Our Biblical Response to an Unbiblical Formal Exile Letter by the Board of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY

(which came after an 8 month unbiblical Informal Exile.)

Faith Assembly of God / Spackenkill Campus - Back View or Dark View. 99 sheep... 98 sheep... 97 sheep... 96 sheep... lost or exiled?

Faith Assembly of God / Spackenkill Campus – Back View or Dark View. 99 sheep… 98 sheep… 97 sheep… 96 sheep… lost or exiled?

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in the Faith,


This is part of a long saga of a two unrepentant criminals by the names of Constance Ramsey Dixon and Caridad (Carrie) Cocurullo who put my life, my family’s Life and close true friends lives into turmoil in an act of violence and subsequent, slander, stalking, and extortion. It is about select leadership protect unremorseful sin with extraordinary methods not supported by any decent Biblical protestant church. It’s about Gag Orders which prevent asking the Bretheren for help, isolation of the innocent from the body, simple  things like prayer. It is about the contempt of people outside the fellowship that came forth as witness. It is all about protecting the lead Pastor’s “spiritual daughter “ and her friend, two corrupt leader wanna bes for unrepentant sin. It is about throwing out common decency and compassion for the injured.

In short it is the continuing story of sin heaped on top of sin. It’s an example of what happened to others ant Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY, It is surely reflective to what is happening in many large evangelical churches. It is a study of what happens when Yeshua is not first and man is reflecting on himself/herself and forgets who loved them first. It is about losing fear of the Lord.

And make no mistake; there are other brothers and sisters of Faith Assembly of God who are now exiled to other churches. They have experienced some of the same tactics that you have read and will read in the future. And those brothers and sisters have families that were hurt too. These are precious men and woman that are children of the Most High. They are your brothers and sisters in the Lord and they should be precious to you.

Selah. Let that sink in. They are your brothers and sisters in the Lord and they should be precious to you.

They were cast out from amongst you for less than godly reasons. They love you.

Introduction to the post:

Note: 5/31/15 – Additional Commentary added on “the Importance of Bylaws” in this case at the end of Post. Scroll down to Blue Header of same title.

If you haven’t read the past posts. This will be a challenge. The last three will tell you a lot. I reference some posts as we go along in my reply to Deacon Ernie Martone, The Board Secretary of Faith

About eight months before this “Formal Letter of Exile” a Deacon met me coming into church and stopped me after a month of medical up heval in my life and told me not to come in. This was August 3rd, 2014. I was noted at that time that this was unbiblical for the reason it was stated. Deacon Armond Edwards stated to me he would talk to Pastor Edward Jones and I would be receiving clarification within a few days. The call never came and that was the start of the Exile.

3 Days came and went. It is 8 months later and I received the “Formal Letter of Exile”.

The letter was sent from the Board of Faith Assembly of God signed by the Secretary of the Board Ernest  Martone.

Before I get started let me do two things.

First: Let me state that Brother Ernie is not a high profile credit taking leader. I love brother Ernie. But I love him enough to call him out to repent so reconciliation will take place. You will read that in a preface statement I emailed him with a revised and clarified seconding sending of my reply.

Second: Before we get started please read the attached Formal Letter of Exile in pdf. It is a short three paragraph letter. If you can’t open the pdf; scroll down to the end of my reply to the letter where I added the OCR of that pdf. CLICK THE LINE BELOW:

Formal Letter of Exile from the Board of Faith Assembly of God

Go ahead and read Brother Ernie’s letter to me.  It won’t take that long. It’s only 3 paragraphs. CLICK THE LINE ABOVE

This Formal Letter of Exile says more about itself in what it doesn’t say. It never mentions sin, scripture, their authority in scripture, and the names of my accusers. If you read it you can’t tell why I am being sent to Formal Exile. Point of Fact, I don’t know what exactly why they are removing me “from the roles of membership”, reading the Boards “Formal Exile Letter”.

Is this a “bad” form of Church Discipline and the result of a secret tribunal? It doesn’t seem to be. Matthew 18:15-17, Jesus’s words are treated as a sub-note that is put on the shelf. Man’s creativity is valued higher than the Word of God and the Orthodox Doctrine that we say is important as Biblical Christians in an attempt to heap more sin on top of Sin.

And frankly, throughout this ordeal the last two years is what this letter tends to reflect; the non-biblical response. Never addresses issues (sin) directly as Leaders are commanded. There is no acknowledgement of the harm caused to the innocent, information withheld unjustly, lack of transparency, no Biblical References for what was done or leadership actions and backroom decisions.

At one point  of this “Letter of Formal Exile” Brother Martone come close to making an accusation by perpetuating a Lie through innuendo, without the facts even to come close to this innuendo. In other words Brother Martone commits outright slander. And to make things more insidious, this innuendo/slander doesn’t even warrant removal from the membership roles.

But guess who does warrant having their names removed from membership, the acts of two Deacons and the Senior Pastor Edward A. Jones.

And yes, the name that should have been on the signature block should have been Brother Edward Jones,  not Deacon Martone.

We regard this “Formal Exile Letter” as a blatant attempt to illegally both scripturally and by Civil Law according to the Constitution and Bylaws of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY to prevent me from attending the past Annual Business Meeting. There exile doesn’t even remotely come close to the Biblical Standard or the civil standard.

You see the leadership who pushed this through, whether intentionally or not, has treated with Contempt the innocent harmed, Yahweh’s Word, Orthodox Church Doctrine, and  NY Civil Law.

In other words, and I say this with great sadness; Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie has a whole lot in common with the Poster Boy of Large Abusive Churches: Mark Driscoll and Mars Hill Church. Except Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY wasn’t as open as Mark Driscoll was about his abuse. Re: Mark Driscoll’s “under the Bus” comments.

I say this as a Brother who loves my Brothers and Sisters still there.

Well let’s get on with my response to Brother Martone’s “Formal Exile Letter” of me for the Board of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY.  This response, as mentioned is a second letter sent with a note explaining why in the beginning to Deacon Martone.  There is note added near the end dating that the requested rescinding was not dealt with before the aforementioned business meeting on April 19th, 2015. That Paragraph is in red.

At the end of my response to Brother Ernie I will add any additional commentary to my little response back to the dear Secretary of the Board of Faith Assembly of God. This may be done at a later time and I will note that as I add commentary.

You might want to get a snack or something before we start:

Ephesians 5:11-13 11 Do not participate in the unfruitful deeds of darkness, but instead even expose them; 12 for it is disgraceful even to speak of the things which are done by them in secret. 13 But all things become visible when they are exposed by the light, for everything that becomes visible is light. (NASB)

START Preface Note to Brother Ernie on “Resend” of Reply via email

Dated: 4/21/15

Dear Brother Ernie,

I gather you were not up to the task about rescinding your unbiblical exile. Frankly, none of us expected you would. I am sad, but not deterred.

I made some corrections and clarifications in the letter. The content is still in context. Do it with what you want.

Ernie, You in many ways embodies the servant leader which is the definition of a Deacon. I have seen you take on tasks that are low profile and don’t give into the spotlight man’s glory. I love you for that brother. Some only involve themselves in activities that only to attain praises of men.

But brother, every leader will be faced with the situation where he or she will seemingly be the only one to stand up for what is right. One has to ask the question to one self if he or she will be willing to lose everything for taking a stand for the right. Making that decision in the positive may indeed lead to that where you find yourself out looking in. But the other way where you don’t do what is right leads to the road where you will you be asked to compromise more and more.

The next thing you know you will be a leader in the “Broad Way Ministries” when you choose the route of compromise. The American Evangelical Church is going through this now.  And that is what is warned about in God’s Word. The problem is large and it will start in the church according to scripture.. And it has. The American church has forsaken in being a community of believers based in the Word of God and is quickly becoming a institution of planned programs based on studies and corporate models. We are losing Christ.

Humbly submitted,


Sheep in Unbiblical Forced Exile

Main Feature ahead…

START RESEND of my RESPONSE TO The Board of Faith Assembly of God’s “FORMAL LETTER OF EXILE”

TO:                         Brother Ernie Martone

Secretary of the Board

Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY

FROM:                  Frank the Exiled Sheep

Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY

SUBJECT:             Reply to an illegal and unbiblical “Formal Exile Letter” from the Board of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY

DATE ORIGINALLY SENT:  Thursday, April 16th, 2015

RESENT :                              Thursday, April 22nd, 2015

Note: Slight additions and deletions from original, mostly for clarification. But I think you will find it all in context of what I sent you last Thursday.

Greetings Brother Ernie,

I received your letter sir and read it that Sunday night, Palm Sunday.

First I want to compliment on a well written three paragraph letter. Fair Structure. And I am very appreciative that you sent me a document that you are willing to sign Ernie. That tell’s my family and the world that you are committed to what has been written as a member of the Board of Faith Assembly of God. You are stating you are willing to stand up to the scrutiny and put your honor on the line on what you wrote and what you omitted that you should have addressed.

