Open Letter To the Board of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY – Gag Orders for Victims and Exile for Truth Tellers protecting their Family

Faith Assembly of God / Spackenkill Campus - Where have we gone wrong?

Faith Assembly of God / Spackenkill Campus – Where have we gone wrong?

Greetings Brothers and Sisters of the Board,

I include past members in this greeting who were present during the unorthodox meetings which my name was used without the consulting of Matthew 18:15-17; Meetings where privileged information was leaked outside the walls of Faith Assembly of God but no help for a cripple.

It has been a long hard winter. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit has influenced you to grow as leaders and Children of God in reverse order during our traditional 40 day period of fasting and prayer at Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY.

Here is the long awaited 29 plus points letter as discussed I previous posts. As you will read it, you will find actions of certain leaders are based on an unscriptural, unstated motives of badly formed doctrinal policies and principles. As you read I emphasize certain things which seem to have been very far from helping the victims of Criminal Acts. Health and physical issues, Family and the Truth was little concern to theses two staff pastors.

Family, friends involved and advisors in the ministry all noted this was highly questionable (dubious is a good word) and lacked integrity. I couldn’t find one reference how their behavior had anything to do with doctrine as it was presented to us.  We found their agenda less than godly. Intimate friends of my family who observed the affects of me being crippled and the gag order, the assault of my family were outraged. One of my advisors in the ministry who had experience in these things called it abominable but predictable. That advisor has much experience in this area of spiritual abuse and personally knows the personal destruction and havoc the innocent suffer.

There was debate among my family, outside friends that were affected by the criminal activities of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team on how this recent encroachment in our lives on how we should react. But one thing was unanimous; that we would not be blind sighted and sucker punched as before by people of “trust”.

Note aside: The Cocurullo-Dixon Team has never to this date removed their threats. Keep this in mind as you read this.

I apologize for the writing style throughout. You see I was not in great physical shape to be sitting down in front of a keyboard. As the two pastors were informed, I was in great pain and couldn’t sit down for more than 20 minutes at a time. It is indeed a fact that in about a month after writing this I was hospitalized and out of work for about a month. (With no support or prayer from my church, Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY.) In the event of writing in 20 minute time spans we loose continuity or flow of the writing. So bear with the style.

The letter is called: Request to meet with a 15 member Board of Elders/Deacons without a clear cut agenda, reason and me having access to information that should have never been withheld about the depraved acts of Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon dated May 23rd, 2014. We will refer to it as the “29 plus points” letter. This is delivered as promised since you haven’t responded that you have seen the document.

The letter was distributed to the recipients as noted, CC to Pastor Edward Jones, and BCC to fellow complainants outside the church (My Family who does matter) as well as other affected creations of the Most High.

The letter starts off with a long introduction emphasizing our dismay and our suspicion then goes into the long 29 Points as a prerequisite for “any” meeting to regain trust first before any “late” discussions can take place. There are some minor changes as to typing errors and incomplete thoughts. You can get the original from the two staff Pastors or Pastor Edward Jones for comparison. RED TEXT was used for further comments, clarity and additions.

This is a long letter so make the time to get the impact. Again with other posts it is better understood with for knowledge of the previous 5 posts. It is sort of like of a crime scene. You get a picture the more you study it. Without further delay, here is the “29 plus Points” Letter.

START of May 23rd, 2014 Email to two Staff Pastors we will call the “29 plus points”

TO:                         Pastor Dave Bienemann, Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY

Pastor John Ogden, Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY

FROM:                   Sheep, Frank, Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY

SUBJECT:             Request to meet with a 15 member Board of Elders/Deacons without a clear cut agenda, reason and me having access to information that should have never been withheld about the depraved acts of Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon

REFERENCE:        Call at my work 4/23/14, Short 5 minute meeting after Business meeting 4/23/14 and Call at home 5/13/14

DATE:                    Friday, May 23rd, 2014

Dear Brother John and Brother Dave,

I haven’t got a chance to talk to my family and others directly connected by the transgressions of Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon and your request of a meeting with the Elder Board just to hear my story. Only had a chance to talk briefly about this meeting to my sister in Georgia. She is caught up with other issues right now and will get advice from her husband and Pastor on the matter. Same thing with my Brother in the Lord, Alan.

My other family has stuff going on also. One battered sister as mentioned is affected daily by what was done last spring and also the extortion used against me by using her by the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. We will try to get a family meeting to discuss this matter. It is very difficult.

What I have experienced should never have happened. This is spiritual abuse that covered all the classic symptoms: Isolation of the innocent, Secrecy, Protectionism, Classism, bad doctrine, no accountability, Authoritarianism. This on top of the violence and criminal acts of two self promoting self proclaimed unrepentant leaders, namely the Cocurullo-Dixon Team who has not only risked my job, put me in pain 24/7 as a part time cripple,  who hurt my family and I to the degree we may never recover in some areas. On top of that they heaped on top of evil more evil with slander, extortion using the most vulnerable, stalking and blatant attempt to defame character. The church not only enabled them, but as noted, the church leadership involved supported them.

If 10% of what I say is true on how I was abused, the church has serious problems. But I think you know it is ALL true. No more Secrecy. No more Isolation of the innocent No more protectionism. No more Classism. No more Authoritarianism. No one should go through this again. NO ONE!

Remember this is 13 months after the criminal and violent acts on April 7th, 2013. If proven Orthodox Biblical Doctrine was applied then, we would not be having any conversation and evil would not have flourished.

My sister in Georgia has a lot of questions though; especially why the church wants to know our story now, when they didn’t want to know 13 months ago. Brother Alan has similar questions. Why wasn’t there any compassion or help forthcoming to even help me do common tasks at home? Why wasn’t truth forthcoming? It was also met with suspicion as I have since we got wind of the leak from leadership about me outside the walls of Faith Assembly of God. Something you seem not to address in our telephone conversations. That goes directly to ministerial integrity.

Note aside: A “Leak” that was never reported (even from this letter) to the Board of Elders according to Deacon #4 (Armond Edwards) as we found out August 4th, 2014 is really disturbing to us all. One would have thought the Board should have been given this charge. One would have believed that men who carried the title of “Pastor” would have made since the charge of release of privileged information to the outside world is no small sin from either a Christian world view or a societal legal perspective. This goes to further the notion by expatriates of Faith Assembly of God and myself that there is indeed a culture within leadership of gossip and slander that protects the upper tiers unrightously. Pastors Bienermann and Ogden had a moral duty to do so. They didn’t. This is the proverbial smoking gun. But you will see more.

And yes this charge has been documented with evidence of the leak of privileged information. Yes evidence of the leak, not just the reporting of it to the deacons in April of 2014 and this letter of May 2014.

Your vague request to tell our story seems to be a vague ultimatum. You told me “this” is the “only way” to tell our story. Then when I ask what was the June 26th, 2013 meeting in Pastor’s office, you won’t tell me what “that” was. And how come “this” and “that” are different? Whatever “this” and “that” is. I can’t tell if it is an “Abbot and Costello” routine or a “secret” tribunal you want me to go in front of that you don’t want even me to know about.

