not forget Constance Ramsey-Dixon in this matter of “mudslinging”, a name you called by name. Remember the endorsement from Caridad Cocurullo that was given without any provocation or question from me. Cocurullo , The President of Brand New Beginnings Ministries stated that Constance Ramsey-Dixon, the Director of Brand New Beginnings Ministries would lie in this matter. And if you heard Cocurullo’s context of that it translates breaking the law again. That is called PERJURY.

Let me repeat that: Cocurullo , The President of Brand New Beginnings Ministries stated that Constance Ramsey-Dixon, the Director of Brand New Beginnings Ministries would lie in this matter. And if you heard Cocurullo’s context of that it translates breaking the law again. That is called PERJURY.

And Constance Ramsey-Dixon cannot say she never heard of this allegation. She had the responsibility as a Christian to remove this threat from myself and my family. At anytime she could have pulled the lynch pin before the train wreck, but elected to take the low road. Ramsey-Dixon owns the threats, extortion and systematic slander as much as Cocurullo. And with her in her position as a “Peace Officer” it leads to a whole lot of questions to include dealing with criminal trespassing and leaving the scene of an accident as a “Peace Officer”. She inadvertently gave her authority to Cocurullo by her actions. She had a higher standard to maintain in law enforcement and stooped down to criminal level. She breached the public trust. She dishonored the Sheriff’s Department of Dutchess County.

To say I wanted to bring “only mudslinging to Faith Assembly of God”… is an outright lie to bring an emotional non-thinking response. I actually want to bring “reform” to my church to closer to God’s standards. You apparently want to cover it up so people in the “upper tier” can feel free to sin. A true leader would be saddened and seek God’s word in the matter and reform. A true leader would be making sure that this stops immediately and work toward reconciliation for those who repent, remove those who won’t and help those who were attacked.  Surely John, a true church leader would not look away as privileged information on innocent sheep and their families is spread by those in leadership who obviously never had the qualifications of “Overseer” to begin with.

John, you are now complicit as a leader in the church for any abuse of sheep if you sit on your “Blessed Assurance” and/or continue to look away. I suggest you study Romans 1:28-32 with particular focus on the last line

Romans 1:32 and although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them. (NASB)

Let me repeat a phrase …. But also give hearty approval to those who practice them

You see John I have seen Slander destroy lives from the likes of lies from the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. I have seen lives lost because of what certain dishonorable leaks in the military. I have seen lives destroyed and lost because of slander.. We have seen deaths from the charletins like Hinn and Todd Bently using lies on hurting and desperate saints with their “for profit ministry” with lies. How much more is the soul worth according to Yahweh. And John how should the church treat that soul that is valued by the Lord? Throwing out the “Word” of God and the Constitution and By-Laws tells me that certain Leaders do not value what God values.

In conclusion John, your Attack Point 2 is a willful false accusation on a brother. You intentionally blur the “wide” line between ACTUAL SLANDER and the truth acts of exposing such sins as scripture dictates.

John you fail to recognize that what I did was only to go public telling the truth of this unrepentant serious sin; that is both pharisaical and personal; that was and is being refused to be dealt with by leadership. Exposing this sin is not a sin. Exposing threats is not sin. It is Biblically required. You made a false accusation and you know it. Your false accusation is sin, to call what should be done with derogatory terms as you have is an act of depravity.

John, you as a leader failed to recognize in your accusation that I went way beyond Biblical requirements especially with reporting the pharisaical sin where they were confronted prior to the release publically of this blog. I was more than patient especially in the light of depraved threats against me using my battered family, to prevent further harm and persecution by the criminals Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon.

John or anyone that says violence and criminal acts with subsequent depraved sin against us to immorally deter reporting by the innocent should be tolerated within the church; you or “that person” is a liar and not fit for leadership. You are more interested in the appearance of what sin represents then the sin itself (Idolatry). When you made your complaint; you have inadvertently told others, to include your brothers and sisters (and their families) to take abuse and disregard the truth of the Holy Scripture in order to protect unrepentant sinners that are classified as “protected” in an unbiblical class. Your attitude puts people, innocent people, at risk for the sake of idol worship. And that is exactly what it is: IDOL WORSHIP.

And last but not least John, You used a known underhanded technique called “Blame Shifting”. It is not only a technique used by narcissists, but by cults in defensive mode. You tried to lay the sin of leaders and would be leaders at the feet of the crippled sheep. You willfully laid at my feet, the sins you knew belonged at the feet. This is the low of lows.  You have shown the brethren and the world what you are willing to do to someone to keep pharisaical sin alive and well. The people guilty of “mudslinging is the leadership who participated in leaks of privileged information and did not act accordingly when information of the act was received. The people guilty are the team of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon, lead officers of Brand New Beginnings Ministries. The people guilty are the ones who participated in character assassination of the innocent, Those said leaders and “would be” leaders within the walls of Faith that projected their foul rumors and broadcasted privileged information beyond those walls of the church are “your” mudslingers.

You do not meet the Biblical Criteria as noted in what is called the “Overseer” Epistles and related verses for leadership. You cannot say you are above reproach. Please refrain from activities that give the impression you are a leader. You have shown distain for the innocent and Christ’s truth with your false accusation designed to deflect attention from Pharisaical and personal sin of leaders to persecute the sheep messenger. Please stay off the platform Brother. Repent. You intentionally bear false witness.

In the process of your knowingly false claim of “mudslinging”, you sir became the “mudslinger”.


John M’s Attack Point Number 3 – John, you unashamedly played the “Forgiveness Card”. I call this section “the Forgiveness Card and Cheap Grace”.

This was pretty arrogant John. You knowingly make false accusations and then you play the “Forgiveness Card.” It appears that you John just threw words out for the sake loading on and creating a straw man.

Let’s start out with a quote from a beloved departed brother and real pastor. It is a simple quote and I have never heard anyone contradict this:

“Forgiveness doesn’t mean you tolerate sin.” Pastor Lou Iannone from Faith Assembly of God

Apparently you (and EJ) disagree with that John. You believe I should live with leaks of privileged information, extortion and slander from unrepentant criminals and unchristian protectors/ leaders within the visible church. And John you have to do some substantial change to the New Testament of the Holy Bible (Not to mention Faith Assembly of God’s By-Laws and Constitution) to give yourself any credibility to the contrary. You have displayed throughout your letter a mindset that searches for the meaningless slogans while throwing out the basis/foundation of Christianity. You have created your own Jesus. Your attitude shows you are one of the Pharisees that Yeshua actually railed against 13 times in the Gospels.

Matthew 23:4-5 They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger. But they do all their deeds to be noticed by men; for they broaden their phylacteries and lengthen the tassels of their garments. (NASB)

You see John you can’t take the concept of “forgiveness” out of context for the believer. It is just as blasphemous as when a False Teacher/Prophet/Leader takes scripture out of context. It is a total disregard of the pure message of the Gospel.

You have done that in your haste to do harm.

Let us understand another Truth John; Forgiveness never negates Repentance for the believer. This truth “should” be more imbedded in “the overseer” as doctrine states than the sheep. It should be more in their walk then the sheep or they just might not be qualified for the position they hold. Which means God probably didn’t ordain them for that position, unless it is in a church created for the hardened of hearts in the last days. This is according to scripture as Paul taught; one that was created for the “itching ears” to search for False Teachers of the last days.