Before we get started I regard this letter as “Expediency over Righteousness” . It is an illegal method to stop me from attending the Business Meeting on April 19th, 2015. You have not met the standard of God or the legal standard to say that I am not a member in good standing.

Let me break down your letter that was written to me.

Let’s examine the First Paragraph of your letter to me:

“We trust you are doing well. We are thankful for your membership at Faith Assembly of God over the years. We recognize that there are many fine churches in the Hudson Valley and hope that you have connected with one in recent months”

Let us examine the first sentence:

We trust you are doing well.”

Why Trust Brother Ernie? Why didn’t you call in the last 8 Months of being unscriptural exiled? I came back after experiencing a month full of hospitalization and procedures and was greeted by Deacon Edwards. He was told of my serious condition that was found during that hospitalization.. Tell me Brother, why didn’t you call brother? No one even asked if they could put me on the prayer list. Did they? Did you? You knew my family is paying deeply for the acts of the Ramsey Dixon – Cocurullo Hit and Run and the ungodly “Gag Order” that prevented me to ask for help? We are still paying for it. So why do you trust when you could of asked brother?

Remember Brother Ernie, you signed this document. I need an explanation. It is your duty as a Christian, let alone a Christian Leader.

Your “concern” doesn’t quite ring true Brother Ernie. Why trust. Why didn’t you check in personally? You know me brother.  Last year during the time about 15 months ago when Leaks (release of privileged information on a congregant in  was coming from the” Secret Tribunal”) where were you? I needed a lot of physical help. Why didn’t you call to see if I needed help. Why wasn’t there a hand up? Or show any compassion for my family which was and are fellow victims of the criminal – hit and run – extortion team of Cocurulo/ Ramsey-Dixon?  Why didn’t you check in then either Brother?  Or did you think this cripple wasn’t worthy of help?  Last winter was a very hard winter for me and my family because of what two unrepentant criminals did by the name of Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon. I was physically going through a hard time. (but you knew that) A hand up would have been nice. I was isolated due to an unarguably an ungodly “Gag Order” (aka Sin of Leadership) and wasn’t allowed to ask for help from the beginning. Tell me. Did it occur to you that the brother needed a hand?

That is not a rhetorical question brother Ernie.

Let us go onto the second sentence of the first paragraph:

We are thankful for your membership at Faith Assembly of God over the years.

Then why was I treated unscriptually? Why was my family who were co-complainants ignored? How come then there was unbiblical partiality toward the unrepentant criminal team (and still unrepentant) Cocurullo/Ramsey Dixon team who have shown not a scintilla of remorse to their victims and over 25 people who were affected negatively? How come I was denied fellowship by a cultic Gag order with the Brethren to protect unrepentant criminals?

This are not a rhetorical questions brother. Remember Brother Ernie, you signed this document. I need an explanation. It is your duty as a Christian, let alone a Christian Leader.  Your integrity is on the line for what you wrote. And that is Biblical.

I was shown hate as a victim? Why, brother?

The cultic Gag Order to silence an injured man, to the illegal, the questionable calls by two staff Pastors with veiled threats and suspect motives, to the unorthodox anti Christian exile meant to silence 8 months ago and this letter meant to end my complaint against sin and illegally block me from attending the business meeting shows hate for myself, the witnesses, my family and the Truth of Jesus.

The attempt to silence first with a Gag” order on victims, then exile. Your letter is an assault against the truth.

Brother, is that how you show thanks? Heaping evil on top of evil. Not to mention all the unbiblical events in between. I even was falsely reprimanded by George Deacon in front of two other Deacons for warning my family on the Extortion/stalking events attacking my middle sister on what was an ever expanding depraved assault. There was more concern for “secrecy” of two unrepentant criminals than my family’s well-being; basically saying that I should break my word to my family (another words George wanted me to lie to them). George refuses to account for this outburst and as well as his phone call to my workplace a week later telling me not to talk about the people who were harmed to include my family. Then he hung up the phone. He has never accounted for this unbelievable act. BTW, there was unknowingly another person in the room, my boss, when he did this. Does this show thankfulness? No, that shows hate. Where is the personal accountability for leaders?

Again, these are not rhetorical questions to you Ernie. It is your reasonable service to answer this honestly and forthrightly. You signed this document Ernie.  The content of your letter should reflect the truth in spirit and the “real” actions of leadership.

Then the last and third sentence of the First Paragraph:

We recognize that there are many fine churches in the Hudson Valley and hope that you have connected with one in recent months.

Well, tell the truth brother, for most of the last two years I can neither stand up for worship or sit for very long with out back spasms. So church was a physical nightmare for me. So much of my “church” world continued with studying on my own what I used to study, Cults, the Bible and Orthodox Doctrine. It is very hard to connect when you are continually in pain, your family was savaged, finances going

down and trying to barely maintain your job and you are denied help all because of two unrepentant criminals and the protectors of sin in leadership.

And as you may or may not know. People who have been abused and disfellowship like I was, statistically have a hard time connecting or even turning to Christ. The victims in the Jehovah’s Witnesses only 5% turn to Christ. In Mormonism it is better and goes to 50%. Victims like me, in abusive so-called Biblical Churches  the stats are not in, but some say it is worse than Mormonism that stay in. And those who stay in the Faith don’t connect to a church for about two years.

In a way I am in an anomaly because I used my time studying the Word and doctrine rather than separating from it. I took the time to examine what I believe and casted out a lot of false doctrine. As a result I know show no tolerance for false doctrine that I once saw as tolerable, which is what Yahweh says us to do!

But your statement or wish for me wasn’t about your “concern” about “connecting” to another church. Was it Brother Ernie? That sentence was disingenuous.  Sort of mutes the intent of the second sentence. You are basically telling me and others that you and the Board are denying your” reasonable service” to heal who have been hurt by evil in Faith Assembly of God and remove them out of our sight as a reminder of what happened as the failure of creative men over scriptural integrity.

And we both know that I am not the first to undergo this honor.  Just for different reasons or reminders. Some you casted out because they were say as interference in Men’s Vision, While I was cast out because I wouldn’t tolerate the sin of protection of sin, there are others who were cast out for no better reason they represented a failure or was reminder to the real sin of others. Their offence was not that they offended Christ, but they offended the pride of man’s heart.

Tell me true Ernie. Was a similar “edict of exile” letter put on the two unrepentant criminals especially when they have done nothing to remove their threats? Were Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Caridad Cocurullo told that they should  “connect” to another church? After all they didn’t have a broken body, family concerns, related medical problems due to inside church criminal activities like I. There lively hood isn’t in jeopardy from a twisted spine from the same unrepentant activities? I mean you can even use the Bible to ask them. Your edict on me is unbiblical. Why were they not asked to “connect” to another church? They don’t have the healing to go through and “connect” to another church?

This question demands to be asked and demands to be answered? This is sorely unanswered and you and/or any board member should be able to answer this question without hesitation. Your integrity is on the line brother.

What you are saying to that same “fine churches” in the Hudson Valley; is that you are denying your responsibility and “reasonable service” as a church and sending me and others to those churches for the healing that was Biblically suppose to happen in your church. And there are plenty of former members of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY are now being counseled and healed in other “fine churches” right now. Isn’t there Brother Ernie?

What I am saying may seem harsh. It is the truth though. Correct me if I am wrong.

Enough with the First Paragraph.

Let us now examine the Second Paragraph:

“Your name is scheduled to be removed from our membership rooster as you have stated you are no longer in agreement with the Leadership and Boards of Faith Assembly of God. If you have any questions, please contact our Business Administrator, Alex Aveiin within the next 2 weeks at (845) 462-5955.”

The second paragraph is supposed to be the meat of the letter. But unfortunately the meat is missing. From this point of that letter, since it was sadly lacking prior to by leaders like Edward Jones, George Andrews,  Linda Schreck, Terry Conti and all the other “leaders”. They have never addressed this as it was their “reasonable service” and Biblical mandate. What is lacking is a Biblical Reason for tossing me out. It is lacking a organization reason as is outlined in Faith Assembly of God’s Bylaws and Constitution.

Note: 5/31/15 – Additional Commentary added on “the Importance of Bylaws” in this case at the end of Post. Scroll down to Blue Header of same title.

It is an absurd Paragraph. It certainly doesn’t state what I am being kicked out for . It has no resemblance to any form of Orthodox Church Discipline. There is nothing that even looks like you have a moral reason to do so. And please I have studied church discipline brother.

This is lacking the three big questions: What is my charge or my sin you are kicking me out for? Who are my accusers?  And what is the sign of repentance for return? You know… if this is Church Discipline… or what is this? Not really clear here Ernie. Maybe it is meant not to be. hmmm

Where are my Accusers? Didn't Yeshua ask the woman in sin that.

Where are my Accusers? Didn’t Yeshua ask the woman in sin that. “Where are your accusers?” hmmm

But then before you can even state that you have to show a process. Not Secret Tribunals where privileged information is leaked out. Not uncontested secret testimony from both leaders and witnesses that are steeped in unrepentant sin themselves.