I have asked simple questions like who is your authority in asking me to go to this tribunal. And I don’t get an answer. That in my book is very questionable. Smacks very much like unwarranted secrecy. And we have had too much of that. There seems to be NO accountability for leadership. Not Biblical.

Your request is odd and we have to examine your motivations. The story was told and ignored. Proof and witnesses offered then ignored or insulted. It seems the church again wants to add burdens to this cripple instead of sharing burdens. Not one leader who knew visited me when I couldn’t even do basic housework. Yet leadership is very expedient when they believe I will tell publically the truth about the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. They surely didn’t react to the slander or the board leaks about me in an expedient manner. How long? 13 months. There certainly wasn’t no expediency when I needed help desperately. A very vague agenda has been given us.

With regard to the meetings on June 26th, 2013 and December 26th, 2013 there are too many questions that deal directly with the ethics of those meetings. As noted there was no transparency for the victims. Information morally and ethically due to us was not forthcoming. It led to more sin against us. We have the distinct impression that truth was suppressed while lies were allowed to flourish. Jeremiah 23-14 comes to mind where the prophet was told by Yahweh that concealing falsehoods strengthens evil doers. It is called enabling. We were left out of the decision making as well.

When violence and criminal acts are dealt with, the targets/affected people/victims should have been treated with transparency. Information should have been forth coming – not withheld. Let me repeat that. Information should have been forth coming – not withheld. The suppression of truth is a sin. There will be no repeat of this. We will not be unethically blind sighted again.

I have been forthcoming. And since my questions have been totally ignored and information has been unethically withheld. It is time for the church to do what is right. Point of Fact: You and the board have been given the story with outside testimonies, offerings of interview and statements from family that have been ignored. Point of fact: The last half of the February 15th, 2014 email gives my story pretty clearly. My story expressed by words will take 4 hours easy without interruption. That February 15th, 2013 email/letter was written in mind so we wouldn’t have to go through this torment again as a result of the December 26th, 2013 meeting. It has the story. If there was a problem, certainly the leaders present would correct it with me in align with Matthew 18:17 by now? Unless there was “something” missing or wrong with what I wrote; those three deacons “morally” should have corrected it by now.

We also know that those three deacons “morally” should have “written” answers to my questions by now in that same letter.

So let’s get to square one. Before you can ask me to attend any meeting; Biblical leadership has to set up the conditions so that “whoever” you have been given the authority to ask, has the moral authority to ask.

Before we consider “a” request for a meeting, we insist that we have conditions with transparency for us. We insist on the church be forthcoming and cooperative. We insist on conditions and information that was hidden be forthcoming. We insist on the questions of ethics be addressed completely, honestly and righteously. I figure there will be 3 or 4 phases. And will be done in consideration of our time, my health and people affected by this.

This will be Phase 1. We have questions. We see unethical conditions that have to be changed for you to approach us to consider your request seriously. These conditions should be changed/addressed regardless if there is a meeting or not. It is the righteous thing to do. It is your reasonable service.  It is the Godly thing to do. This will go a long way to establish trust. When these conditions are met, mostly in writing unless otherwise noted. We can go to Phase II.


    1. 1. What is the Assembly of God’s policy of treating victims of violence and criminal acts by fellow congregants?
    2. 2. On day 2, April 8th, 2013, was it proper for the church to step in and try to obviate the Law and help Carrie Cocurullo to circumvent the Law and attempt to deny me medical help?
      1. Staff Pastor Schreck knew of the alleged criminal acts and violence on Day 2. Why was she so anxious on taking the sides of the Cocurullo-Dixon side? Isn’t it proper for mediators in these circumstances is get the “full” story first from the assailed, rather than the assailants of criminal acts and violence? Most trained counselors know that it is important to get the story from the victim first in order to set the agenda of their needs and realize the victim may be in shock with plenty of follow ups, why wasn’t this basic mediator’s tool used?
      2. Is it proper for a mediator not to define veiled threats to the victim that obviate the law? This goes beyond any pastoral confidentiality, especially as acting as a mediator. What is the Assembly of God’s position on this matter? Especially to an injured man who is now at risk of losing his employment and cannot fulfill planned commitments to his family. Since the complaint was legal in nature, It was the first threat from the Cocurullo-Dixon Team that went against 1 Corinthians chapter 6 (the first out of 3 such threats to the victims). I went to a lawyer under advisement due to the veiled threats. Remember I was injured, worried about my family and job, in severe Pain, sleep deprivation and the prevailing attitude seemed to be after Day 2 was protect the criminals and burden the victims.
      3. Besides God’s moral law: man’s law was violated, Linda Schreck was advised of the following. Why was it being pushed under the carpet? What is the position of the Assembly of God National Office?
        1. NY State Law Article 22  S 600. Leaving  scene  of  an  incident without reporting (known as the “Hit and Run Law”)
        2. NY State Law Article 22  S 605. Report required upon accident
        3. Class A Misdemeanor Criminal Trespass in the Second Degree under NY Penal Law 140.15
        4. And the above made more serious because of Constance Ramsey-Dixon’s status as of a “Peace Officer” brings these allegation to a much higher standard. It starts with breach of Public Trust, failure to assist the victim, and according to Caridad (Carrie) Cocurullo; Constance Ramsey-Dixon is willing to commit perjury to cover up the incident. That is called Moral Turpitude.
        5. Note aside: I never threatened criminal prosecution. Cocurullo was the one who jumped on it as if I was. Her own paranoia ruled the day
    3. 3. On day 3, April 9th, 2013, Linda Schreck called me at work and put me on a “Gag Order”. Why was a “Gag / Isolation Order” put on an injured innocent victim of violence criminal acts who’s job was put at risk (and still is), who’s family needed him at a critical time and needed to ask for help from the brethren. Where did this policy come from? Who is taking responsibility for this? Isn’t this reminiscent of disfellowship, immoral tools of which Jehovah Witnesses and Mormons use against the innocent? Even without the injury, fear of loss of employment and not being able to help my family isn’t this gross sin against the sheep?
    4. 4. Most organizations do just the opposite with targets/victims of violence and criminal acts, they make sure people are around them, not isolate them. Why isn’t Faith Assembly of God’s policy reflective of this? It is more important to take care of the victims or to protect the criminals and their sin from embarrassment. What is the position of the Assembly of God National Office? Wasn’t the Gag Order Sin? And isn’t this unrepentant sin? To this date, none of this was explained to us!
    5. 5. I needed help desperately and was denied to ask for it from the congregation because of the Gag Order to protect the criminals. Is this godly?  When you deny someone’s ability to ask for help as the church did, doesn’t it have the ethical responsibility to provide it? That same Gag/Isolation Order denied me public prayer? It seems instead of an injured innocent man by two criminals in desperate need of help being helped, my burdens were increased.  The word of God surely states a righteous brother or sister in the Lord is to share the burdens not add to them. About 8 areas of my life were dramatically affected. I was being treated like a second class citizen in the Kingdom.
      1. One would of thought if I could not ask for help from the brethren, than leadership would have had the moral responsibility to provide for that void to be filled in the form of practical help.
      2. Even Public prayer was dead for the victims of criminal acts to protect the criminals from embarrassment.
      3. Little human contact socially except at work for the most part because of the injury and the gag order. Remember all I knew for the last 10 years in a “so-called” Biblical Church was church on my free time in the area. I worked 40 miles away. The ministries I was apart of didn’t need a cripple. Pain and physical limits kept me away.
      4. Etc…
    6. 6. Are not most programs dealing criminal acts and violence supposed to be handled with transparency for the victim, especially if the results of the violence have left the victim with challenges beyond normal? Why does Faith Assembly of God’s policy differ? What is the policy of the National Assembly of God Organization in Springfield, MO?
    7. 7. There can be no meeting with the board without a handling of the leaks from the board. Two have been talked about. One where the leak is known and was used ultimately used to attempt strife between myself and Deacon Edwards. The other I heard against me outside the walls of Faith Assembly of God that stated that the board wanted me to go. An innocent man that was a victim of criminal acts and violence at my own home and later stalking, serial lying, threats, extortion and a direct attempt of character assassination with a staff pastor being used. The rumor from leadership “is that I was going to be asked to leave”. One cannot morally ask me to appear before a 15 man panel without a clear agenda and without it being shown to my comfort/satisfaction that the situation has been rectified. My family and I have been dragged through the mud so that two unrepentant criminals and their sin is protected.