You see John; we are to live the message of our salvation. We are to live a penitent life. We have nothing to offer a Holy God. We are born of a depraved spirit or dead in our sins. What was done at the Cross for our redemption is the definition of pure Grace. We are told to ask for “forgiveness” turn from our sins (repentance) and then be forgiven by a merciful God. This is called reconciliation. This is the grace of Yeshua and we should tremble in all humility when we realize this.

This is the model of what the confessing believer should live by daily. It is an expensive grace. We are especially to display this walk to the Brethren as a mirror of our salvation. Our Faith is supposed to be a Penitent Faith in Jesus Christ. We are to repent for the forgiveness of sins both in our salvation and our walk, especially among the brethren. And repentance is reflected as true confession, Godly sorrow and making amends (restitution) to those we have sinned against.

In other words we are saying that the blood sacrifice of our redeemer wasn’t at a great price when we negate repentance in our lives. We are fooling ourselves at a great cost.

John, you sir apparently endorse the concept of “Cheap Grace” which has brought havoc among Biblical Christianity. “Cheap Grace” is a prime outcome of many heretical movements but especially noted among the Druckerite Movement called the “Seeker Friendly” and the Emergent Church movement. It is also prevalent in heretical movements like the “Christian New Age movement, Word of Faith/Prosperity movements and the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation).

But the most dangerous of these movements who promote “Cheap Grace” is the “Druckerites” of the Seeker Friendly Movement which has done the greatest damage to the Gospel message by downplaying the atonement done at the Cross thus normalizing the lie of forgiveness without repentance among other important truths of Christ’s sacrifice at the Cross. It has done this by cheapening God’s Holy Word by putting man’s creativity over God’s perfect word. It is idolatry.

Cheap Grace and Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Gave his life for Christ. Hung naked at the end of a Nazi SS noose 23 days before Nazi Germany Surrendered. Warned the church about "Cheap Grace", but we didn't listen.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Gave his life for Christ. Warned the church about “Cheap Grace”, but we didn’t listen.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer was the man who coined the term “Cheap Grace”. He was a Lutheran Theologian, Pastor, an anti-Hitler/National Socialist (Nazi) Resister and a Martyr for Christ. He was an untiring advocate for the Jews, and railed against the church for cowering. He was a brilliant and courageous man of God that was indeed in a league in own. He was executed by the Nazis by hanging naked at the end of a SS noose. He died 23 days before Germany surrendered to the Allies in WWII.

Here are the quotes from his book “The Cost of Discipleship”

“Cheap grace means grace sold on the market like a cheapjack’s wares. The sacraments, the forgiveness of sin, and the consolations of religion are thrown away at cut-rate prices. Grace is represented as the Church’s inexhaustible treasury, from which she showers blessings with generous hands, without asking questions or fixing limits. Grace without price; grace without cost! And the essence of grace, we suppose, is that the account has been paid in advance; and, because it has been paid, everything can be had for nothing. Since the cost was infinite, the possibilities of using and spending it are infinite. What would grace be, if it were not cheap?

. . . In such a Church the world finds a cheap covering for its sins; no contrition is required, still less any real desire to be delivered from sin. . .

Cheap grace means the justification of sin without the justification of the sinner. Grace alone does everything, they say, and so everything can remain as it was before. . . .

Cheap grace is the preaching of forgiveness without requiring repentance, (it is) baptism without church discipline, Communion without confession, absolution without personal confession. Cheap grace is grace without discipleship, grace without the cross, grace without Jesus Christ, living and incarnate.”

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

While some of Bonhoeffer’s theology was a challenge to orthodox theology, the writing on Cheap Grace is considered truth though, if not prophetic by men from the Reformed camp like John MacArthur to David Wilkerson in the Pentecostal camp in is his sermons warning us in the church of this blight on the visible church. Here are some more quotes on the subject I am sure you want to read:

Cheap grace is in reality a self-imparted grace, a pseudo-grace, and in the end the consequences of living by it are very, very costly.

Cheap grace is not at all a reference to God’s grace; it’s a contemptible counterfeit. It’s a grace that is “cheap” in value, not cost. It is a bargain-basement, damaged-goods, washed-out, moth-eaten, second-hand grace. It is a man-made grace reminiscent of the indulgences Rome was peddling in Martin Luther’s day. Cheap? The cost is actually far more than the buyer could possibly realize, though the “grace” is absolutely worthless.

John MacArthur

By the way there are plenty of sermons covering the subject from Wilkerson, one I suggest is “Called to anguish”. You can find it on you tube. Also the Jezebel spirit covers a cheap grace: a false love masquerading as a true love.

It goes back to our salvation. And the purpose of our salvation was to be reconciled to a Holy God. We are to mirror that in the visible church and scripture demands that. Just as we turn from our sins (repentance) in our salvation to the Lord for forgiveness is to be reconciled to the Lord. That is our goal also when we sin against each other in the church. That is our goal to be reconciled with our God as we mirror our salvation with repentance toward the sins we commit against our brothers. Without this act of repentance there is no real grace.

If we do not seek forgiveness through repentance in this world; our seeking forgiveness through Christ is just a slogan. Our cries of sorrow for our sin is that of a “show” for the entertainment of the visible church and mocks a God who died for us on the Cross. Yahweh is not stupid John.

You cannot separate forgiveness from repentance as you have. You cannot leave reconciliation out in the cold because then you demean grace. Love without truth is no love at all. Truth without love is condemnation without real hope. You cannot have the Gospel without the Law because the work at the cross becomes a hollow act without any redemption.

To live a life as a Christian without a Penitent Faith in Jesus as the model of salvation is following another Jesus. The believer is supposed to seek forgiveness. Seeking forgiveness always involves real repentance.

Conti, Andrews and EJ don’t believe it while Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon can’t grasp that.

We are not talking about the unbeliever. We are talking about the believer. Both Christ and Stephen prayed to Yahweh to forgive them Lord for “they do not know what they do”.  Believers hold the office of high Priest and do “know”. For believers we are consigned to seek forgiveness which is repentance to the Brother or Sister we have harmed.  And repentance is Godly sorrow. And Godly sorrow is confession and making amends (restitution if necessary).

One of the most convicting chapters in the New Testament for the believer is the First Chapter of the First Epistle of John. It lets me know on why I have to live a Penitent Life in Christ. It knocks me back and I realize I am a chief wretch of all wretched as Paul states. It lets me know that I am not a sinner because I sin, but I sin because I am a sinner. It reminds me of the barrier between me and my just and loving God and that a relationship with Yahweh means to keep barriers out from between us with a Penitent led life of Faith.

This verse always gets me and tells me that I have to live a Penitent Faith

1 John 1:10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.(NASB)

Knowing we are a sinners should be the first step toward receiving forgiveness. For He is faithful. And knowing we are sinners means we live out a Penitent Faith in Christ.

It means John we can’t separate forgiveness and repentance. Churches turn legalistic and/or lawless when we do as in the case here. And your predominant attitude in your letter demonstrates that view of cheap grace. It is an epidemic in the western evangelical church. It is the result of cheap grace.