Brother you have shown to the people who were victims of criminal activity, violence. malfeasance, slander, extortion as well as the world that the Board has neither regard for God’s word and Doctrine as well as it’s own Bylaws and Constitution and common decency that the Word even recognizes.

Brother Ernie, through all of this the last two years Matthew 18:15-17 has been torn out of the Bible. From the institution of that unbiblical ungodly Gag Order which prevented me to go to the second step of Matthew 18:15-17 to your (the Board’s) instituting of this letter. You have disregarded Yeshua’s words and grieved the Holy Spirit.

The board shouldn’t have even touch this to go to “Secret Tribunal”. No party involved has an excuse to side step the four steps of Matthew 18:15-17. None. And if it was a board member who instituted this unbiblical complaint with ignoring Steps 1 and 2, then the board should have asked for their resignation. If it was a Credentialed Brother or Sister, the board should send a complaint to remove that credential. That is how it was explained to me. There is no mitigating issues here like two offenders to one victim (like in my case where the Cocurullo-Dixon Team assaulted me) or a case where the victim is a victim of violence and criminal acts (Like my case brother).

How come I seem to know these things brother and the board doesn’t.

Some of what happened to me at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY, the poster child for large Abusive Churches like Mars Hill/Mark Driscoll could learn something.

Brother this is an example of Pharisaical Sin which the Lord says we all must address, publically if necessary. And I did try privately, didn’t I? If there is any sin that God hates more than any other sin it is Pharisaical Sin. Yeshua (Jesus) took on the Pharisees Publically, while he addressed the woman in sin privately and with compassion. He did it 13 times in the Gospels. Jesus talked about Pharisaical more than any other iniquity. Corrupt preachers will say sexual sin is the worst while never teaching the sheep that the sin of Leadership (pharisaical) is to be dealt with most harshly.

And the Epistles it is taught at least 19 times. It is amazing that contempt for what the Lord commands is so absent in what should be taught doctrine in a Biblical based church.

Brother Ernie. You use the phrase in paragraph 2 “as you have stated you are no longer in agreement with the Leadership and Boards of Faith Assembly of God”  in a very deceptive manner. It is called building a “straw man.”

FIRST: In agreement with what. The leadership has been strikingly unclear throughout this ordeal for me and others. This is well documented. Positions one day change the next. There has been out right refusal to answer questions that it was that leaders as a Christian to answer. Some of those questions unanswered are directly to the core of Truth which all Christians should hold dear. This is more than well documented to the witness of my family, advisors and witnesses that came forward in the cause of Truth. That is one of the main reason I now insist of written answers.  This is the reason as I was advised by a true man of God, to require answers in writing.

If you say leadership has been clear, transparent, honest and forthcoming to establish an understanding with my family and I; It would be a very big lie.

Could you Brother Ernie, look me in the eye and tell me otherwise, especially with the backroom deliberations that went on and slander that went behind my back by two unrepentant criminals by the name Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Caridad Cocurullo who tried to silence me with threats.

SECOND: Not being in agreement with leadership is not a reason for being kicked out. It is not Biblical. If you say those “disagreements” are with the core doctrine of the Faith that would be a BOLD FACE LIE. That is the only disagreement that merits being asked to leave, you have not established that Brother.

THIRD: What you are really saying brother, is that if I don’t stand with the “Sin” of leadership that I am being forsed to leave.  That omission from that phrase is patently deceptive and sin in itself. Brother Ernie, you brought shame on yourself, And what I wrote has not been even challenged. And this has been out for a long time. It is both morally and doctrinal heretical  to ask or insist any Christian stand by sin, Especially the sin of leadership. For you to suggest otherwise makes you what is called a False Teacher and Prophet? You claim authority, but you deny the Scripture of Yahweh. You deny Christ in the process.

Lets us deal with that last point Brother. The First Fundamental Truth of the Assemblies of God is the from the doctrine of “Sola Scriptura”. That means we believe the Scriptures to be “God-breathed” and therefore fully authoritative in and of themselves; they rely for their authority upon no church, council, or creed, but are authoritative simply because they are the Word of God. The Scriptures, as they embody the very speaking of God, partake of His authority, His power.  From that we get the doctrine of “Sufficiency of Scripture” . Which means we are not to go against God’s perfect word and that we are committing Blasphemy when we seek to add man’s creativity or ignore them completely. That would be Heresy. This is what I see and have documented. When leadership does it, it is very serious. Paul severely rebuked the Judaizers.  What would Saint Paul say or do now? Wouldn’t he say publically as God’s Word has documented.

The evidence seems that you indorse the several attacks on the Orthodox Doctrine of “Sufficiency of Scripture” and have persecuted the innocent for the observation of this Doctrine, namely I. If this is now the official policy of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie,  NY; don’t you have the ethical obligation to contact the National Office in Springfield, MO and the NY District Office of the Assembly of God and tell them you are do not believe in the Assembly of God’s First Fundamental  Truth dealing with the adherence of God’s Word as the only authority we have.

If you have “no use” for the First Fundamental Truth of the Assembly of God, then sir 2 thru 16 Truths of the Assembly of God doesn’t mean much either. And neither does the Constitution and ByLaws either, it crumbles.

You should also tell the Congregation brother. You really ethically should. Shouldn’t they know?

Brother my prayer for you is to repent.


Let us examine some of the Sin I have talked about that you seem to imply in this “straw man” sentence that is just a squabble between the Board and I.

I will give you a select very incomplete list with short commentary. This is the stuff I am in “disagreement” (your inference) with the Board. It is all sin….  as follows:

The cultic “Gag Order” put on an innocent injured man so he can’t ask for help from the bretheren, ask for public prayer for him and his family and basically isolates him from fellowship while the offenders are set free and don’t have to even help the victim. This is obscene sin. Again the Assembly of God is against such evil practices. Call Springfield and ask brother.

Refusal to remove said cultic “Gag Order” for NO biblical reason to the victim while his family goes into really desperate times that were known may happen. Pleads were ignored about the plight of my family. I still have an email by Brother Edward Jones who had no compassion for them. It was all to protect the unrepentant Criminals and empower the criminal team of Cocurullo / Dixon Team  to commit stalking and extortion attacking the weak and to follow up with threats.  This ended up being a double hit of Evil against the victims.

The outright refusal to explain to the victims the origin of this cultic “Gag Order” and account for it as the Bible suggests. This is Church Corruption. This is Moral Turpitude by any definition because of all the evil attached for it and shows no remorse or repentance by Sister Linda Schreck or Brother Jones. This is Moral Turpitude. This is signs of a cult.

NOTE: Ernie, This Gag Order Policy is a sticking point. There has to be public talk about this. It is ungodly. Morally I have to do what I have to do to help insure no brother or sister goes through this again. I would be complicit and part of the evil if I didn’t do my best to insure this never happens again at Faith or I couldn’t couldn’t those future victims in the face as it seems that the perpetrators of this evil cannot look in my face. Can you you look in my face and say that it wasn’t evil. If you don’t do anything to insure that this doesn’t happen again,  you will have that sin on you and account for it. That is Biblical and your reasonable service.

The moral turpitude of Deacon Terry Padillo Conti. She is a material witness for the criminal events of  April 7th, 2015. She knew directly before and after my spine was twisted and the criminal trespassing. She refuses to answer the questions to the victims on that days events. She is covering up for unrepentant criminal activity. There is nothing in her “pay grade” that protects her from protecting sin that have drastically devastated lives. That is supporting those acts and enabling the future stalking, serial lies and extortion attacking the most weak in my family. Another words, Sister Conti is a silent partner in that assault on me and my family and shares in those sins.

Christian apologists have told the Muslim that true Christians will not hide the truth about evil done by Christians and stand by the Muslim when a Christian sins against a Muslim because the Truth of Christ is in their heart. We say that Truth matters more to us than the people we call brother, because God is not a respector of Persons. Keeping Sister Terry in leadership position at this point tells the world that Christ’s Truth is secondary in our lives and those on the outside ie Muslims, will regard our Faith and claims of Christ’s truth to be false if a leader is allowed to stay in position after an egregious cover-up of a egregious crime. I say that with a heavy heart, but Terry cannot stay in leadership regardless of repentance and cannot stay in the church unless she does.

We know Carrie Cocurullo is a serial liar, even by her friend, endorsed Constance Ramsey-Dixon as some one who would lie for Carrie, for Carrie during episodes of threats. Another words, Sister Ramsey-Dixon is recognized as a mirror image by Cocurullo. But Terry Padillo Conti went to extraordinary lengths to protect those lies by refusing to come forward even when pointedly asked. Who hates my family and I more, the documented liars or the protector of Lies. Again in my research, there was not one who could give me an instance where it is even close to being ethical either in the ”world” or a Christian. So why is it tolerated in leadership?

You ask, what are the unrepentant criminal acts of the Leaders of BNBM, you know the Cocurullo/Ramsey-Dixon Team, brother Ernie? You can review a incomplete list in this link:


There is the SIN of covering up by leadership of Deacon Conti (Padillo) and her involvement in the matter by Sister Linda Schreck when I asked a direct question and received and deceptive answer, another words, Sister Schreck, I hate to say this, but lied.  This is not what I ever wanted to say, but always knew from our meeting June 26th, 2013. I should have been made aware from the beginning. This is part of an overall SIN. I should have been informed from the beginning of matters like this. No Christian has that “Pay Grade” to hide information like this. Not even Doctor Reverend Pastor Edward A. Jones This is Big Sin.