      Pastor, Doctor, Reverend, brother, Spiritual Daddy of unrepentant criminals, and self proclaimed King Edward A. Jones

      Pastor Edward Jones – Just what is his position on the leaking of Privileged Information from his Secret Tribunals?

    8. 8. Since my name has been established that I have been a topic at board meetings, I would like a clear, concise and complete summary of what was said at those meetings. This in the name of transparency which is dictated by common decency. If my name was used outside of Faith Assembly of God leadership. it is only proper. NOTE: This is not National Security. It may be embarrassing for the board, but it is not National Security. Since I was the one targeted and the Board cannot produce a confessing sinner, the only thing ethical left is to independently come forward and tell me what was discussed so my family and I have an idea what privileged information was disseminated. The same concept/principle is involved when slander is the sin in Church Discipline cases. It is called “Reasonable Accountability” and tells the targets/victims what they are possibly going to have to encounter. And since privileged information made it out of church walls, it brings it to a higher level.
    9. 9. I know of two leaks on two members (one being myself) being discussed being a lowly sheep within a twelve month period. George Andrews has stated that leaks from the board has been a problem. In other words it is institutionalized slander and gossip as noted in previous posts. Obviously the leaks from the board are a systemic problem. These are acts of dishonor against Yeshua first, the congregation who places their trust in the board second, the individuals who are victims of the leaks third and the board last. Ethically and morally they should not be dealing with the lives of people behind closed doors until they correct this problem and repent. It is evil to ask anyone to go before the board without this sin being addressed. It is evil for any church leader to turn a blind eye to this. No congregant should go before the board or be discussed before the board until the leak has been repaired. This is sin against the congregation as a whole. And since this letter has been written, that this complaint about the leaks of privileged information to 2 staff Pastors and a previous letter which was sent a month prior to 3 Deacons (Conti, Leman and Andrews) were NOT reported to the Board as of two months later as also noted in previous months according to Deacon Edwards (infamous Deacon #4). This has been discussed in Part 1 and 2 of the posts called “answering inquiries”; this subject should be addressed immediately with outside monitoring. In other words a presbyter from outside the district needs to be involved.
    10. 10. It is also a matter of Ethics, that even if this Leak issue is resolved that Deacon George Andrews and Deacon Terry Padillo Conti be not present for any discussion involving myself, Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon at any board meeting or separately to any member of that board. Information was intentionally withheld from the vivtims and with no Biblical explanation to the targets of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team’s sin was withheld from the victims. This appears to be protectionism. Both have made unbiblical “excuses” for them without addressing the specifics. And also for as noted below. And that because Carrie Cocurullo is Pastor Ed Jones “spiritual daughter” should not have direct input or direct any board meeting.
      1. A Presbyter outside the sub-district needs to investigate this fuly.
      2. The Board needs to confess the moral compromise as it now stands. This has gone on long enough.
    11. 11. You (Pastors Bienemann and Ogden) stated that this is the “only way” to state my case is to go through a 15 man panel a whole year plus after the criminal activity took place. If that is so, what was that “Meeting in Pastor’s Office on June 26th 2013”? This has to be answered in writing!
    12. 12. There are other questions I have about that “Meeting in Pastor’s Office on June 26th 2013” and this should be answered in writing. Most church discipline cases dealing with violence and criminal acts that has left the victims disabled and their lives in turmoil are supposed to be handled with all transparency and expediency so to help heal and get their lives together. Why wasn’t this basic principle observed?
    1. Why was Pastor’s Spiritual Daughter given a special dispensation and given testimony separately without challenge allowed earlier that day? And why wasn’t I was made aware of this before that meeting prior to that day (or meeting)?
    2. Why was Constance Ramsey-Dixon was also given special dispensation and why wasn’t the stated “offended” my sister (#3 Name withheld) and I made aware of this and allowed input before a decision was made? I was told that we would be dealing with that later, was my sister (#3 Name withheld) and I told the truth? NOTE: I was told that Constance Ramsey-Dixon and her part in this heap of sin were to be handled later. No explanation was ever given to us why and what that meant. It appears that Pastor Jones gave her some unbiblical dispensation and wasn’t even going to tell us it was a special dispensation, let alone why. In otherwords we, my family and I, were lied to.
    3. I walked into the meeting with 95% of what I was going to say documented to Pastor Jones, Linda Schreck, George Andrews and the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. The Dixon-Cocurullo Team provided nothing in advance that countered what I said. They should have if they were repentant as Pastor Jones claimed. Why didn’t Pastor Jones insist on it? Again why weren’t the principles in dealing with victims of violence and criminal acts observed as well as common decency we should have toward one another as believers? An act of “surprise” information goes contrary to good counseling because it sets up an advisary situation, tells the victim that his and/or her is less valuble in the eyes of the counselor. This also casts suspicion in the eyes of the victims that truth is not forthcoming and tells them blatantly that the Cocurullo-Dixon team had no intention to repent and the words of contrition relayed were just that; merely words to satisfy the ears of authority and not the children of God who were victims, which is obvious today to us.
    4. Why did Pastor refuse to review the physical evidence (recordings) and interview my neighbors who graciously volunteered? (And take what Cocurullo stated is his private meeting with her to be gospel without challenge from multiple sources.)
    5. Why did Pastor Jones refuse to handle the prospect of slander at that time? Most church leadership knows the danger of slander and recognizes the fact that it should be handled immediately. Especially in the case of violence and criminal acts. He said he was going to handle it soon. He never did. Why didn’t Pastor? Isn’t this called heaping sin on top of sin? Remember, slander and gossip is the sin that renews itself every morning without it being corrected. Again, where is the concept of “Reasonable Accountability”? Especially with the fore knowledge of Pastor Jones had with Caridad Cocurullo history of like slander and defamation. Being that he was her “spiritual daughter” it is hard to believe that he did not have any idea of the Cocurullo – Dixon Team’s proclivity in this area of sin. Pastor Jones has a long history with Cocurullo and it is highly unlikely that he doesn’t know Cocurullo’s proclivity for serial lying and personal attacks. (Want a list?) This isn’t a matter of personal discernment of personalities, but of basic Biblical fairness and compassion for the harmed. Man’s creativity over sound Biblical practices ruled the day.
    6. Why did it even take 3 months to even see the Pastor at this point? Why did it seem that the two criminals have better access to staff than the victims? There are other questions I have about that “Meeting in Pastor’s Office on June 26th 2013” and this should be answered in writing. Most church discipline cases dealing with violence and criminal acts that has left the victims disabled and their lives in turmoil are supposed to be handled with all transparency and expediency so to help heal and get their lives together. Why wasn’t this basic principle observed?