John, one of a signs of a church in a cult is that leadership has an inability to ask for forgiveness and repent. This is a prevalent sign in the Seeker Friendly/Purpose Driven Druckerite Church. Leaders who cannot be an example in this central concept we call the Gospel should be questioned whether they hold the qualifications of their office.

Let us loot away from Faith Assembly of God for a second and look at another church and leader that I have mentioned: Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church.

Mark Driscoll hurt hundreds of people who are STILL hurt. He abused people “in love”. He like Faith Assembly of God threw people out of the church that got in his way. He coined the phrase “under the Bus”, He without much protest stole money from the congregation to promote “Mark Driscoll”. He destroyed God’s ministries solely to destroy the individuals running them. He destroyed Mars Hill. He threw out 3 whole books in the New Testament to shore up his control of Mars Hill.

Yet Mark Driscoll doesn’t know how to humble himself and ask for forgiveness. He doesn’t believe in repentance, yet he falsely rammed that down the throat of others. He goes around the country singing his woes speaking on he needs to forgive, instead how he should seek forgiveness. And other illegitimate leaders let him speak. Brian Houston tried to brace up his fellow corrupt minister and even the Australian Press has more discernment than Houston and recognizes that Mark Driscoll is unrepentant and has a lingering ethics problem that shouldn’t be connected with any leadership Christian or Secular.

There are people in the Seattle area that ministries are destroyed and cannot darken the door way of a church without starting to shake. And these so-called leaders are not concerned about their healing as what the scripture allows for. They point their boney finger in their chest and tell them to “forgive” and “Move on” without regard to the Truth of the Gospel and compassion for victims. It goes beyond obnoxious and goes directly to their qualifications to be a leader and leads to questions if they ever gave their lives to Christ. They are isolators and they represent the epidemic sin and heresy of the western evangelical church.

And I see John; you are a card carrying member of the club. Repent.

What the call to Mark Driscoll should be is to get out of the ministry and spend the rest of his time making restitution to the people who he hurt and are still hurting with the hope of reconciliation. That should be his primary ministry. That would be Biblical. If any of his work is to be looked at as credible and Godly he has to repent no matter how long it takes. He should not be reconciled as scripture states until restoration in any leadership position should not take place until his work to heal his victims is done. This is orthodox Christian doctrine. This is scripture.

One of the differences the Mars Hill Church in comparison to say Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie is that there were a small group of leaders willing to stand-up against this evil and they willing paid the price and go against the corruption of Mark Driscoll. And they paid dearly. But they loved Yahweh. They made the sacrifice for that love of God, not idols. They are not separated from God because of their impenitence like Driscoll and the likes of the leadership you unbiblically believe is not to be held in accountability.

But those who stood for the Truth was separated from the Brethren, they paid the price for truth. But they stood with Yahweh. Are there any “leaders” willing to stand with Yahweh at Faith Assembly of God as there was a remnant that stood for Truth at Mars Hill?

Let us take a look at just one scripture. No I am not going to talk about Matthew 18:15-17 or Luke 17:3 which is part of church discipline. Let us look at one that even goes further to the heart. It makes the jump from repentance, and seeking forgiveness to reconciliation with both God and a brother. It is Matthew 5:23-24

Matthew 5:23-24 Therefore if you are presenting your offering(or gift) at the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, 24 leave your offering there before the altar and go; first be reconciled to your brother, and then come and present your offering. (NASB)

John, can you see the message of the Gospel. Can you see how Jesus tells us to live our life, especially within the fellowship? Can you see that all of our works are nothing to Yahweh without a Penitent Faith? Can you see the reconciliation with a brother is mirroring Salvation where we reconcile to a Holy God. He says reconciliation with our brethren is more important than our sacrifices (or works). The busyness of church we create means nothing unless we are reconciled to our brother from our sins against him.

Yahweh is telling us that if we seek forgiveness for our sins from our Savior, you should seek it from our offended brother. Our God ain’t stupid John. He knows what Godly sorrow is all about.

It all points to Jesus John. Taking a single item out of context is just that, it negates Christ Crucified for the forgiveness of our sins. That is cheap grace.

You see John, it is not just about two “itching ear” (*) apostates within the church by the name of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon that was told to stay away multiple times and then committed criminal acts and twisted my spine in a fit of anger so that I and one of my siblings is going to pay for it for the rest of our earthly lives; It is in fact more about the contempt of leaders who forgot Christ Crucified for our sins.

(*) Reference” itching ear” reference see 2 Tim 4:3 which is Yahweh’s judgment on those who have hardened their heart against his Holy Word within the church and refuse to repent.

You see man’s creativity took over to protect criminal behavior without any repentance. It was a perfect opportunity for leadership to mirror the Crucified Christ for all those affected at that time and the number was over 20. Instead we got sin heaped on top of sin. It enabled greater sin. They could have been shown that Biblical Doctrine based on Scripture is beautiful thing. They could have been shown the relation of sin and grace, repentance and forgiveness, healing for the victims, the reconciliation of the brethren.. In short those outsiders could have been shown the need for a Savior and the reconciliation to a Holy God.

But Pastor Edward A. Jones of Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY failed miserably without care for those people or the sheep and goats that Yahweh entrusted him with.

Pastor Edward A. Jones has shown the world that covering up criminal activity at the expense of the victims was the order of the day. Pastor Edward A. Jones has shown that expediency over righteousness is what it means to be a Christian to him. Pastor Edward A. Jones has shown to victims, that within of his inner circle are people to have contempt for the sheep and there is no need to help or show compassion unless it “promotes” his inner circle. EJ believes he has a position of King” rather than of a shepherd.

There is only one King. And his name is Yeshua (Jesus).

Pastor Edward A Jones has shown the world a willingness to go beyond his Biblical Authority to persecute those who are the victims of evil for not being silent; and all the while not using his authority to enact Biblical Doctrine on the criminals and those who have maliciously from within the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God that added to the character assassination efforts of the long time serial slanderer known as his Spiritual Daughter Carrie Cocurullo. What Pastor Jones should have displayed was transparency to the victims and a hand up. Instead we experienced the underhandedly giving information (by an subordinate) to the long time slanderer Cocurullo and her team mate with people’s confidential health information as Cocurullo boastfully admitted.

Pastor Edward A. Jones could have displayed the message of the Gospel to repent for the forgiveness of sins to be reconciled to a Holy God which is demonstrated through Church Discipline, but through enabling the Cocurullo / Ramsey-Dixon team with “Cheap Grace” who then preferred to demonstrate that extortion using the most vulnerable, stalking slander and was order of the day when “Cheap Grace was applied.

Pastor Edward Jones has shown the world that he was willing to risk a law suit by a member throwing away the By Laws and Constitution of Faith Assembly God, Poughkeepsie, NY in order to avoid his Pastoral Duty in counseling before judgment. That is Pride over Humility. That is Moral Cowardice over accountability. That is showing the membership that the By Laws and Constitution of Faith Assembly of God mean nothing when it comes to expediency over righteousness, protecting the sin of insiders over the meaning of redemption. Pastor Edward A Jones has shown just by that act that he is more concerned with appearances than the Word of God. That is idolatry.