Side note: Brother Ernie, please don’t try to tell me about Linda Schreck following Pastoral Confidentiality Rules. She was acting as a negotiator/mediator. I do know counseling confidentiality ethics sir. Once she took on the role of a mediator/negotiator she laid those type of confidentiality aside. The only things she may hold from the victims is specific medical conditions or to shield on a case by case basis minor children involvement. There was none of that here. I was never told of any “status of change” in that position. Never.  And ethically speaking, it would have been very dicey if she did change into counseling for one of the parties where confidentiality was implemented. The only change of status she could have taken was to withdraw from both parties in the matter. Not just one. Check with a Assembly of God attorney on ethics if you don’t believe me brother.

So much secrecy, so much time and energy dedicated to it, so much sin.

Fact is there has been more information flowing to the unrepentant criminals about the victims, and rumors through official and the criminal group on the victims than has been forth coming to the victims about what should have been communicated. Isn’t that true brother Ernie?

The culture of slander and gossip is a sin I will cover later dealing with the sin of the leaks (release of privileged information) and the more serious sin of three Deacons covering it up to the Board for not reporting it.

Please don’t say this is ain’t a problem. And Brother, don’t say this ain’t Pharisaical Sin.

There are other exiles from Faith AG where slander/leaks took place, and the leadership had the power to correct it and “didn’t lift a finger” to do so. Good brothers and sisters in the Faith Ernie. But it served in one case that the lies not be corrected because it created a scape goat for “the protected” at Faith AG failures.

I request you call the State General Presbyter/District Superintendent of the New York District for an outside appraisal and submit to Discipline. This is moral turpitude. This is cover-up of sin on a pastoral/board level.

The contempt for hard evidence and 8 plus witnesses outside of Faith Assembly of God by leadership to include Pastor Edward Jones. This is well documented. But allow this little commentary. The leadership involved basically stated to the Church Community that Believers as witnesses, supporter, and harmed from the Lutheran Churches, African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, independent Biblical Churches and the Roman Catholic Church are not welcome with their testimony. The leadership is stating now that to the unbeliever that truth is not with us. I knew that treatment of witnesses was wrong, so I rechecked again with my advisor. I was right, it is wrong. It is the Assembly of God’s position that truth is truth and should be allowed from the outside.

Getting back the Second Paragraph commentary…

There is a lot more SIN and I have talked about. Your dishonest  phrase in Paragraph 2 that stated ““as you have stated you are no longer in agreement with the Leadership and Boards of Faith Assembly of God”  should of stated to be factual: ““as you have stated you are not tolerant of the sin of selected Leadership and the apparent complicity of sin in the Boards of Faith Assembly of God”

Let me repeat that brother:

Your dishonest  phrase in Paragraph 2 that stated ““as you have stated you are no longer in agreement with the Leadership and Boards of Faith Assembly of God”  should of stated to be honest and factual: “as you have stated you are not tolerant of the sin of selected Leadership and the apparent complicity of sin in the Boards of Faith Assembly of God”

And no Christian should be asked to “follow” sin (as you should have wrote.) Your “apparent” position is not Biblical.

Please Brother Ernie, correct me.

More sin to review here and in prior posts:


Your statement was outright slander brother on what I communicated and entirely inaccurate. I wish a public apology. You sign this document. You are accountable for the content and what it means.

Now let’s go onto the last sentence of Paragraph 2:

If you have any questions, please contact our Business Administrator, Alex Averin within the next 2 weeks at (845) 462-5955.

Let’s deal with the arbitrary time limit. After 8 months of being exiled you come up with an arbitrary time limit. EIGHT MONTHS of exile. Of an illegal exile without any moral reason. And don’t say protecting my family with a blog from threats of two congregants by going public is a valid reason, especially when leadership refused to deal with those threats. Threats that came after an already act of violence and criminal activity that harmed a lot of people. EIGHT MONTHS.  When I was told I would be gotten back to in 3 DAYS. In other words another lie was told. You know that there are other people involved that have a stake and interest and you had no concern.

If I have any questions you ask. This is very deceptive. This is CHURCH CORUPTION. The questions have already been asked and you know it! To imply otherwise is the lowest of the low. For example my Reply to 3 Deacons about their questions they wanted out. That letter was sent out 14 months ago. Those questions should have been answered long before your letter. The questions in a subsequent Email following up asking why they didn’t have the decency to respond and making a FORMAL complaint about the release of privileged information (Leaks from the Board) that went outside the walls of Faith Assembly of God into another church. There were the questions I sent out in May last year when I was harassed at work by two Staff Pastor who refused to answer question or state who told them to deliver their threats. That was 19 pages of questions.

Again this is very deceptive. The questions were already asked. Where are the answers brother for the victims?

And again, those questions should have been answered long ago before such a Formal Exile letter from the Board was produced.

All that and more should have been answered and more. They all should have been answered in accordance with honest and righteous intent. And now you are asking for more questions that won’t be answered. All those questions should have been answered in writing long before this letter you sent me brother.

All answers will be answered in writing as to promote honesty and to give to fellow complainants. They have interests and rights here. It is the God interest to be transparent to all those harmed and stepped forward to be witnesses. It is a promise I made. It should be no problem for a “loving” church who has a zeal for truth.

You have the questions brother. Answer them. You have committed yourself now with that statement. And I suggest you rescind this letter and call The NY District Office and request a Presbyter Team to sort this out.  It goes against common decency, it goes against scripture it goes against common decency and it mocks God.

It is typical “Expediency over Righteousness” again as I have enumerated before and quoted experts in the field, is a sign of when a church turns into a cult. Tell me otherwise brother if you can. Men’s creativity over orthodox doctrine and the Word of God is a sign of when a church becomes a cult.

Matthew 23:4 They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger. (NASB)

Why Alex Alverin brother? Why not Pastor Jones? He is the President of the Board. Information is released to him (Alex)? Who else was this known to? If Alex answers the existing question, it will be considered as coming directly from the hand of Pastor Edward Jones so no one can say it is not a mistake.

Let us go to the last paragraph:

It is our prayer that God will help you find a church that you can support and follow the Leadership. May God grant you grace and mercy.”

 FIRST: Thank you for your prayer.  But brother maybe, just maybe it should include the healing of people who were harmed; That they would know Christ or know Christ better despite what was done to them. Not just in my case, but others who were cast away and their families. That would be a righteous and noble prayer from the Board of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY.

SECOND: Again with the leadership LIE. What I have documented is SIN OF LEADERSHIP. If you are suggesting ANY brother and Sister should follow SIN, Then Ernie, you follow a different Jesus than orthodox Christianity.

THIRD: Let us go full circle with the new church line and being “connected”. Faith Assembly of God has hampered any “connection” with a church. Because you have not addressed the leaking of privileged information that has been leaked outside the walls to other churches. This is sin. This is unrepentant sin. There is no sign that you have mediated any future leaks. This sin minimally needs a public apology by Pastor Jones to establish humility on the same level the sin was committed. He is responsible at the end of the day for the leaks and the godliest way to show repentance in a sin as public slander and systematic rumor is to publically apologize and seek forgiveness. The only thing stopping this is pride. Public repentance for public sin, especially when it is leadership sinning against a sheep.

Am I to wonder about future leaks and the stuff in the current leaks in a possible church that I am “connecting” to? Is that sin going to follow me around?

Also Deacons Conti, Andrews and Leman did not report this to the board and had a moral responsibility to get back to me.. This reflects systematic corruption of serious sin. They also have to be dealt with due to the serious of their sin. Conti and Andrews are guilty of malfeasance. They have to repent with public confession to the congregation and I and resign.  Deacon Leman would be charged with nonfeasance because he was not involved in this matter and not guilty of what Terry is as noted who is also guilty of prior leaks directly, could have stopped slander, withheld evidence from the victims and George with his moral cowardice in hiding information and attacking my family interests as noted.

Deacon George Andrews and Deacon Terry Padillo Conti are clearly guilty of malfeasance.

Pastor, Doctor, Reverend, brother, Spiritual Daddy of unrepentant criminals, and self proclaimed King Edward A. Jones

Pastor Edward Jones – Just what is his position on the leaking of Privileged Information from his Secret Tribunals?

Ernie, on a side note, doesn’t it make you wonder if the board didn’t receive that formal complaint?

It is also the “right thing to do” to brief the victims of “all possible” leaked information if you can’t find the perpetrator to confess. If it doesn’t reflect national security, there should not be any problem. Remember all I have to do is show that the leak did occur, not the content.

Again, I recommend you call the State General Presbyter/District Superintendent of the New York District for an outside appraisal and submit to Discipline.

As people have noted, you can’t make this stuff up. It is pretty bizarre.