  1. 13. Pastor Jones was offered testimony from my neighbors (as noted above), review texts just prior to incident and recording of the criminal trespassing, and Carrie Cocurullo’s anger tantrum that left me with a twisted back. Why did Pastor Jones decline? This refusal upset my neighbors. How do I explain that to the “world”? It is as if Pastor Jones didn’t want to know his “Spiritual Daughter Carrie Cocurullo” was a serial liar and had no contrition for the acts of Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Carrie Cocurullo. I am requesting an explanation and an apology to my neighbors? Isn’t it the Christian thing to do.
  2. 14. During this process my sister (#3 Name withheld) was included as the offended because of the affects of this to my family and the church ignored as well as the plight of what my family went through because I was not there because of injury and refusal of church to let me ask for help (Gag Order). I believe an explanation is warranted as well as leadership to ask for forgiveness in writing. My sister IS a born again, blood bought Christian. NOTE ASIDE: My sister is also a witness to a bizarre incident that happened prior to the April 7th 2013 incident this where Carrie Cocurullo used her own daughter to hide Carrie’s own sins.
  3. 15. Another person that was disrespected was my Brother in the Lord, Alan (Last Name withheld), who sat with me and listened which no member of my church could or would do over my plight. He was ignored as he stood beside me. NOTE ASIDE: In cases of criminal acts (and violence) and dealing with multiple congregants sins against a single congregant it is not just recommended, but encouraged for the offended to seek council with someone to stand alongside the victim by most responsible churches. In my case I couldn’t recruit anyone from within the Congregation because of an ungodly gag order. Brother Alan know my heart and is well respected from within his congregation. And yes, I did my homework. Add to the conditions I was in pain 24/7 from the hit and run.
  4. 16. I understood from Carrie Cocurullo in her own unique way on July 15th, 2013 (the first time we spoke since the hit and run/criminal trespassing event) and it was suppose to be about getting my property. This is documented (recorded). Stated that Pastor Edward Jones, Linda Schreck and George Andrews acted inappropriately by stating that disparaging remarks were made because I included these individuals in correspondence prior and at the time sto what I was led to believe a church discipline on June 26th, 2013 (modified as it was). Brother Alan (Last name withheld) is a witness to my character and knows me better than anyone at Faith Assembly of God. My sister was a witness to Carrie Cocurullo’s Character and part of the offended because her actions caused a hardship that my family still hasn’t recover from because I couldn’t perform my planned duty to my family as a result of Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey Dixon’s criminal, violent and reckless acts. My question to Pastor Jones, Linda Schreck and George Andrews is did anyone of you lodge these inappropriate remarks to Carrie Cocurullo instead of me as Biblical principles dictate? Accusations should have been leveled at me directly instead of to Cocurullo as she stated. I would like to see either an explanation and/or apology in writing if this did happen? I would like to see a written statement that Caridad Cocurullo lied about this if it didn’t happen. This is simple enough.
  5. 17. On Friday, July 19th, 2013 I texted Linda Schreck and George Andrews about the blackmail during an stalking event by Carrie Cocurullo that morning while I was traveling to a meeting where I was to speak. The extortion involved among several things from using a battered woman (my sister) who was under tremendous stress to stating that Constance Ramsey-Dixon would lie for her because the events she described about April 7th, 2013 on July 15th, 2013 did not coincide to what was recorded on April 7th, 2013. Carrie Cocurullo was in fear of me exposing the truth. So she used extortion using the most vulnerable member of my family.
    1. NOTE: This extortion/stalking event was less than a month after the “modified Church Discipline” meeting on June 26th, 2013 where Pastor Jones thought Carrie was contrite and I wasn’t allowed to question that. Most Churches would have declared that the sister was obviously not contrite and moved into the phase of reading the charges in front of the congregation.
    2. Did either George Andrews and/or Linda Schreck go to Pastor Jones and state the obvious? I mean after the egregious acts on April 7th, that left me a part time cripple, wouldn’t that come to anyone’s mind to reconsider. I realize at this point everyone was tired of it, I can appreciate that. No more than my family and I. But this was another act of sin piled on top of the other. It targeted the person that was already harmed with the April 7th Criminal/Violent Act, with a deliberate sadistic act on targeting that same person who was the most vulnerable in our family. Does Pastor Jones actually believe the Cocurullo/Dixon Team was contrite using extortion to attempt silence my family and I 3 weeks later?
    3. Why wasn’t there any follow-up on the extortion/stalking? Did anyone think if Carrie did this after a criminal/Violent act the potential of not even recognizing that it was wrong give church leaders insight of the potential that she would do anything to protect her sin? Because that was what that stalking was about, especially when she found out 4 days earlier I had well documented and undisputable the criminal Acts of April 7th, 2014 by her and Constance Ramsey Dixon. And that on that day I ducmented with a recording how far shw would go with another recording. Another words on April 7th, 2013; I undesputibly documented that she was a violent criminal and on July 15th, 2013 I documented (legally recorded) that Carrie Cocurullo was a serial Liar. And she knew what I could do. So she panicked on the 19th and did her extortion/stalking thing. So why wasn’t there a follow-up especially since there was criminal allegations from day 1 and both George Andrews and Linda Schreck knew about it?
    4. NOTE: The particulars of the threats to include attacks on the most vulnerable of our family are no longer being discussed. We as a family have said enough about the nature of it to the church. We consider the Cocurullo-Dixon Team to be dangerous especially what was done to us by the Cocurullo-Dixon Team to that point without a so much of a show of humility from either of them. Also what was done after with the execution of her threats. It was easy for them to commit the crimes on April 7th, 2013 as it was for them to commit extortion on July 15th and 19th, 2013. And yes we believe believe that Constance Ramsey-Dixon will lie for Carrie Cocurullo as Carrie Cocurullo has stated (threatened), because Constance Dixon hasn’t even separated herself from Carrie Cocurullo since the October 19th, 2013 letter of rebuke or even clarify to the victims. Both of those letters by the way should have been answered if the two were truly repentant. As a result of this we see the threats of this team to be serious today with complete knowledge Carrie Cocurullo has done the same to others and has even used her own daughter as a tool for her agenda. One of those examples is also recorded. The same daughter I protected on April 7th, 2013. We also know from her long history it is just not the threats that are dangerous, but the willingness to create more threats to cover up her lies when conditions already dictate a severe depravity for truth and compassion for the harmed.What is Carrie Cocurullo’s “Status” in the church? Is she still considered a member? Is she considered “under church discipline process”?
    5. As noted in previous posts … this is not he said they said … it is sadly all too well documented.
  6. 18.  Is Carrie Cocurullo part of this process?
  7. 19. Has anyone been in contact since my reply to her and Constance Dixon via the recent email April 13th, 2014? That would include Terry Conti, Linda Schreck, George Andrews and/or Pastor Jones. Is she part of this process. If so, Is this going to be like a year ago with no transparency for the victims or as most church discipline states for criminal and violent acts it will be operated with transparency for the victims. Will the “back room” access be cut off for these Carrie Cocurullo this timeWhat is Constance Ramsey-Dixon’s “Status” in the church? Is she still considered a member? Is she considered “under church discipline process”?
  8. 20. Is Constance Ramsey-Dixon part of this process?