You see John there is direct evidence that Brother Ed Jones may preach the gospel, but he can’t live it out in his life. I’m not talking about EJ’s spiritual daughter making claims that EJ has unforgiveness in his heart (and seemingly implied true by Pastrix Schreck). It was shown in Brother Martone’s “Formal Letter of Exile” that contained no reference to sin that I was being exiled for. That is a big problem with orthodox doctrine. Where was the required counseling as prescribed by the ByLaws?. Certainly a man of God if he thought I was steeped in sin would “love” me enough so I could repent and be reconciled to the church.

But the only sin he was worried about was his own unrepentant sin and Cocurullo’s being exposed. I was not exiled because of my sin, but his.

Any discerning righteous “overseer” and educated brother and sister should have seen more “Red Flags of Discernment” on how I was formally exiled. (let alone the entire exile process that was started by the disfellowship of a cripple in order to help to protect criminal acts by Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon.) I mean John, if you look at it, there are more “Red Flags of Discernment” popping up than pennants flying in Yankee Stadium for World Series and American League Champions dealing with “Cheap Grace” on how they exiled me out of Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY.

There are only limited reasons according to the Constitution and By-Laws of Faith Assembly of God to remove a member. Tell me John, if the reason is unrepentant sin (and that is a big “if”) where is the transparency demanded? It is moral cowardice not to answer the questions involved in this exile. Why the secrecy? Why the willful contempt for the scriptures, Sound doctrine, the fundamental truths of the Assembly of God and the process laid out in the Bylaws and Constitution of Faith Assembly of God. And the contempt is orchestrated by Reverend Doctor Pastor Brother Edward A. Jones as President of the Board and chief protector of unrepentant violent and criminal sins as well as all the sins he enabled by this ungodly protection for sin and contempt for this cripple and the people around him (that would be me.)

It is cheap grace.

Tell me John, if this “Exile” is indeed “Church Discipline” why did the leadership go to great lengths to have all this contempt for God’s Word and our stated legal document called the Constitution and ByLaws of Faith Assembly of God. Think of it in the light of what you displayed here with your (figurative) boney finger in my chest. You played the” forgiveness card”. Remember John. Tell me John. You are a leader. You are supposed to be qualified for the position of Elder/Deacon, aren’t you, even though you don’t hold the position?

So tell me John, isn’t the main goal is for the sinner to repent so he or she can be “forgiven” and reconciled to the fellowship? Hmmm? I wonder how that is going to take place brother if you throw out all the scripture and the By-Laws that cover it. Tell me John. Wouldn’t anyone of reasonable thought conclude then that the Board of Faith Assembly of God wants nothing to do with forgiveness of sins at all?

The Board’s action was expediency over righteousness John. It was protecting cheap grace.

Hasn’t the Board displayed Cheap Grace? And wouldn’t a man of reasonable thought and righteous character on the board, that claims to be a “Man or Woman of God” knowing what Yahweh’s thoughts on the matter question this act according to that scripture allow this to happen contrary to doctrine and our Constitution and ByLaws? Hmmm. Where was the opportunity to repent for this mystery sin so I could be forgiven and be reconciled both to God and the fellowship? Isn’t that doctrine brother?

Is it really about “forgiveness” as you say “now” John, is it? No it isn’t and you know it. It is about protecting people the Bible tells us not to.

But there wasn’t any sin I did (or my family) to be disfellowshipped for. Was there? We were the slain animals thrown on the altar of a modern day Baal.

Where now then is that mirror of Christ Crucified for our sins? Where is repentance for the forgiveness of sins to be reconciled with Yahweh? How is God’s grace being exhibited by the Board led by Pastor Edward A. Jones? Ah, but does he believe in reconciliation as mirrored from the message of Christ Crucified? It seems not.

You see John, It isn’t about any sin I did John. It is about not being forgiven about “offending” Pastor Reverend Doctor Brother Edward A. Jones’ “Pride”. And John, righteously offending a man’s pride is not a sin. My pride get’s righteously offended daily, it is then a time to repent and remember that if I say that I am not a sinner, then I call Christ a liar. (1 John 1:10 again). And brother EJ has a problem with pride. Doesn’t he John? And if EJ doesn’t repent would he not be calling Christ a liar?

And yes John we all do have a problem with “pride”. But when pride is not checked, it eventually leads to greater sin where one if he or she is a leader will wreck havoc in sheep’s lives as EJ has done in more than one exiled sheep’s life. He is the chief purveyor of “Cheap Grace”. And just maybe to the righteous man the charge of “Cheap Grace” is a greater charge of “moral turpitude” that is also laid at EJ’s feet.

EJ… ahh I mean Pastor Doctor Brother Edward A Jones needs to repent. Repentance would show that he actually believes what he preaches. And if he doesn’t; why don’t you stick your boney finger in his chest and proclaim the message of the Lord for the cause of “forgiveness” and the healing of his victims. Does he actually believe Christ Crucified for the repentance and forgiveness of sins? Repentance means Godly sorrow, confession and to make amends (restitution and correcting).

Pastor Jones does not have a Penitent Faith in the Christ. It is something less. It is Cheap Grace.

As apologist/teacher Jacob Prasch has noted on his commentary of the Seeker Friendly churches he noted that when doctrine becomes “light” and inventive, leaders soon succumb to Pharisaical and Personal sin. He also noted that when this happens the world will see the sin of the church before the church will admit it. And soon the Gospel will become another “Jesus.”. John, Isn’t that what Paul Peter and Jude wrote? Isn’t that what Yeshua told us about these times?

I could address the other purveyors of “Cheap Grace” of Deacons (in name only) Conti and Andrews who protected sin, attacked my family, enabled more sin, supported a sadistic Gag Order that prevented help etc and went far beyond what their office allows as Peter has talked about.… , but let us leave that for a later time.

You have take the subject of “forgiveness and threw out there in a trivial manner which declares to the world that you neither believe in what you claim as a Christian. Your “act” presented a testimony to us that communicates arrogance that demeans the work at the Cross. You used the “forgiveness card” solely as a straw man to enact an emotional response. You have willingly thrown out false accusations for the sole purpose of covering up the sin of leaders while throwing the burdens of that sin back at the victims in one breath while callously throwing out the “forgiveness” card in another breath and expect to be treated as credible witness for Christ.

John, you have used the word “Forgiveness” as a true leader from within a modern day Christian Cult / Abusive Church. This is true to the format of your entire letter. Bravo John.

You are just another purveyor of Cheap Grace John. You don’t believe in “forgiveness” because you don’t believe in “repentance” as a believer as scripture tells us. This means you don’t believe in reconciliation either John. Let me be bold for a second and state, if you were to see me reconciled with my enemies here it would repulse you after your comments. But without reconciliation you can’t know the model of God’s grace.

Side Note: Do you find it strange that I am talking about reconciliation and not a word as such from the Senior Lead Pastor Brother Reverend Edward A. Jones of Faith Assembly of God has ever mentioned that word? And none of the other exiles has heard that word “reconciliation from EJ either. Pride runs deep, doesn’t it?

Maybe this sheep has more faith in the power of the Holy Spirit than Edward Jones.