There is more to be addressed on this issue. See link and the prior posts:


On to your Signature Block Brother Ernie:

In finishing up with this letter review: We will review your signature block where you end “In His service”. This was not written “In His Service”, It was written in “In Men’s Service”. Let me repeat that to make the point. This was not written “In His Service”, It was written in “In Men’s Service”.

Brother I do not say this as a sin against me. I say this in the name of the God that created us. The one we are supposed to serve. I say this in the knowledge that I am the wretched of the wretched. This is blasphemy. This letter was written for the purpose of “Expediency over Righteousness” and to hide sin. Hide Sin from the unrepentant common criminal activities to the unrepentant Pharisaical Sin as mentioned. It is Blasphemy to claim that the letter written to me has any motivation other than Man’s false Glory. Don’t use His name like that.

I pray that you repent. Be very wary in using that in a signature block unless you have examined and prayed that the content and motives is Holy. You offend Yahweh and you are not true to the Faith. This is the worst sin mentioned.

Don’t forget who loved you first, brother. It wasn’t a man with a title.

And why oh why Brother Ernie, again, why isn’t Pastor Edward Jones the signature on this document?

In Conclusion Brother…

I suggest strongly that you get back to me in a positive manner with the proper authority that states that this letter is rescinded, that I am a member in good standing at Faith Assembly of God, My exile has been rescinded, that I am welcome to worship with the brethren and that I am welcome to attend and participate at the Business meeting Sunday April 19th, 2015. I think that 48 hrs (that would have been about noon Saturday) should be acceptable and that the Board should make the sacrifice to make it happen, as they could never make the sacrifice my family and I have in the last two years of what started because of two narcissist idol worshippers on April 7th, 2013.

It is highly recommended that this happen.

INSERTED NOTE 04/19/15 This never happened. I didn’t expect it to. Nor did anyone I know expect it to have happened. I had to make the effort. I have done enough reading on the subject that Boards who have lost their way have a “Bunker Mentality”. That is why you read of stories that entire boards will back a pedophile in leadership and blame the victim. The pedophile gets convicted and he retains his “title” with people proclaiming his innocence. Boards and people forget the message that we all have a depraved side since the fall of Adam. (Doctrine of Depravity) That is why Christ came. In 1 John it reminds us that if we say that we are not a sinner, then we call Yeshua (Jesus) a liar. That is why if we call ourselves “Christian”, we should live the life of repentance. If we forget where Christ took us out of and our true fallen nature; we will soon return to that nature as a “Dog will return to his own vomit”. The American Evangelical of today has to start looking to have Christ search our hearts. We have forgotten who loved us first. If we have Faith in man over Yeshua, then it will always happen. Thinking too much of ourselves will always lead to sin.

This letter is twice as long as I wanted and half as short as it should be. You don’t care, but my medical condition is not good and people are dying around me. Respect that brother.

This letter will also be sent to a limited distribution. You can ask others what that may be. They are people outside Faith AG I love who have shown more mercy through this than the people who breached the trust God entrusted them with can ever muster in a life time. Prove me wrong brother.

Pardon my shortness. These burdens were never necessary for not the priority of men’s creativity over the sanctity of the Word of God / Sufficiency of scripture. From the beginning 2 years ago. Idolatry, greed and pride put us here. Sin was heaped up over sin. I wake up in the morning with a physical reminder not just of a sinful event, but a saga that went on because no one cared what God cared about in leadership. I think about the destruction it did in people’s lives and the hate displayed toward the innocent.

There is no reconciliation for those who have stated the truth about the unrepentant.

1 John 3:18 Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth. (NASB)

“Deed and Truth” brother Ernie, “Deed and Truth.”

I request you call the State General Presbyter/District Superintendent of the New York District for an outside appraisal and submit to Discipline. This is moral turpitude. This is cover-up of sin.

With sadness,


Battered sheep and member in good standing IAW the Constitution and By Laws od Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY (But not the Board)

BCC: The usual

Attached: Board Letter in PDF format dated 3/23/15 received 3/2715 read 3/29/15

Formal Letter of Exile from the Board of Faith Assembly of God

If pdf doesn’t pop up… below is the letter:


The following is an OCR copy of the same Letter for another quick reference:

TO:                         Mr. Frank XXXXXXX

Sheep in exile

(No this actually isn’t on the letter, please excuse the levity)

FROM:                 Ernest A Martone

Board Secretary

Faith Assembly of God

254 Spackenkill Rd,

Poughkeepsie NY 12603

Dear Frank,

We trust you are doing well. We are thankful for your membership at Faith

Assembly of God over the years. We recognize that there are many fine churches in the Hudson Valley and hope that you have connected with one in recent months.

Your name is scheduled to be removed from our membership rooster as you have stated you are no longer in agreement with the Leadership and Boards of Faith Assembly of God. If you have any questions, please contact our Business Administrator, Alex Aveiin within the next 2 weeks at (845) 462-5955.

It is our prayer that God will help you find a church that you can support and follow the Leadership. May God grant you grace and mercy.

In His Service,

Ernest A. Martone

Board Secretary


 End of OCR Copy of Brother Ernie’s Letter

Links related to Letter you should research brother:






 I again request you call the State General Presbyter/District Superintendent of the New York District for an outside appraisal and submit to Discipline. This is moral turpitude. This is cover-up of sin.



 Conclusion (for now) and a little administrative clean-up

Well this is the official end of the email back to Brother Ernie Martone, regarding the Boards unbiblical “Formal Exile” 8 Months after the Boards of the unbiblical “Informal Exile”

But it is just the beginning for discussions and commentary.

As stated, I will add commentary later on in this section and let Readers from Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie , NY, my brothers and sisters absorb what is written up to now.

I will leave you this one thought and quote. It is from John MacArthur’s Leadership Series where he talks of False or Counterfeit Authority. He states in so many words those who go beyond their Biblical Mandate are using Counterfeit Authority.

Here is a direct quote from Pastor John MacArthur from that series: “Mark it my friend.Those with counterfeit authority always abuse people. And they will abuse those who are least able to defend themselves.  “

This is truth. I believe I and the other exiles from Faith AG, will say Amen to what Pastor MacArthur has stated. We are witnesses to that fact.

According to Dr. Jerry Kaifetz, when traditional mechanisms are removed to handle the Sin of Leadership and unbiblical barriers are put up, it is a sure sign of a good church is turning into a cult. You can see that Dr Kaifetz and Pastor MacArthur who come from two different Evangelical view Points come to a similar resolve.

This Post along with the data strong last post may help the reader into putting the story together. I am thinking of mixing now challenging the leaders in question individually and showing how their sin can cause destructive to the Body of Christ with other posts.

In that way, the Formal Exile Letter has helped. It has also helped without their realization legitimized my position further because they sent it within the context of my complaint which they referenced unintentionally in their letter. It can used as solid documentation as damages in any legal threats either from the Cocurullo-Dixon Team and/or the Board of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY.

I am grateful for the help.

This may be a cold way of seeing things, but God is a God of the practical too.

Shalom for now. Bless you and please pray.

Frank – Sheep in Exile

May 31st, 2015 – Additional Commentary – The Importance of the Bylaws.

And/or How the legal issues crept in by not dealing with the sin as scripture dictates.

This is probably a good spot to answer a certain question on the legal “talk” in this post. Unfortunately it is important but most sheep don’t want to read about this. Most of my readers outside the United States will only consider it as a point of Interest at best. So at the end of this post is probably be the bext place for it. If one reads this straight through it is probably because you have a vested interest in what I have to say.

But the ByLaws and Constitution of an American Church is very important and it should be read by all members. It is a document that tells the state (and the world) on how the church will conduct it’s business. It tells the saint a lot about “that” church not just by the content, but how they treat that document what to expect from “that” church.

Access to that document tells a lot about that church. An open church that operates in transparency will give anyone access to that document. A good sign is that they attach it to their website for the public to see it as well as perspective members. They have nothing to hide.

Some churches make it accessible to the members  with varying degrees of control. Some all you have to do is email and the church receptionist and she will email it to you without question. The more paranoid/controlling the church is, the more hoops you have to jump through. In some churches they will send it to the Pastor or his designated representative and he will sit on the request. Some will outright refuse. Then you have to go through your State Secretary of State,  pay 10 bucks for a copy you will see two or more weeks later.

In my case at Faith Assembly of God in 2014 last spring, the receptionist/office worker forwarded my request for a copy of the Bylaws to the aforementioned Alex Averin, Alex sat on it till the day of that business meeting so not to be reviewed in a timely manner. I guess I wasn’t the only one.  This is far from an open transparent organization. You will hear complaints about the “world” from the pulpit for not being forthright and not living transparent lives as Christians are suppose to, but all the while the same preachers parcel out tidbits as if they were running the church like the old Soviet Union, paranoid which citizen gets what information, except we are citizens of the Kingdom of God.

By the way if you are a member of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, call Alex and request one so you know what I say is true. His number is on the Formal Exile Letter courtesy of Deacon Martone. If you feel uneasy and can prove you are a member of Faith AG I wall gladly send one to you in pdf format. Just leave a comment on the end of this post. I will not publish your request, unless comments are submitted that you want published and answered.