  9. 21.  Has anyone been in contact since my reply to her and Caridad Cocurullo via the recent email April 13th, 2014? That would include Terry Conti, Linda Schreck, George Andrews and/or Pastor Jones. Is she part of “this” process? If so, Is this going to be like a year ago with no transparency for the victims or as most church discipline states for criminal and violent acts it will be operated with transparency for the victims. Will the “back room” access be cut off for these Constance Ramsey-Dixon this time?
  10. 22. Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon uses the title “Minister” and is permitted within the assembly as well as publically. Where is she credentialed? Myself, my family and others would like to submit a complaint to have their credentials removed. Morally and ethically if those two are asked they have to provide that answer and the “reputable” credentialing authority requires them to be forthcoming with the answer. Pastor Jones, Linda Shreck, George Andrews, Terry Padillo Conti and/or any other leader which have the information is held to the same standards for suppression of a complaint in a reputable Christian Organization. I assume the Assembly of God does also take this position and regard any delay as suppression of a Complaint. Many reputable organizations look at a refusal, delay, and/or ignoring this question as equal to the complaint with allegations as serious as this which involves criminal acts, violence that led to injury, leaving the scene of violence without assisting as a public Peace Officer, serial lying, extortion,… in other words moral turpitude, the same charge is given to them as per Romans 1:32 as the appearance of collusion is now established. Please consider this an immediate, without delay point to be reckoned with. My family, others and I consider this as such. We consider their acts depraved, their demeanor dangerous to us and others in the future. This as a priority will go a long way in reestablishing trust.
  11. 23. Both Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon was sent and they received a letter of rebuke October 19th, 2013. They both refuse to address the rebuke as of this date.  It is within the parameters of reasonable expectations that both parties are guilty of what was written and should be held accountable by default. Three members of the board have received those same letters of rebuke and has knowledge of them.
    1. Be that as it may, if Carrie Cocurullo is involved in this, and/or has knowledge of this, she is morally, and ethically she should answer hers in writing to me. No more back room communications where I hear she said this. If she refuses it should be noted to me in writing and the board agrees to read the original charges in front of the congregation. Carrie will also answer to her third attack and threat on 1 Corinthians 6:1 at the time of Thanksgiving 2013. And also answer the new charges as you have read in the April 13th, 2014 letter that she dishonestly with information from the June 26th, 2013 meeting as well as the other moral questions in that letter. This will be done line by line if necessary. If she accomplishes this after a review with my family, she will submit to a face to face “recorded” interview for my family to listen to. Like I said after the threats on July 15th and 19th, It will be done this way. My family matters.
    2. Be that as it may, if Constance Ramsey-Dixon is involved in this, and/or has knowledge of this, she is morally, ethically she should answer hers in writing to me. Her silence has only added to her guilt so far and her behavior that day dishonored her position which is holds her to higher standards, betrayed the public trust and showed abuse of power as a “Peace Officer/Corrections Officer”. If she refuses it should be noted to me in writing and the board agrees to read the original charges in front of the congregation. Constance Ramsey-Dixon will also answer the new charges as you have read in the April 13th, 2014 email. This will be done line by line if necessary. If she accomplishes this after a review with my family, she will submit to a face to face “recorded” interview for my family to listen to. Constance Ramsey-Dixon’s husband, Gregory Dixon will be notified of the proceedings in accordance of God’s sacred institution of marriage about these proceedings immediately. He should be giving the opportunity to stand quietly by his wife. He should be notified immediately.
    3. The face to face meetings will be held separately.
    4. Until all phases of this is accomplished; No member of the Brand New Beginnings Ministry will be addressed as minister. They should be told it is not because of their behavior, but because the top leadership dedication to Biblical treatment of their victims has tarnished their organization. I am also requesting that a letter be sent with copy to me to the Dutchess County Corrections Department that the Brand New Beginnings Ministry has no affiliation with Faith Assembly of God and is not recognized as a valid Ministry until Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Carrie Cocurullo, the top two officers of that same said ministry addressed certain serious ethical charges to the complete satisfaction.
    5. If Constance Ramsey Dixon and/or Carrie Cocurullo doesn’t any longer have their copy of the rebuke I will gladly supply them a copy.
    6. Has anyone contacted Constance Ramsey-Dixon’s husband as noted in most discipline dealing with violence and Criminal acts or are you asking me to do that. Does anyone respect God’s order of things and show respect for the husband of Constance Ramsey-Dixon? Tell me if I am wrong, when the “offender” is married in the case of charges (especially serious charges) within the church, out of respect for the Holy institution of Marriage, the husband is notified and asked to be a productive member of the process. Tell me if I am wrong. It doesn’t matter whether the husband is of a different denomination or even a unbeliever; it is God’s institution. 
  12. 24. At the meeting of December 26th, 2013 with Deacons George Andrews, Terry Padillo Conti and Bill Leman, a meeting who’s agenda changed as soon as I sat down, with the constant change of directions I was not given an opportunity to answer all their questions and said I would do it as completely in writing. They accepted this. Note: I did not want to go through this, but I did. I offered all of them to come to me with questions individually at that time after that meeting for clarification besides the letter that was written. I opened myself to all inquiry and expected reciprocate with a response from those letters. Morally and Ethically both George Andrews and Terry Padillo Conti had the moral responsibility to either correct or agree with those letters. The second letter dealing with sensitive family information and they were told as such. The 26 page email dated February 16th, 2014 will stand as is. In accordance with Biblical principles, they as leaders are to correct privately first. As noted they will correct in writing for the accountability of the leaders are higher than the sheep. If they don’t, the board will agree to let it stand “AS IS” without correction or question from the Deacons it was written to as it is their reasonable service to do so. The board shall make this clear in writing prior to any meeting. NOTE: Bill Leman was brought into this without a basis of what happened, I give him credit.
  13. 25. If any of the deacons insist on a response it will be done within three weeks and sent to me with enough time to evaluate and make a case. But whoever objects shall do it in writing and be held similarly as I have been. Let us put a time limit of the next three weeks so my family and I can evaluate. Since this task was reasonable and not performed since this letter was sent May 2014, we consider that the church concedes of the validity of those letters and could not be countered by the three Deacons: Conti, Andrews and Leman.
  14. 26. Terry Padillo Conti is a material witness a before “the fact” and after “the fact” of the “alleged” violence and criminal acts (as well as idolatry) on April 7th, 2013. She had a moral obligation to share those facts with either me or the authorities once she knew of the accusation. There is no protection for her because of her position. But because of her leadership position she has a higher accountability. By the way, there is no authority within the church that morally to take that accountability away from Deacon Conti. She has a moral responsibility as a Christian. Being a leader does not absolve one in Christ for doing the right thing, it should in a Biblical Church hold one at a higher standard. Deacon Conti needs to repent and cooperate with the people who were hurt by these alleged criminals. As a friend she knew I was physically hurt and didn’t find out the time when she heard I was hurt to see if she could help.