Let me end this section on attack 3 with a question. It is a question most soldiers have to ask and a question that some of us has had to answer at times. You may consider it a question that is “unfair” and solely meant to inspire an emotional response. It may produce an emotional response, but sir it isn’t unfair. It is a question men and woman answer every day. It is a question that most soldiers ask.

For this question I bring you back to Bonhoeffer who saw it necessary to shout out the question of “Cheap Grace” to a church that was just a hollow shell for Christianity. He died naked hanging on the end of a SS noose standing against Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists (NAZIs).

So I bring this question to you and the leaders of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie.

What would you give your life for? Would you die for the sacrifice at the cross like Bonhoeffer?

That takes a Penitent Faith.

Those who hold to the truth will have a difficult time answering this question. And those who hold to their “Title and or position” against truth and accountability for the shallow sake of appearances you cannot trust an answer from. For the purveyors of “Cheap Grace” the question has already been answered.

Let me give you a hint where one would find the answer. If a leader puts burdens on a sheep and his family that are unbiblical and that he himself or herself would not tolerate or sacrifice for in his own life; how would he or she really answer that question?

What would you give your life for? Would you die for the cross like Bonhoeffer?

I think we will end this answer to your Attack Point as abruptly as it was made to us with that question.

On an administrative note John. Please don’t attempt to counsel younger brothers in the faith. You don’t grasp yet as a leader in your heart what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. You do not meet the qualifications and believe that leaders are not to be held at a higher standard. A so-called” leader that is so tactless with God’s gifts such as Forgiveness should not be calling himself a Christian leader when he is so quickly willing to hurl burdens on a brothers back.

I leave you with a link, not that you will use it. It has been posted previously.


John M’s Attack Point Number 4 – Using unbiblical church Clichés to justify sin.

John you used the old line, “There is no perfect church or perfect people”.

Well… ok…  I agree…   there is no perfect churches and no perfect people.   And your point is what?

See John, this is one of those Clichés that on the surface is not wrong. It is just a statement of fact. But you see John, the context what it has been used in by churches and the context of this letter says what you meant.

Do you know the history of this cliché John? “There is no perfect church”. It came from the Liberal Protestants. Dr. Walter Martin, the father of modern apologetics dealing with Christian Cults calls the Liberal Protestant Church the Cult without defined leaders. He goes on to say it was a true grass roots cult movement affecting the Main Line Protestant Churches. A little bit of Levin (sin) corrupts the whole body.

“There is no perfect church” was to justify minimizing scripture as inherent and doctrine was destroyed. And the world’s sin ruled the day.

So yes John, there is no perfect church or perfect person. But we don’t justify unrepentant sin.

That is why we seek forgiveness within the body of Christ. We repent to each other as we do unto the Lord. And repentance is marked by Godly sorrow, confession to the victims and making amends ie correction of sin/restitution. We are supposed to be men and woman of Penitent Faith.

Users of these church slogans to justify not dealing either repeating and or unrepentant sin are purveyors of cheap grace.

That is the “Christian Response” to that heretical notion Brother John. Study and show yourself approved.

By the way John, this unbiblical cliché is now a favorite of the Seeker friendly (aka Drukerites) and Emergent Heretical Church within the evangelical world. And for the same reason: destruction of Sola Scriptura and sound doctrine. It is an epidemic. It is Cheap Grace. Congregants that use critical Biblical discernment are not wanted. And it has become Christianized idol worship where Christ Crucified takes a back seat to entertainment and scratching the itching ears that bring people to hell while they think they are “saved”.

The heretical liberal church, friendly seeker Druckerite heretics and you sir all seem to have a common thread – they represent cult and or abusive churches; In other words the behavior of CHEAP GRACE.

You also referred “sin” as “mistakes”.

John, calling sin anything other than sin is a sin.

Tell me John, can you show me a preponderance of the charges written in 7 posts that were “mistakes”?

I thought not or else you would have approached this a little differently instead of cheap clichés.

If there were mistakes, wouldn’t the parties involved give the victims and myself reasonable answers by now? Where is the accountability for these mistakes that innocent people have to absorb the burden for? Is there an abbreviated Bible you are using? Perhaps you can send me a link to this cripple with a twisted spine.

Is the leadership too proud to answer our questions?

Not to acknowledge what sin is and calling it something else. It is saying you are not a sinner. Let me give you a verse again that is apparently missing in your Bible:

1 John 1:10 If we say that we have not sinned, we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.(NASB)

Calling “sin” other than “sin” is a sin.

Again the question arises, why was I denied fellowship (immoral Gag Order) because of two individual’s criminal and violent “mistakes”? Why did I receive threats from them through the church on not going to the authorities? I mean if all these things were mistakes John, why? Why aren’t there reasonable answers? If these things were mistakes why was Patrix Schreck deceitful about the fact other members of Faith Assembly of God like Deacon Conti being a material witness directly before and after the criminal trespassing and spine twisting? I mean these things were all “mistakes” according to you. Was the fact that Deacon Conti cannot be forth coming because of these “mistakes” were not criminal acts?

On a side note John one of the most disturbing is when Pastor Schreck gave me an edict to keep silent among others that needed to know of my plight. Another words my family and my employer. She wanted me to Lie to them in other words. Not a real good testimony to the world. Not only was that immoral, but absolutely bizarre to tell someone who was racked with pain, not knowing how my families plans were going to be hurt and even if I will be able to work. That was insane of Pastrix Schreck to do to a cripple as well as the gag order that prevented me for even enlisting help that was the only hope I had for coming through for my family.

It is a good thing John that I didn’t lie as requested by Pastor Linda Schreck; because if I didn’t tell my employer of my plight, I would not be employed today. It is a good thing that I didn’t bow to that immoral request to a cripple because it would have ruined my relationship with my family and made more strife exist in a crisis made by the acts of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon. If I wasn’t straight forward with my family, I would have lost trust with them.

Can you tell me why a person with a title of Pastor (or even Deacon) would basically tell someone to be deceitful to his family? FOR WHAT PURPOSE?! That in itself is an attack on the doctrine of the “Priesthood of the Believer”.

Again, all these posts demand answers. That is a true Christian’s reasonable service, especially from the ones that holds an office of an overseer/deacon.

You know John, no one would say it was a mistake if and when I sinned at the wishes of a Leader, would they John? They would call it sin, not a mistake. They would be in my face.

I mean I could ask on and on here John.

You minimalize the TRUTH when you use the term “mistake” instead of “sin”. This reflects just what a cult would do when one tries to claim what is really moral turpitude and saying it is a “mistake”. You have now provided a testimony on what happens to a Christian Leader when they throw Christ out of the center of a church.

John, you played the Persecute/blame the victim game. An elder from the Jehovah Witnesses would have a hard time justifying what you wrote, especially to someone who wasn’t given a reason in writing for being disfellowshipped by a “Gag Order” to protect personal (criminal) sin or “Exiled” without stated cause to protect Pharisaical sin. And sir your heart and motives are that of an idolater and that is very apparent to us. Appearance is all that is important to you. Repentance for transgression means nothing to you.


John M’s Attack Point Number 5 – Calling my family, others and myself as “Petty” in our complaints.