What’s in the bylaws that affects this case, we just have to go into Article one of the Bylaws under membership.

If we look at the reasons for removal from the roster of membership, there are two basic reasons and Inactive membership, Since we are not sure of the reasons  because the Board of Faith Assembly of God refuses to tell us let us briefly examine the standards.

Inactive membership is in Section 7 of Article 1. There is a key phrase in that section is “willfully absents himself” from regular attendance. It would be a stretch to say that in my case. A medical condition that hospitalized me and an unbiblical unexplained exile would hardly meet the criteria.

There is also a phrase that says in that section that the “Pastor” or his designee will contact me. That never happened. In other words, Pastor Edward Jones negated his responsibilities in the Bylaws. I would say since this is connected with protecting two unrepentant criminals (Cocurullo and Dixon) who continued their terror with slander and extortion using the most vulnerable; that this negation of duty is directly covered under Article II Section 3 (a). This states that Grounds (for removal) such actions shall be unscriptural conduct, or departure from the faith, or incompetency in office.

This paragraph will be covered in a subsequent Posting in detail, to include a Gag order on an injured man to protect two criminals from repentance. Although he didn’t implement it, he refuse to lift it when he knew my family was in desperation and my employment was and is in question because of those criminal acts. That Gag order would even make a Mormon or Jehovah Witness leader cringe under the circumstances.

The fact is that it was I that requested counsel with him directly on the issues of Slander and extortion back in late November of 2013 through George Andrews and when the two staff Pastors Bienermann and Ogden approached me with a call at work in April of 2014 when they refuse to clarify the reason they were calling. Fact is that Pastor Edward Jones has been avoiding me and doesn’t want the accountability. His refusal to counsel as the Bylaws suggest is not mere nonfeasance, it is malfeasance.

And as we have read over and over, there is the Church Disipline Section 6 in Atrcle 1

  • There was no mention of any grounds ever.
  • There was never any resemblance of Matthew 18:15-17, which is Jesus’ words and is referenced in this section. There was never anything resembling step 1 or 2 in this verse. And if the complaint is from a leader such as Conti and or Andrews, they should be under scrutiny by the accused and relived from leadership duty. It says that they no longer hold to the tenets of the faith which is Sufficiency if Scripture, which is under the Constitution portion of this document and their qualifications as leaders with Article I, Section 3, Paragrapgh B, subparagrapgh 1.

That just scratches the surface in Section 6 of Article I.

Under Section 5  Revision of Roster under Article I, there are two areas where contempt was shown in the Bylaws by the handling of this.

First the roster is suppose to be updated two months prior to the Business Meeting. I was notified less than a month.

The Second again puts the responsibility on Pastor Jones. It clearly states that my name should not have been removed from before Pastor Jones consulted me on that subject.  It clearly states this in the final line in Section 5 Paragraph (a) “provided they have been consulted by the pastor on the subject”. And this time there is NO mention of designee either. Again it goes on beyond nonfeasance and  malfeasance directly because of the protection of criminal acts and violence that caused havoc in many a life that day at the hands of the unrepentant Constance Ramsey-Dixon and, Pastor Jones so-called “Spiritual Daughter Caridad Cocurullo who has a long history of Bearing False Witness and anger.

Conclusion of 5/31/15 Commentary on the By Laws

Is it not amazing how just heaps sin up on sin when it isn’t addressed. I could go into other sections but maybe one should put in in study for themselves, with the document and the Bible to begin with. There are great books on the subject. You can also read the suggested Bylaws by the Assembly of God also for greater insight. I’ll be glad to provide if you ask the same way as noted above.

NOTE 9/11/17: We have decided to ad a link so one does not have to inquire from us for a copy. (Click link below)

Faith Assembly of God Constitution and ByLaws dated April 2010

Hopefully some of you are more interested than you were before reading this. After all, God has put in all of us to know truth. And Truth is not relative. Truth is Yeshua.  Christianity is the only world view that Truth is not a dwindling commodity. And if it is “dwindling”, than we all have turn and find a different place that holds it high or fight to change it so it does become a value again. And if Truth is not within us, than either is Love and we are not of Yahweh.

We as Christians should look closely when we try to substitute “Man’s Creativity” with God’s scripture.

If we Christians don’t yearn for the Truth of the Scriptures and the Doctrines, it would be “folly” to expect to believe us when we hold up to the “world” other things we say and write like legal documents such as the Constitution and Bylaws of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY. In that “world” no one is impressed on how well we speak Christianeze.

1 John 3:18 Little children, let us not love with word or with tongue, but in deed and truth. (NASB)


End of 5/31/15 Additional Commentary – The Importance of the Bylaws

The shallow Theology and Doctrine of the leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry in Poughkeepsie, NY

As Christians we strive to follow the Word of God in our lives. We believe correctly that scripture is God breathed and is the only thing we use to develop our Theology and Doctrine. This is called Sola Scriptura and Tota Scriptura. Whenever we twist, ignore, use at convenience, add to, over allegorical, legalize and intentionally break the scripture we bring havoc on us, around us and bring shame on the name of Christ. It brings evil. That is Man-Doctrine. That is not sound doctrine. Man-Doctrine will always lead to sin. And uncorrected sin will be heaped on top of more sin

You can have a great doctrinal statement, be well versed in the language of “churcheeze” by saying all the right things, or even quote scripture, but if your motivation is not God’s Righteousness, your “stated” doctrine is only that: “stated”. You are living a lie and it will eventually bring destruction down. You are offending the One who gave you life and saying you have no love for Him, our Creator.

Both these self-professed leaders take the shallow “fill in the blank” workbook “agenda driven” studies that allow just enough to hear the word, but always mixed with a spin. These studies have more an affect to socialize through fellowship than to get closer to Jesus by examining scripture in an exegesis manner. These agenda-driven Bible Studies unfortunately give too much “sway” room to a dominate individual who may have their own agenda, rather than Christ’s.

The beliefs and doctrine of Constance Ramsey-Dixon, Director of Brand New Beginnings Ministries

Constance Ramsey-Dixon: Corrupt leader of Brand New Beginnings Ministry

Constance Ramsey-Dixon: Corrupt leader of Brand New Beginnings Ministry

Never having a deep conversation with Constance Ramsey-Dixon; it is hard to tell what deep convictions she has from that. We know she is a self promoter and has no compassion for her victims of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team’s criminal actions and violence that causes injury. We know of her support for slander, threats and extortion of the most vulnerable. We know Constance Ramsey-Dixon doesn’t think the people affected and directly harmed by her unrepentant actions and the unrepentant actions of her President Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo should be allowed public prayer. Let’s take off her “public” Facebook site and see where she prefers to go get fed with God’s Word. Along with her well documented unrepentant sin, callousness toward her victims, it will be fairly easy to figure out. These are the “deepest three” sources that Constance Ramsey Dixon acknowledges where she gets fed the “Word of God” from.