    1. This is minimum an act of malfeasance if there was NO collaboration with others, maybe nonfeasance depending on her motives.
    2. But if Terry acted with collaboration with either the Cocurullo – Dixon Team or church leaders, this is collusion. Remember this is a decision she had to make alone as a Christian (or even a moral person of this “world”). But she is also in a position of trust in the trust. The collusion would be interpreted as moral turpitude because she takes on the characteristics of the seriousness of the criminal acts, violence and manipulation in not getting help for the victims.
    3. As noted in the email thread started April 13th, 2013 she withheld information that could of help eliminate Carrie Cocurullo’s serial Lying at the June 26th, 2013 meeting with Pastor Jones, Linda Schreck and George Andrews, but Terry Padillo choose to do the unrighteous thing and withheld information. She enabled Caridad’s future serial lying (recorded), stalking/extortion using/targeting the most vulnerable in my family( my sister, a battered woman) and the attempted defamation of Character on August 4th, 2013. She is an enabler “with knowledge” Caridad Cocurullo’s predisposition to slander. When someone refuses to share the truth in the manner of criminal acts and violence and enables him/her, that person plays a part in the next crime.
    4. Deacon Terry Padillo Conti has never gave me a reason, let alone a Biblical reason why she is not forthcoming with the truth. She knows I am a cripple a good part of the time, but never was forthcoming with the truth. She needs to repent. She needs to be forthcoming. She has played god. It appears she has gone from enabler as noted in the email chain started April 13th, 2014 to a supporter of wrong doing. Before that letter she was asked privately to come forward. Attempts Biblically to come forward were tried. No explanation. Has she declined both her responsibility to God as well as her civic duty?
    5. Deacon Terry Padillo Conti has shown complicity in wrong doing in another matter with Caridad Cocurullo that involves a leak from the board. Cocurullo twisted the leaked information from the board and used it to attempt to build strife between Deacon Armond Edwards and myself. Again Terry Padillo Conti needs to repent and separate herself from Caridad Cocurullo. There is an appearance of impropriety. While Deacon Conti wasn’t the one who twisted the information and use this privileged information for evil, Deacon Conti admits Cocurullo’s propensity to do that. She ultimately has to account for that defamation of Character and the people affected. In otherwords repent.
    6. This would be an addition to this May 2014 letter. As we found out in August 2014 by Deacon Armond Edwards (Deacon #4 in past posts), the day I was stopped from attending worship, that Terry Padillo Conti did not release to the board my formal complaint of Leaks of Privileged information from the Board that he received. (as well as two other Deacons Andrews and Leman). This is real sin. This is a culture of gossip and slander is real and being covered up by heaping more sin on the victims of criminal and violence.
  15. 27. George Andrews has similarly withheld information, but not directly as Deacon Terry Padillo Conti has because she had direct information before and after the criminal acts. Before I get going, let me say I love the brother. Some day he may be a good leader. But George compromised where Yeshua doesn’t want us. He kept information from me that he has no moral authority to do. He wanted me not to care about the people affected and just deal with the confined church organization world. Some of those who he wanted me not to care about was my family who will be affected by this negatively for years. Without going into it, what happened 13 months ago put one of my sisters in peril and this affects the whole family. It also put hardships where there shouldn’t have been because help was not forthcoming. It is hard to hold a family together with a keyboard when you are needed there as we planned. But George didn’t even visit me when I needed help as a cripple.
    1. George needs to answer my questions. He needs to be forthcoming with the truth. Again as stated, in cases where there is alleged criminal and acts of violence, he has a moral duty to be honest with me. There has been no Biblical principle stated to ignore “that” Biblical principle. He has covered up for Constance Ramsey-Dixon and purposefully of her status when he knew it. And it seems it is all right to deny victims public prayer to protect unrepentant criminals while the unrepentant criminals had full access to their family and secondary ministry prayer needs. I am sorry, but that is the impression.
    2. George needs to apologize to my family for public rebukes and remarks. Especially about me communicating warnings to my family about the escalation of threats, extortion, stalking and dangerous impulsive acts of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. The extortion hit the core of my family when the Cocurullo-Dixon Team went after the most vulnerable in our family. The public rebuke came over 6 months after the extortion in front of two Deacons (not one on one first as a Biblical Principle). I will not break my promises to people, especially people who have a direct interest for the sake of expediency that only serves the Church Organization and not on principles of Righteousness. It also gave the impression he had some moral authority to interfere with my family and I. Brother George apparently wanted me to break my promise to my family. The question is why? Does family matter or is it a show? No reasonable explanation has been given.
    3. There is an discrepancy on what happened on August 4th, 2013 as George suddenly turned and stated 5 months later and justified Carrrie Cocurullo’s attempt to defame my character where the evidence goes against his new found opinion. This is challenged in the February 15th Email with statements of two individuals. Deacon Andrews has to reconcile his sudden change and the difference of two individuals and questions I asked in that email. This has to be answered in detail. Brother George may not realize it, but he inadvertently called those two other gentlemen liars. To this date George Andrews has not given reasonable account/explanation for his comments.
    4. This would be an addition to this May 2014 letter. As we found out in August 2014 by Deacon Armond Edwards (Deacon #4 in past posts), the day I was stopped from attending worship, that George Andrews did not release to the board my formal complaint of Leaks of Privileged information from the Board that he received. (as well as two other Deacons Conti and Leman). This is real sin. This is a culture of gossip and slander is real and being covered up by heaping more sin on the victims of criminal and violence.
  16. 28, That Linda Schreck answer questions relating to what I have already wrote in this and another email dated in the beginning of December of 2013. I do not require any written answers from Linda. But I do know the basic ethics of counseling and even taught ethics in that area to leadership. In other words I require complete honesty in why things were handled in the way it was handled. You cannot have a repeat of the gag order to an injured man to protect two unrepentant criminals. It was sin. It still is, in other words unrepentant sin. There is so much to talk about. A lot of “whys” to be asked as you could guess. To understand more I challenge you to study the affects of Jehovah Witnesses who go through disfellowship. Linda Schreck was given the opportunity to review the evidence. She declined. Linda Schreck was given the opportunity to personally see the devastation my family was in. Linda Schreck declined with silence (July 2014).
  17. 29. Who has given you authority in this matter? (To Brother Dave and Brother John) I would like a letter/email from that individual. This question is still unanswered. In one way it may not add substance to what else is going on here. But this unanswered question does demonstrate to the point the level of unbiblical activity and how far one will go. Why isn’t this simple question unanswered. And where in the Bible gives either of these two staff pastors the ethical or moral authority as brothers in Christ not to answer this question. Someone should call for a presbyter outside the sub-district to investigate.
  18. 30.  etc…