You made the general accusation that our complaint was petty. No specificities to react to in your comment. And what we ask is what you find “petty”. I mean John, this affected over than 25 people negatively toward the church in general, Faith Assembly of God specifically and our savior Lord Jesus directly. Maybe you could explain how you arrive at the word Petty. Even the church leaders haven’t used a phrase like that.

Tell me John was the impenitent criminal acts and violence of two moral and doctrinal heretics that claim they are leaders of a ministry petty? Are you now condoning criminal behavior John and somehow justifying the affects? Have you contacted the Sheriff Butch Anderson and told him that the NY State Statutes that were broken dealing with Criminal Trespassing and Hit and Run are petty and shouldn’t be enforced? Is it your position when a law enforcement officer of the County engages in the criminal acts and cover up that brings dishonor to the Sherriff’s department petty?

John, maybe you should read the statutes for which I did get legal counsel on (I was forced to with the threats). They are linked in two of my posts.

Tell me John was (and is) my injuries “petty”?

Tell me John was what happened to my family “petty”? I mean John my family and I were going through a critical time in our lives and I needed to be in Jersey 2 to 3 times a week to take on the challenges. I know all of our hopes and plans were dashed against the rocks because of two impenitent criminals that dare call themselves Christians and church leadership who put an ungodly gag order so I couldn’t muster any help; all to unbiblically cover up criminal acts of those two criminals. Is that “petty” John? I don’t know anyone who would phrase it that way John for those circumstances.

I guess you would say nothing if your family was treated like they didn’t exist for the purpose to cover up criminal acts of protected ones in the church. I guess you would do nothing (sarcasm).

I was left a cripple and I got threats. My life changed because of two criminals from within the church. My job was and is in danger. I work in non-union heavy industry which is dangerous and daily I had to wonder if this was my last day working. My family was falling apart because I wasn’t there as planned at a critical time in our lives. I was alone at church because of an ungodly gag order and constant pain. I had trouble getting through services because standing in one location or sitting in pews for more than 15 minutes would give me spasms that would send me to the ground. I couldn’t even make idle chit chat afterwards to the brethren because I couldn’t risk those spasms and would head home right away lie for the lay down of the day in pain.

To this day I can’t work off a ladder for any period of time. If the spasms hit me it would spell disaster. The last time I operated a chain saw for an hour, the pain was debilitating enough where I incapacitated for three days. You can see where sick time and vacation was used. I even had to go on half pay for a period in 2014. E J knows about it.

I spent 3 months with sleep deprivation due to the unbelievable pain. My military training in the area of “Sleep Deprivation” didn’t do justice to what I learned from my experience. It changes your whole physiology. And when the sleep cycle returned, the nightmares started a month later. You dream everything that you went through when you couldn’t sleep like a movie you were forced to sit through. Like you really needed to go through the experience again.

So does any of this sound petty, John?

And through all this, no fellowship with the brethren because of an ungodly “Gag Order” no one wants to take responsibility for; An act that no church that claims to be in Christ would sanction. That is a sign of a sick church. You call that petty John? If you have that complaint John, you should resign immediately. That is a sign of a dangerous leader, and certainly not a Biblical Christian leader.

I mentioned my work John. It is only by the grace of God I still have a job. You see John a lot of people took a loss because of what these two you mention by name. I could barely function. My employer took a loss, but gave me mercy and I still have a job. My coworkers worked around me and showed a lot of patience. You see in our business we depend on the guy next to us. Some one can get hurt in what we do and someone not on his game can be an hindrance and a danger. These people sacrificed a lot when they didn’t need to keep me employed. Do you call their sacrifice petty John? Would you want to tell them that face to face brother?

By the end of the work day the spasms just got more frequent. I couldn’t even drive home without stopping and walking around the company truck. I had to use my vacation strategically so I wouldn’t use sick time too many days in a row.

These people showed more compassion for what I was going through and showed it in action unlike the brethren who knew about it in the church.

Financially this hit me John. Loss of income and greater expenditures. Is this petty in your book. I don’t really want to speak about this John.  Because of what physically happened John, I lost many an hour. It has left me a cripple a lot of the time. I can’t do basic tasks anymore. I have to hire now to get simple work done at home. Not just a lot of out of pocket medicals. My work life in my profession will probably be shortened. The loss of income and greater expenditures will continue.

Financially other people were hurt too John for what two impenitent criminals did and the unbiblical protection by selected leaders of Faith Assembly of God John. Maybe you can show how “petty” the complaint by financially reaching in your pocket John and showing how “Petty” it is.

I wake up every morning with Pain as a lifetime reminder of not just an event, but aware of the loss of friends, inability to do simple tasks, the pain my family has gone through and is going through. Is that “petty” John that I can’t do the things I love and even help folk anymore as I did? Tell me John. Some of the things I actually enjoyed.

I can’t begin to explain what two criminals did that changed my life and the life of others. I can’t begin to tell you on how those people’s pain upsets me more than my own. The pain is a reminder of the depravity of man we all suffer. I can’t begin to explain how it is amplified by selected church leaders who displayed direct contempt for those people. Especially after the extortion using a beloved member of our family who was going through hell, the contempt grew for my family. That is not petty brother.

Was the destruction of God’s Ministry by these criminals “Petty” John? Pastor EJ thought my ministry was pulling dead animals from under a Christian Radio Station. Doing work at the Sound of Life was a very small part of that ministry that God had me in. A good part of God’s ministry was destroyed John, because I don’t have those resources anymore of financial ability to run it, physical ability to do it and the time. Cocurullo and Dixon is only partly responsible for that destruction. Leaders like Jones, Schreck, Andrews and Conti own their share. The ministry handed to me from God was not a ministry that one gets on a podium and brag about as you can John. The ministry I was involved was to stand along side folk who no one else would. Now that ministry is but only a shadow. And those nameless faceless people don’t matter and that condition you I guess would be called petty by you.

This cripple couldn’t get help because of an ungodly “Gag Order to protect criminals; so others as far as 2 and a half hour away came to help to do simple tasks around my house. You would probably call those peoples’ sacrifices petty. But those people were more like Jesus then the leaders who wouldn’t lift a finger and at the same time stopped me from getting help locally from the brethren. The only help I had locally was my neighbor. A neighbor by the way who leadership treated with contempt by Pastor Jones when he volunteered testimony on that infamous day which crippled me and review the recording of the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon teams lies, deceit, violence and criminal activities. Pastor Jones couldn’t give this family the time of day. Pastor Jones wasn’t interested in the truth. Would you like to tell my neighbors, their complaint is petty John?

John, there were over 8 plus folks come forward as witnesses against the Cocurullo/Dixon Teams lieas. They were treated with contempt by the church. Not just by Pastor Jones but with unexplained comments by George Andrews which implies that they were less than truthful. Even though these witnesses were closer to the facts, George arrogantly will give no explanations for his statements and will not face those people. George is a moral coward because he won’t face them with his innuendos. And John you may consider it “petty”, but then some of them were “targets” also, namely my family.

And there were some other comments Brother Andrews, the last time he contacted me was at work (where some of those people are that are witnesses) This is when my family was going through hell because of the actions of the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon Team. He told me not to talk about the people affected/harmed and then hung up the phone. He will not face me. Those people include my family, fellow Christians outside Faith AG and those non-Christians who have a bitter taste toward Jesus.. George brought dishonor upon himself and Faith Assembly of God. But more so he basically said those lost out of the Faith doesn’t matter. He is a moral coward. He extended his authority beyond the Biblical Office making himself “an authority to himself”. He over stepped it and cowardly interfered with my family mocking the Doctrine of High Priest of All Believers.