  • Joel Osteen – As shallow as you get. Joel Osteen is a heretical prosperity pimp and “life coach” who preys on the carnal nature of man tugging on the temporal desires of “self”. He uses the name of “Jesus” just enough to shallowly legitimize his church. He refuses to deal with repentance of sin, humility and sacrifice. He bowed down to the goddess of New Age religion, Oprah Winfrey, while skirting around the question if Christ is the only way to God. His theology is so shallow he believes that the Mormon Jesus is the same as the Christian Jesus. The righteousness of God is nowhere to be found in his message. Joel Osteen is a Heretic. People who follow Osteen are deceived and take on the carnal attitudes he preaches. They more likely follow a False Teacher than Jesus. They are more concerned with “self” and have no fear of the Lord.
  • T. D. Jakes – T D Jakes is another heretical prosperity preacher. He bilks millions off of his supporters. Again repentance is rarely talked about but teaches that Yahweh is Santa Claus. As with Osteen he fell to his knees to the modern goddess of Baal (New Age) Oprah Winfrey rather than Jesus when he waffled on the only True God that will bring you to Heaven.
    • T. D. Jakes is also a heretical “oneness” believer (Modalism). That goes against one of the primary doctrine of the Trinity in Orthodox Christianity. Yes I know he recently put his big toe in the Trinity pool. But no one really believes it. Not even the “oneness Pentecostals believe him or else he would be teaching with great passion his conversion on the doctrine of the Trinity. Rather flippant toward doctrine. Rather flippant toward Christ. One would think that such a drastic change he would be aggressive in his teachings on the Trinity as a show of humility toward Yeshua and his contrition to the Lord in teaching of Heretical Doctrine and correcting this in the minds and the souls of people he wrongly led astray. But T. D. Jakes hasn’t.
    • Pastor Jakes is now softening his view of homosexuality due to his new political relationships and some family indiscretions. Jakes recently preached a message where he claimed that Ruth and Naomi were lesbian lovers and David and Jonathon were gay lovers. That is blasphemy. He doesn’t fear the Lord and again leads his followers to destruction. Self Promoting leaders like Ramsey-Dixon who claims to be a leader is telling who she follows, and it isn’t Jesus. Jakes sold out to Oprah Winfrey, why not sell out to a politician who hates God also. Jakes teaches people by his actions that it is all about self. Constance Ramsey-Dixon follows Jakes, not Yeshua (Jesus).
    • Watchman Fellowship Profile – Modalism/Oneness Pentecostal
  • Joshua Mills (Intensified Glory Institute) – Joshua Mills is a False Teacher that preys on shallow people who are seeking “Glory for themselves”, a lot of “want to be leaders” and justify their seeking for their self-glory which grieves the Holy Spirit while using the name of God. Has a great doctrinal statement but doesn’t believe in it. Joshua Mills partners a lot with Patricia King who has a wide range apostasy to include incorporation of Kudalini and other Hindu Mystic heretical doctrine with phony signs and wonders like gold dust clouds which are only cosmetic plastic gold flakes. If you send Joshua Mills some money, this heretic will send you a piece of cloth he says he stood on this rag and leaked “glory oil” from his feet. Part of the “so-called” New Apostolic Reformation. Doesn’t actually preach the gospel of God’s righteousness. He even says the Holy Ghost transported him to China to an elevator. It is not just a gospel of greed and covetousness, it is a total gospel of “self” which is Eastern/Hindu Mysticism. It is very tempting for the “Jezebel Spirit”(the language in “churcheeze” for Narcissist) He and Patricia King doesn’t just bow down to a Goddess of the New Age Religion, they incorporate it and grievously outright teach it as the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is blasphemy.
    • Spiritual Deception in the End Times- Renegade Christians
    • Do not be Deceived ! Kundalini Warning Documentary by Andrew Storm
    • Gold Dust-Manna-Angel Feathers-Gems-Rainbows-Gold Glory Glory cloud
    • Slaughter of the Sheep – Joshua Mills
    • Another source is Caryl Matrisciana. She was ahead of the curve on how Eastern/Hindu occultism would creep into Christianity from the Emergent Church apostasy to the New Apostolic Reformation and deceive so many Christians.
    • Joshua Mills teaches a totally unbiblical theology that goes beyond leaving out of “God’s Righteousness” and is totally “self”. He dwells in what Jesus warns us about everything about false messages from angels to packaged signs and wonders of packaged Eastern Mysticism (Hinduism). The New Apostolic Reformation movement is demonic. The Bible clearly says expose this and have nothing to do with it.
    • The New Apostolic Reformation, of which Constance Ramsey-Dixon has demonstrated a part of, attributes the lies of man to the Holy Spirit. The New Apostolic Reformation are false teachers that uses deception to exalt man for the purpose of money, power and influence. This movement attracts the same with the deception. It does not exalt God. This should grieve the true believer and bring trembling to those who fear Yahweh, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. It attracts apostates.

How many false converts follow the likes of T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen and Joshua Mills? False Teachers bring false converts into the church organization at the cost of the faithful.

Minister Constance Ramsey-Dixon gets fed by man, not Jesus. All three of who she seeks to get fed by are Men that creates a Jesus that doesn’t exist. There teachings are for “self” not the righteousness of God from the prosperity gospel to the new age of the Joshua Mills / Patricia King all prey on the Glory for self, not the righteousness of God. We can look toward respected Men of God from within Biblical Christianity from the Reformed side with John MacArthur and to David Wilkerson on the Pentecostal side of Biblical Christianity and they call what these teachers are as Heretics. A False Teacher that borrows Yahweh’s name to create a false “Christ” and uses His name is the worst kind of Blasphemy. They create a God that doesn’t exist based on the Temporal. They prey on the worse of man’s nature of the desires of the Temporal whether it to be self importance to the other carnal desires.

2 Peter 2:1-3 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. NASB

John MacArthur states that Preachers like this hate the True God. Dave Wilkerson has stronger words and states that both the follower and the teacher are “spiritual fornicators”. We can now understand why Constance Ramsey Dixon has no use for repentance. She believes the Gospel of “self”.

The Bible teaches that the greatest danger to the real “Church” is not from outside the Church organization, but from within. In the Gospels we are warned 14 times about false Teachers and in the epistles we are warned about these wolves among sheep 18 times. We are told that Jesus is our Teacher, not man.

Matthew 23:8-10 But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. 10 Do not be called leaders (Teachers); for One is your Leader (Teachers), that is, Christ. NASB

That scripture tells us several things. Two of which is that: the first Christ is our teacher, not man. That those who twist, ignore and add to Christ is not of Christ. They indeed worship a different Christ. The second is there is no hierarchy in the true church; just those who have different gifts. Those who feed their egos with position and twist, ignore the Lord’s word to suit a position are more than idolaters, they are out and out apostates that may be lost without redemption.

The beliefs and false doctrine of Carrie Cocurullo, the President of Brand New Beginnings Ministries … “Modern Prophesy over the Word of God”

Carrie Cocurullo corrupt leadership Brand New Beginnings Ministries

Carrie Cocurullo corrupt leadership Brand New Beginnings Ministries

Carrie Cocurullo has no set values for that day. She is always looking for a word from man rather than the Lord. Her compulsiveness demands a flexible Gospel, that allows her to switch gears . She didn’t know what Apologetics were until two years ago or what people like Ravi Zacharias or Dr James White did until 2 years ago. She will have you researching to find an “out” for her responsibilities in the Lord, but quickly holds on to the neat “promises” of the Lord.

She only has deep conviction for a moment. For example Carrie Cocurullo will be vehemently against abortion than give at work to organizations that finance abortion and against other Biblical held standards for the sake of acceptance of the “world”.  She lost her job and let her name be used by organizations that either mock Biblical Christianity or have stands against it.

Her big thing is using prophets (word of man) rather than the Word of God. She used to use the false prophet at Faith Assembly of God several times a week and boast about being on the phones for hours with her as this false prophet tickled her ears and tell her what she wanted to know. In other words she was using a soothsayer. There was no discernment and testing her words. If she couldn’t find her answer there (or one she liked), she has been known to drive to where a traveling prophet was speaking. Carrie Cocurullo would act super passionate and use those three little words: “God told me”. It was all to get what she wanted or get out of something she realized she didn’t want anymore. She looked at people that could bring her status up and attached herself to them, hence the false prophetess at Faith Assembly of God and Pastor Edward Jones as her “spiritual daddy”. She loved also having people around her that would be “grateful” toward her and had her own little following. She couldn’t just be a sheep.

The “false prophet/soothsayer” is an interesting story. All this “false prophet” did was what Carrie Cocurullo did. She studied people’s hates and desires and repeat those same hates and desires back to her in the guise of prophesy to tickle Carrie Cocurullo’s itching ears. This was especially evident of her on again/off again relationship with now Deacon Terry Padillo Conti. Both Carrie Cocurullo and Terry Padillo Conti fell prey for this manipulation. (And yes manipulators do get manipulated, especially those always seeking the easy.) This hate grew and affected many relationships that surrounded these two woman, especially Caridad Cocurullo’s daughter and Terry Padillo’s granddaughter. They took the most of grief and hours of rage from Cocurullo who sought to do everything to stop the “evil influence” from the family of the Padillos on her daughter. (Her perception, not mine.)

One would have thought that with all this dependence of “prophesy” in her life over the Word of God, a self professed leader would at least researched and used some Biblical discernment in the matter of prophesy.

1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. NASB

The “sort of” fall of a False Prophet (soothsayer) at Faith Assembly of God and Carrie Cocurullo

The office of Prophet is self appointed with the OK nod of Leadership and is a way for folk to enter the fold of influence at Faith Assembly of God. So once you have established your corner office in the organization, it takes a lot to pull you out. Sort of like certain 3rd rate bureaucrats that we meet that work in the federal government. Our heroes in this case were not even members or committed Christians. They were the two aforementioned young teenagers, Miss Cocurullo’s daughter and Deacon Tery Padillo’s (Conti) granddaughter. They basically set up a undercover intelligence gathering program and systematically exposed them by stealing Self Professed Leader Caridad Cocurullo’s Texts and Deacon Terry Padillo (Conti’s) Texts to make their case. The texts showed how these two “Christian” woman, one a deacon the other a self-professed leader that is the Senior Pastor’s Spiritual daughter were being manipulated. Pretty substantial evidence was gathered by the two young ladies affected most.

Well, of course, even with the hard evidence the False Prophet denied everything. And a “select group” of Church Leadership decided the quiet way was the best. At a minimum what should have had happened was “ALL” that were affected should have been told and asked to assemble with the False Prophet asking each one for their forgiveness, especially our two heroes. Then the congregation should have been warned so they would not be influenced by the “False Prophet/soothsayer”. There was no real correction and addressing the affect on the victims. There isn’t the real addressing of sin at Faith Assembly of God when leadership is involved. The “offender” is usually protected and the leadership approaches the vocal victims and tell them that they must forgive. The offender does not even have to go and ask for forgiveness. That would show Christ’s humility. We can’t have that in leadership.