This is a short list. It may be a good idea to start a spread sheet. As noted, I haven’t talked to all my family and the list may grow. This is just off the top of my head.

You may not like the emails and my insistence on answers in writing. I don’t like it either. The only reason this continues is for the following reasons.

  1. The church with it’s not being forthcoming, setting up a “gag” order and allowing itself to be used to help break the law from the beginning prevents accountability.
  2. It allows transparency for all the parties to include my family and others affected.
  3. Since this was not handled Biblically, the pure nature has added complexities, especially with the unorthodox manner to protect the alleged criminals during this process.
  4. Carrie Cocurullo of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team has a talent for lying and slander and has a great talent for it. If she herself did not provide me unintentionally with the documentation; namely a few written communications and Audio recordings from the incident and the week of July 15th, 2013 to prove the crime and prove her serial lying; I would be up the proverbial creek without a paddle. She lies better than most folk tell the truth. People who have listened to the July 15th 2013 week recordings have noted the great influx of emotion, boldness and ease as she lies. A consummate actress as noted. Written responses would be a record that can be reviewed. Constance Ramsey Dixon has the same problem. Her coldness that day and no offer to help is a clear mark of her character. As well as Carrie Cocurullo’s statement that Dixon would lie for her.

I have been wrong in what I wrote at times, but it also gave the opportunity for me to ask for forgiveness. And I did. Something I haven’t seen from leadership. I don’t know whether it is arrogance pride or what. And by the way, most of time that I have been wrong is because the information was not forthcoming as it should have been. Remember I am one of the victims and I am a sheep.

You came to me with authority, but you won’t be specific to me who gave you that authority. That is wrong that you won’t say who gave you the authority. If indeed you were given authority to come to me with this strange, vague, “only chance”, to appear in front of a 15 person elder panel for a reason that seems to be “secret” to tell my story, which was told; then Pastor John and Pastor Dave, you have been given the authority to correct what was done so you can approach me proper-like with a request. (This of course is hinged that you did indeed come with authority – that remains to be seen.) This is Phase 1.

If you don’t have the authority, than you have asked me in deception and I suggest you have Pastor Jones contact me. I am not a second class citizen of the Kingdom. Either is my sister who was with me in the original complaint. And my family does matter and will be given their due respect. There cannot be no more “secrecy” in protecting criminals like Dixon-Cocurullo that call themselves leaders. Leaders have ignored their civic responsibility as well as their godly duty.

I may be a sheep, I do know leadership gentlemen. I have taught it. Leadership is held to a higher standard. You correct leadership first. In Christianity, Leaders and professing leaders are accountable and position does not insulate you from accountability. Just the opposite. Their life is supposed to be more transparent than the sheep. They certainly are not supposed to hide information for unrepentant criminals and add more burdens to the victims. They lose their moral authority. You can’t teach purity, truth, love, and righteousness when you have lost your moral authority. You can’t expect the sheep to act better than their teachers.

In the US Army we call it “the fading diamond”. The most respected rank in the Army is not General or any officer. It is the First Sergeant. The insignia of his rank is three chevrons up, three chevrons down and a diamond in the middle. He is the senior Non Commissioned Officer in a Company level unit. He is addressed as “Top”. You see that diamond you give him respect no matter what unit he is from. But when he loses his integrity, the whole unit begins to crumble. Esprit de Corps goes out the window. The unit goes into disarray. “The Diamond fades” where you give superficial respect for the rank rather than the position of trust he is given. The diamond fades.

Church leadership has to rebuild trust. Many a good person has left Faith Assembly and not for superficial reasons. Beating the sheep won’t improve the situation. To expand on this idea they have experienced some of the same to exclude the violence and criminal acts I experienced. They were treated as second class citizens to protect “top tier” brothers and sisters. This again does not just against the individual. This is sin against their family. Familys that are no longer fellowshipping with people they have grown to love. They are asked to give up relationships they have built up. This is sin. All this is to protect unrepentant sin? Those Brothers and Sisters (and their families) who are expatriots of Faith Assembly of God are beautiful Children of the Most High.

As noted by the top authors in Spiritual Abuse, when Biblical doctrine is ignored and suffocated then abuse is bound to take a toll on innocent people’s lives. When Biblical and reasonable safeguards are thrown out with no recourse for victims, wolves flourish and sheep are slaughtered. Unbiblical Tier systems basically put different values on Christians depending on what tier one is at. This does several negative things besides offend Yahweh. It leads to man worship when people should be worshiping Yeshua. It also helps those with narcissist tendencies to gain power because accountability goes out the windows for those who attain certain levels. The phrase “Sufficiency of Scripture” becomes just that a phrase, not a true doctrine of the church organization. Is this prevalent in Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY. The evidence suggests so.

Question 22 regarding the Cocurullo-Dixon Team’s Credentials would be a good question to start with and  give us heart that what we see as a “Cover Up” will be acted on in a positive manner.

Ralph, a retired cop, an old curmudgeon of a Lutheran and long time family friend heard about this vague secret tribunal and he made a surprising statement that pretty well sums our suspicions so far: “Frank, it sounds like you are a sacrificial lamb on the alter again, I just can’t figure out what god you are being sacrificed to.” He put my own “religiousosity” on display. That ‘ol Lutheran humbled me and put me in my place. A good thing. The question for leadership is, is he right?

As far as Disclosure: Ralph and his wife, selected people in my family and those with close interests are in BCC.

Let me end where I started.

What I have experienced should never have happened. This is spiritual abuse that covered all the classic symptoms: Isolation of the innocent, Secrecy, Protectionism, Classism, bad doctrine, no accountability, Authoritarianism. This on top of the violence and criminal acts of two self promoting self proclaimed unrepentant leaders namely the Cocurullo-Dixon Team who has not only risked my job, put me in pain 24/7 as a part time cripple,  who hurt my family and i to some point we may never recover in some areas. On top of that they heaped on top of evil more evil with slander, extortion using the most vulnerable, stalking and blatant attempt to defame character. This is not exactly showing any repentance. The church not only enabled them, but as noted supported them.

If 10% of what I say is true on how I was abused, the church has serious problems. But I think you know it is ALL true. No more Secrecy. No more Isolation of the innocent No more protectionism. No more Classism. No more Authoritarianism. No one should go through this again. NO ONE!

I suggest you review all the documents sent carefully. It is only your reasonable service. If you don’t have the authority; tell me immediately please.