Those people are not “Petty” John. And the moral cowardliness displayed by George Andrews isn’t petty. What authority does he process that he can demand me not to talk and defend those people. It isn’t Biblical. It sure isn’t ethical. Most of those people to include the non-believers, have more personal integrity than George.

And he calls a place (my employment) where he knows that people came forward as witnesses of the depraved state of Cocurullo/Dixon. George showed contempt for those people. He called a place where I earn a living that he knew at that time they had little patience for Faith Assembly of God, full well knowing the sacrifices that were made and cost endured to keep me as an employee. They have seen me collapse with back spasms and were there when I was hospitalized a year and a half ago. No one from Faith AG was there when I was hospitalized and away from work for a month, but they were. And his antics that day he called could cost me my job as a member of Faith AG with them knowing the story and their sacrifice. And George knew that. George Andrews can’t face me. George Andrews is a moral coward. He won’t face me and the people he doesn’t think are important to explain what he said. He is a moral coward.

John, those people that George Andrews showed contempt for are important. God says so. Unless you want to say God is petty. But you have called them petty throughout your letter. And George no longer holds the qualifications of overseer. That is a fact. He serves a title and a pastor instead of Yeshua. He does it without regard to the scripture and the God who inspired it. He rather protect criminals and a title than serve as required by his office the God he says he serves. Cheap Grace meet George Andrews who has no use for the truth or the God he says he serves. I’m sorry to say this, but that ain’t Petty.

I am sad to say that George is another one that has displayed contempt for people’s family and tried to rule over them. He hasn’t read 1 Peter 5:3. There are other instances that I will cover in later Posts. John. He is a purveyor of Cheap Grace and would rather work like hell to impress man than please God by doing the right thing.. Ask him who is his Daddy is for me. And if he says Yahweh, George is a liar.

And no one, but no one has the right to tell me to break my word with my family. My family went through hell and was going through hell because of two criminals. And the same said criminals try to intimidate me with extortion using a vulnerable member of my family; someone who is loved by our family that two depraved individuals wanted to go after in order to intimidate me.  And George Andrews displayed his anger at me for informing my family in front of two Deacons? That is unthinkable. This is immoral. This is both personal and pharisaical sin.  And George is not man enough to account.

How far was he willing to go to cover-up. I think we know. And John, he has had plenty of time to recant or explain to me. He is a coward. Can you give me a Bible verse for this to justify a Christian to do that. George can’t. And you can’t. And that ain’t petty to God.

George was more concerned with “appearances” and pleasing EJ rather than pleasing God. Any Deacon or Pastor that thinks he or she has the right to interfere with one’s family to protect unrepentant criminals for EJ does not hold the qualifications for office. He does not have the moral center of Christ to even explain his actions and statements to me and my family. He is a moral coward. He is an idolater. And that ain’t petty.

To go to that extent to cover up criminal activity and the slander, stalking and extortion does not belong in leadership, does not belong in the congregation without “real” genuine repentance and has sunk below the standards of what we call “in the “world” . This is moral turpitude John. And it ain’t petty. When my family and friends heard that a church leader would interfere on warning them on the extortion using my sister, they were justifiably angry and called it what it is. Church Coruption. That is contempt for the “Priesthood of all Believers”.

I don’t like saying this. I love the Brother. But George Andrews has to resign and asked to leave until he repents to the people he has harmed. That is doctrine.

And if you think George Andrews shouldn’t answer for his words and actions John, well then, … you don’t know what it is to be a Christian … especially a leader in the church. There is no protection for sin for different groups in the Body of Christ. And if I didn’t warn folks of the mindset of the leaders toward people, I would be partly responsible for the next time it happens.

Well let’s break up the momentum here for a paragraph or two John and Examine what your “standard” is for being “petty”. I have to say that your standard seems rather high for the word “petty” Using your standard one would have to conclude that the people you defended (that can’t seem to defend themselves) in comparison what you have read cannot even reach your standard. Using your standard you have called Pastor Edward A. Jones ultra petty. You will have to call so-called Deacons Conti and Andrews the same. You definitely have to call the Cocurullo / Ramsey-Dixon Team ultra petty, you know: the two unrepented criminal trespassers, uncontrolled violence, dishonoring Peace Officer, who are historic documented serial liars, slanderers, extortioner who go after the weak and innocent. By your standards the board would not reach above the line you created by inference standards of being really petty.

I mean John, did you contact the Board of Faith Assembly of God for exiling me for a “sin” they can’t put down in writing and those who charged me with that sin. Did you contact them and stick your boney finger in their chest and charge them with the ultimate of super “pettiness”; according to your apparent standard and definition of “Petty”?

I’m sorry John, I just had to challenge your logical fallacy.

Let’s continue with your “petty” charge John by talking about being exiled. Not just the involuntary ones like me who Pastor Jones couldn’t follow scripture or the Bylaws to “legally” remove my name from membership. Let us talk about the exiles as a group. Do you really believe they left without regrets? Do you really believe they were not torn about the relations with friends they left behind? Many of them were as good or better as leaders than is in right now. I challenge any board member to say differently. There were also slandered that followed some of them to where they ended up. Some even left because of slander, they were marginalized, unbiblically asked to leave.  Just because they didn’t fit the mold and/or had voiced respectfully their concerns. And please don’t use the “false” unity argument. There is NO excuse.

Those are people you need in the church, who had passion for God and the church! But because self appointed royalty wanted a unbiblical “unity” based on men’s vision rather than Biblical unity in Christ. They weren’t garbage that stunk up the place, but they were treated as such. Those brothers and sisters didn’t want to leave their friends and start over again. It is not petty brother. Were they proper sacrifices to the “Druckerite God” of the “Seeker Friendly Movement” where we divide the flock by “spiritual Status”? Can we say Cheap Grace? Can we say expediency over righteousness?

This is epidemic throughout the visible church and it is all because a disregard for God’s Word by institutional leaders rather than servant leaders. It is cheap grace. And the sheep are battered and made sacrificial lambs on a cult alter of a modern Baal. Tell me John, how it feels to see better people than you or I leave Faith Assembly of God because of the evil within?

I could go on and on what isn’t petty for God John.

If you think that loss of fellowship being unrighteousness is petty John, you should study the phenomenon and see how it affects people. And mine started with an ungodly “Gag Order” that was selective and the motives for it went beyond any reasonable doubt that it was designed to protect sin that people with titles of overseer dishonored God with.  And I shouldn’t have to add this but it was done in full knowledge that this cripple needed companionship and help of the brethren.

Like I wrote, I do now understand what a disfellowshipped Jehovah Witness goes through. It ain’t petty John. It is most disturbing you use that term. I refer to the statistics in the opening letter to Ernie Martone in our response to his ( and EJ’s) “Formal Exile Letter”. You should have studied the effects before you wrote your comments. Your callousness is unfortunately a reflection of a reprobate self-deceived mind which all too prevalent. I should just do a post about that. It is not petty brother.