NOTE 1: Pastor Bienemann you used Hebrews 13:17 unrighteously. As noted exegesis interpreted it means that one is persuaded to comply. Commentary written about passage says that motivations to Biblical doctrine should always be examined. As noted in the preceding pages we see things like ungodly Gag Orders and ungodly secrecy exerted by leadership without shame one loses faith in leadership. Do you want me to go further? Most authors dealing with Spiritual Abuse says this is a favorite verse for abusers to use. NOTE: In W. E. Vines New Testament Greek Grammar and Dictionary 2012 Page 473: The Greek word for “Obey” in 13:17 is peitho . It means “to persuade to win over.”  It does NOT mean by “submission to authority”.

NOTE A on NOTE 1: It is sort of absurd to use this verse even if we are to take the “out of context” or Eisegesis Interpitation seriously. Just to “who” was I suppose to show “blind” obedience to? Someone  these two staff pastors are keeping the identy secret? Am I suppose to be obedient to a unidentifiable mystery? Remember, Brother Bienemann and Brother Ogden refused to state to me and my family who sent them. You have to laugh. I wonder if they caught it. They were so intent on on NOT answering my questions, they stretched to ask me to obey “nothing”. Something reminiscent of a Maxwell Smart Routine of Faith Assembly of God. This is sort of comical with the essence of tragedy. You can’t make up these things.

NOTE B on NOTE1: Here is a clip from our friend Dr. Kaifetz going over one of the most abused scripture in an classic authoritarian abusive church. Hebrew 13:17.

Note C on NOTE 1: One in leadership should study the latter half of the verse when they grieve the Holy Spirit and use this scripture for dubious purposes.

NOTE 2: Pastor Ogden, to your credit, you are the first leader to use the word “reconciliation”. That is one of the words as well as restoration, repentance, restitution that has been void on the tongues of leaders. It has been 13 months, the question is why? Again if the orthodox doctrine was observed, it would be a different story.

Isaiah 5:23 Woe to those who justify the wicked with a bribe and take away the righteousness of the ones who are right! (NASB)

moral turpitude n. gross violation of standards of moral conduct, vileness, such that an act involving moral turpitude was intentionally evil, making the act a crime. The existence of moral turpitude can bring a more severe criminal charge or penalty for a criminal defendant.

Nonfeasance:  Failure to perform an act that is either an official duty or a legal requirement.

Malfeasance:  wrongdoing or improper or dishonest conduct, especially by a person who holds public office or a position of trust.

Collusion:  secret agreement for a fraudulent purpose; connivance; conspiracy

Extort: to obtain from a person by force, threat, or intimidation.

 END of May 23rd, 2014 Email to two Staff Pastors we will call the “29 plus points”

Well Board, have I written anything wrong here? Have I lied? Where and who are my accusers and where and who are the accusers of people who came by my side?

Maybe the alternate title for Question 5 is

Maybe the alternate title for Question 5 is “Where are all my accusers?”

As you read this, I hope you see our frustration and that basic answers and information was kept from us. There is a deep ethical void here.

When I wrote this I wrote it the belief that very little would be done. I didn’t write this in delusion that all this sin would be addressed. Only Christ will do that as well as my own sins. That wasn’t the reason. It was to put the record on the table as a Christian I had the moral responsibility to do. To not say anything on Pharisaical sin within the church is a sin in itself. Jesus addresses this type of sin 13 times in the Gospel and we are commanded to deal with it in the epistles no less than 17 times. And Christian, it is your duty to do so also. As you saw Yeshua address it, he handled it publically rather than privately as with personal sin. Pharisaical sin is a lot more serious for many reasons than personal sin.

But I did expect the board to finally address a few of the immediate such as line 22 because of the seriousness of the charge and not only Cocurullo and Dixon’s credentials were at risk, but so would anyone of power who didn’t provide that information to the complainants not to mention possible civil repercussions (which was never my goal). I also expected the board to finally address the leaks from the board which brought dishonor to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the church organization and the board itself.

The “29 plus Point” Letter would be double the number right now since the revelation that the three Deacons: Conti, Andrews and Leman (and other leaders) on April 13th, 2014 and The three with the title of Pastor Bienemann, and Jones on May 26th, 2014 did not forward the serious complaint immoral release of privileged information to the public via leaks of this sheep to the rest of the board to handle immediately when I was stopped by Deacon Armond Edwards on August 3rd, 2014. The non-handling and non-repentance has great moral ethical, legal and spiritual ramifications. It is greater than the sin itself. Other churches and other institutions from the military, government, private business and other churches would be a heck of a lot more proactive because of the consequences that are implied.

The issue of the leaks (and the culture that takes it casualty) is most telling and most dangerous. Even Deacon Andrews stated so. It is a Pharisaical sin. And Pharisaical sin as handled by Jesus was not done privately (although that is where I stated.) The treatment of me since reporting is a testimony in itself on how far sin will pile up and the cost to the sheep who challenges it. Is the board not morally bound to call those who were involved in this culture of releasing privileged information on sheep. You know one leader that was and she hasn’t repented. Because repentance in this matter would mean resignation, making amends to the people involved and affected, and the congregation since she was in a high position of trust. This same leader was involved in moral turpitude by withholding information on two criminals by the name of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon from the victims of their violence and criminal activities. Nor did that Deacon lift one small finger to help a Brother in the Lord with a twisted spine who she called friend and she knew very well couldn’t ask for help because of Gag Order that prevented such.

Matthew 23:4 They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger. (NASB)

I guess a good way in the reprobate mind to handle Biblical challenges is to either put a Gag Order on a cripple and then exile him without the benefit of scripture or even a legal document called Constitution and By-Laws of Faith Assembly of God.

Note: The act of Exile as I experienced August 3rd, 2014 really ties the Boards hands legally according to the Constitution and By-Laws. Add the other issues and well… I rather not say.

Again, I recommend you call the State General Presbyter for an outside appraisal and submit to Discipline.

Let me say that again, I recommend you call the State General Presbyter/District Superintendent of the New York District for an outside appraisal and submit to Discipline.

I was listening to Pastor Jones on the Bridge Radio network within the last couple weeks (yes I still listen Brother Ed) and he was talking how unrepentant sin grows and grows. It is funny that is exactly what I was preaching in this blog and unpublished letters on this subject. Maybe just maybe, that sermon should be reviewed by the board.

Brothers and Sisters, the redemptive powers of the Cross should bring us all back to the Cross for repentance, reconciliation and restoration. Tears at the altar should bring action, if they don’t well then it is just an emotional experience. We are all sinners. This sheep knows that. In the first Chapter of the First Epistle of John it states if we think otherwise, then we call Yeshua a Liar. Do not put yourself in that position.

Again I submit for review the following link called Signs of Genuine Repentance.

signs of genuine repentance

This post will be a good jumping off platform to deal with discussing the issues in more detail that are outlined in this letter for all of us to grow. That includes the readers as well. If growth is not there, then scripture is wrong. I believe in the Holy Word. It is not wrong.

I leave you with the following quotes:

1 John 3:18 Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth.

“LOVE is a supreme ethic. TRUTH is a supreme point of judgment. And if you lose either of them; you lose God.” – Ravi Zacharias