Study the subject for a year and then talk to me with your boney finger in my chest. There are some places to start in my blog. Study the victims in the Mars Hill Church and the FBC in Indiana for examples. You don’t even have to go to the JW’s or the Mormons. You don’t even have to look what happens in the Roman Catholic Church. The whole range of abuse exists in the Evangelical wing of the Protestant Church. We only have to look at Hillsong and Brian Houston’s part. His father’s pedophilia was tip of the ice berg. The victims were blamed by Houston The secular media in Australia has a higher sense of morality and discernment than the visible church. This should sadden all of us and bring church leadership everywhere in the Evangelical movement to reexamine new “movements” and the destruction it is doing to God’s children. The leadership at Faith Assembly of God has to do the same.

The leaders who instituted a sadistic Gag Order do not hold the qualifications of the overseer. And yes that means Pastor Linda Schreck, but ultimately it means EJ. If it was defendable it would be done so by now. The ones who see it and said nothing are just as culpable. They know it is wrong but their pride has a hold over them and they will not repent.  Some example for the sheep, huh  John. EJ sort of teaches the opposite from the pulpit, huh John. Wouldn’t you say John the “world” has a higher standard of behavior and compassion than Pastor Edward A Jones, Pastrix Schreck who instituted it and Deacon Andrews who knew it was corrupt and sat on his Blessed Assurance?

None of them can defend it. No explanation. It is arrogance. It is unrepentant sin. Any leader that implements that on a cripple to isolate them from the flock does not hold the qualifications of the Office of Overseer. And anyone that knew and didn’t try to stop it the same goes. And for you John, you have no business in ministry if you stand for that corruption. And that sir is not Petty. That sir is in God’s Word.

Any let us be clear and go one step further, any leader that puts a sadistic Gag Order on a victim whether he or she is crippled has a cruel streak. The fact that the violence of Cocurullo/Dixon has had lasting physical affects is just an element my case that brought the activity of leadership and the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon Team to amplify and make the acts (sin) even more cruel.

This is Pharisaical sin as well as personal. And cheap grace would be not exposing this unrepentant sin.  It needs to be exposed or it will happen again. There has to be reform or it may be too late as God will harden hearts. People lives matter John. And their families matter. And their employment matters. And that is why scripture tells us too. It is not petty to Yahweh John.

How far is one willing to go to protect criminal and violence? Key issue for my (our) church, and yes John, Faith Assembly of God is still my church as I am in illegal exile.

And sir this is just the tip of the ice berg to the corruption of my church.

Mark it my friend. Those with counterfeit authority always abuse people. And they will abuse those who are least able to defend themselves.

John MacArthur

(Back to John Morabito)

And John, I say this noting that Faith Assembly is not alone in this. It is now an institutional part of the American Church. If we don’t deal with it, it will get worse.

John, you addressed not one issue that was written about. NOT ONE! But if there was an issue you should have, it would be how the Church justifies itself by exiling me (or others). John, God’s Holy Word was ignored. The Assembly of God’s Fundamental truths were ignored. The Constitution and By Laws of Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY was ignored. They were subordinated to the pride of men for the sake of expediency.

That is not petty John. That tells the members of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY that the will of man is so arrogant that what is stated by leadership in public and God’s word can be thrown out the window to protect the pride and sin for expediency to avoid controversy that EJ has helped grow. In other words it is a glaring form of “policy” which states that no one’s membership means anything. It states that the doctrine of the “Priesthood of the Believer” means nothing.

That ain’t petty John. If you say that is not worth fighting for, well you fill in the blank.

In the “world”, If membership means nothing here, than Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie NY has indeed participated in “False Advertizing” as a Biblical Protestant Church. The Elks and the Moose Lodge treat their ByLaws with more respect than Pastor Edward A. Jones treats his core documents for the Church. Pastor Jones has shown the world that the church (organization) holds itself to lower standards than the world while professing just the opposite.

John, I didn’t show contempt for our core documents, but Pastor Jones has. It tells the world that “the church” (Organization) believes it can break the law with impunity and arrogance. And John, that is a message that is sounded much too much today in the visible church. It is breaking of a contract that is supposed to be sewn together by God. That isn’t petty John.

When the church threw out its core documents which includes the Word of God it stated to the world it collected tithes and offerings under false pretenses from its membership. In other words John, it is called stealing. The church who forced people out without Biblical cause stole from their members using Yahweh as pretence. The church even collected donations for the building fund under false promises that they would be able to enjoy the fruits from our sacrifice. If our membership is treated with malice as to be able to be cast us out without either the Biblical and/or Legal standards that the Church says it is willing to stand by; then John the Church organization engaged in theft.

It is also called false advertising when we say we are a Biblical Christian Church.

That is the fruit when the church organization via leadership when it denies “membership” and the “Doctrine of Priesthood of All Believers.” And that is what was done to me. It was done to others who were forced out. It is not petty John. Not according to Yahweh’s economy.

John, if you believe church membership is as “cheap” as it is demonstrated and you seemingly endorse, why don’t you walk down to EJ’s office and say “I quit” and keep walking without explanation. I mean you actually sinned with these false accusations that you wanted to be public. It should be no problem, right? Don’t say goodbye to your friends. Let the rumors fly too. This is just petty stuff, right John? This is a good demonstration on leadership on how they are willing to sacrifice, right John? But it shouldn’t be a sacrifice for you John; it is petty according to you. So do it.

You used the “Move On” cliché on me. Show me how it looks like as a leader. Or do you it only applies to the sheep. Remember the Christian model for leadership is “by example”, not by “heavy shepherding” as it is demonstrated by Edward Jones and Ezekiel 34.

You complaint of “PETTY” demonstrates how little value you (and leadership) have of the “membership” of the sheep. It should have a chilling effect. It is a statement that “formalizes” your low value of people, membership, and victims of violence who are not of the “inner circle” at Faith Assembly of God to an actual status lower than to what the “world” values.

What you call “Petty”, Yahweh takes seriously.

Matthew 9:36 Seeing the people, He (Jesus) felt compassion for them, because they were distressed and dispirited like sheep without a shepherd. (NASB)


———————– End First Installment of out Response back to John ———————-

Well this concludes our first installment of our Response back to John Morabito, a leader at Faith Assembly of God for his letter to us.

We do realize this may be hard to digest for some.

In a about a week or so we will publish the final parts of our response back to John in “Part Two of Our Response to a Faith Assembly of God Leader in Poughkeepsie: John Morabito”

  • John Ms Attack Point Number 6We examine his use of “Move On” and committing “Blasphemy” using the Lord’s name in conjunction with it.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 7 John expressed doubt I was “called” to write this blog and I gently remind him that scripture calls us all that hold the office of “High Priest of all believers” (which is all) to do so and how.
  • John Ms Attack Point Number 8John says he doesn’t see any “good” in this. We try to help take his Blinders ” off, express that this serves as a Standing Indictment and emphasize a walk with Christ is a Penitent Faith
  • Conclusion and Final Remarks of our response – not really a summary. We reemphasize a point or two. It also includes an Administrative Section which redirects any direct response to Pastor Jones.

That is the end of our response back and it will be followed by a brief commentary.

Thank you and may God give us all eyes to see.