As far as our two heroes are concerned; I guess they had the satisfaction of uncovering the scandal, just to be shown that their righteousness was handled with distain even though they out classed Christian Leaders (and self promoting would be leader)in their discernment in the matter. They saw the church using expediency to cover up sin, but not addressing their healing or pain as targets of sin. They saw the church look away at sound doctrine and so-called leaders like their grandmother and mom who were there to protect them, not fight for them or the “Word of God” they so many a time professed for personal agenda and not Yahweh’s Righteousness. Instead of drawing nearer to God, they became more cynical because they knew that they were more righteous then the adult leaders who claim to profess the Lord as their leader, not and earthly man or woman in the church. Statistically speaking, most kids fall away from the church when they leave for college. In this case they saw the worse before they left the home for college. Pray for these two that they will ignore the church organization and come to the real Yeshua (Jesus).

Pastor Edward Jones, Senior/Lead Pastor of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY and Carrie Cocurullo’s “Spiritual Father” directed the outcome without consideration of how it was seen by the eyes of the two heroes / victims and how those two precious souls may now look at Christianity now. This should grieve all of us. They and others who were affected matter! The Word of God says so. The Lord says if you say you love God and hate your brother, the Lord calls you a liar. And you know the scripture as well as I do in Matthew 18:6

Matthew 18:6 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

As Caridad Cocurullo complicity in the matter, the soothsayer, was just telling Carrie Cocurullo what she wanted to hear and give ammunition to justify Carrie Cocurullo wrath on others. In reality it was Carrie Cocurullo using her own daughter and others under the guise “False Religion” to justify her actions. Will she see the need to repent? Carrie Cocurullo never saw her daughter as a victim in this. That is too bad. At least Carrie had the excuse to blame it on someone… at least to the world.

Carrie Cocurullo’s new exploits into Eastern Religion – Hypnotism

It seems Carrie now is involved with the eastern practice of Hypnotism. She is actually promoting this to other Christians. This practice is very controversial and is considered dangerous by many people in both the secular mental health field and Orthodox Christianity. Both groups of skeptics see the practice as opening the doors to letting things in our lives that shouldn’t be there, even when the practitioners of hypnosis are professional, the dangers can outweigh any potential benefit. In the Christian worldview we see it as letting spirits in on our lives, when we depend on the Holy Spirit.

We should remember the “father of modern day hypnosis, Franz Anton Mesmer, was a practitioner of the occult. The practice of hypnosis opens hidden spiritual doors whether you realize it or not. We Christians are to avoid altered states of consciousness because of the risk. We are to rely on the Holy Spirit and the Holy Word of God. Those who participate in these activities of eastern religions may definitely feel spiritual energy, but it is not of God. Yeshua (Jesus) never had to put anyone in a trance to get into their heart. 1 John 4:1

Hypnosis and Yoga open hidden spiritual doors / Christian Post

Hypnotism by definition gives up one’s control to another “man” to find the answer to one’s life inside one. There are many things wrong with this eastern philosophy. First, we don’t give up self control for any spirit, because the Holy Spirit who dwells within us tells us he will not subordinate to another spirit. And second, that finding the answer from within is an Eastern mystical doctrine that goes against Orthodox Christianity is that we receive “truth” from God’s Word and his Holy Spirit, not from “with in”. This is satanic and is a source of idolatry because we set ourselves as “little gods” and not rely on Yahweh.

The question is, is this dabbling in possible occult activities just adding to Carrie Cocurullo’s compulsive behavioral problems to justify ignoring the Holy Spirit and the Word of God just as her reliance of a “soothsayer” was. Remember this all came about with a “Spirit of Entitlement” that led to fraud, which could have been dealt with Biblically; where it would be a forgotten transgression if she handled it with repentance then. But her compulsive behavioral condition sought a “magic pill” which led to serial lying and cover up, violent and criminal acts that left me injured where I couldn’t help my family, that led to more serial lying, slander, stalking. And when she learned that her crime and the subsequent serial lying was documented (recorded) she then went further trying extortion and threats using the most vulnerable person in one’s life, a battered woman (family member) to stop the truth. Carrie Cocurullo’s uncontrolled compulsive search for a “magic pill” instead of God’s Word to repent, has destroyed a few lives and affected more than one is willing to count.

The Doctrine of the leadership of the Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY

Constance Ramsey-Dixon & Carrie Cocurullo - the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry, Poughkeepsie, NY

Constance Ramsey-Dixon & Carrie Cocurullo – the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry, Poughkeepsie, NY

The doctrine of Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Carrie Cocurullo is one of “self”. They may know all the “christianeze” language. But they don’t apply it. On their web site they use 2 Timothy 3:16, but they themselves will not listen to any correction or rebuke. They have only contempt for John’s First Epistle that actually explains our Christian love. They have done everything to avoid the Matthew 18 resolve and Luke 17:3 for repentance. They have ignored all scripture dealing with warnings of False Teachers and discernment. The signs are is they are false teachers also.

On their site they talk about forgiveness, but they don’t talk about repentance. This is  part of the doctrine of Osteen, Jakes, Cocurullo, and Ramsey-Dixon. This is not the doctrine of Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel of Righteousness. You cannot preach about “Forgiveness” without preaching “Repentance”. You cannot talk about “God’s Love” without talking about “His Truth”. You cannot preach about God’s Grace without the fact we are all sinners and depraved in the eye’s of the Lord. You cannot shout God’s “promises” without the Fear of the Lord, acceptance of His Holiness and to be in obedience with His will. He is a righteous God, He will not be mocked. One who lives a life of “works” over the grace has completely been deceived and has become the deceiver. They actually hate the true God.

There are no signs of repentance with the Cocurullo-Dixon Leadership Team of the Brand New Beginnings Ministry.

The Cocurullo – Dixon leadership team uses scripture as a prop. Their attitude toward doctrine can be summed up in 2 Timothy 3:5 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

2 Timothy 3:5 holding to a form of godliness (or religion), although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. NASB

2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. NASB

As stated before, the Gospel is not preached with a life shown to be influenced heavily by self and a gravitation to the mystical rather than God’s Word.. They turn to the Eastern Religion influence which turns to “self” for growth and doesn’t believe the cost of sin is repentance.

We know then from who they follow. Doesn’t the demeanor of sin in these two’s life tell us that they give a false Gospel message leading to a false conversion.

John MacArthur states there are two ways that you become a Heretic; A Doctrinal Heretic or a Moral Heretic. David Wilkerson makes a similar point. We can see both Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon has crossed a line into both Moral and Doctrinal Heresies. I have a slightly different take then MacArthur and Wilkerson. If you are a Doctrinal Heretic, there is a good chance you are a Moral Heretic. If one’s theology and doctrine takes away and treats God’s Holy Word cheaply and lightly as they do, their life will reflect the signs of moral heresy which will creep and reflect “Man-Doctrine” that allows one to justify their carnal behavior first individually than corporately within the ministry organization. Where there is no accountability within an organization to God’s Word; Individual Integrity issues become an organizational problem.

Similarly if we look at the 10 Commandments; if you abide to the 4 Commandments of God, the 6 Commandments on how we treat each other will be abided to. If you disregard those 4 Commandments of God, the likelihood is that you have no problem breaking the 6 Commandments on how we treat each other. That is why the charge of Idolatry of the Leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY is so offensive to the Lord. If you have no “fear of the Lord”, you only have “fear of getting caught” when it comes to the commandments toward man. It also goes to the question whether they ever had fear of the Lord. It also brings to question of their individual salvation. Did they ever Fear the Lord, or did the Cocurullo-Dixon Team see Christianity as a membership to an organization where they perform works to show their peers that they are “good Christians” but secretly avoid repentance to the criminal and violent acts to those they have harmed and the subsequent activities of slander, stalking, serial lying and Extortion using the most vulnerable?

You see when we ignore God’s doctrine as history shows us, we do not just act “like” the world, in many ways we act “worse than the world”. The people that have been affected by this who are not “Born Again Christians” are horrified and don’t see Christ, but they do see a picture of Christianity that isn’t Christ. How many secular newspapers talk about how the “Church” hides sin of church/ministry leadership rather than deal with it from the Roman Catholic Scandals to our very own in the American Evangelical church today? We see it throughout history where bad doctrine is painted as what Christianity is all about. And when we remain silent we confirm to the “world” that this is what Christianity is all about.

It isn’t that the seeker friendly church and/or Emergent church promotes leadership like this, but invites it in without the Biblical accountability of Leadership. The “self-promoters” who have their own agenda instead of God’s finds it easy to rise in this system. In other words they put on a shallow façade and allows the “in house” apostate to find their corner office without accountability. Shallow Leadership promotes future shallow leadership. If one examines the criteria of even for a facilitator of a “work book agenda” Bible Study at Faith Assembly of God, neither Carrie Cocurullo or Constance Ramsey-Dixon on both their Moral and Doctrinal Heresy. They certainly don’t believe in the concepts of Sola Scriptura and Tota Scriptura. It is more like primoris est instituo in ferocitas Scriptura est secundus”with the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. What does that mean? That means “that their first source is arrogance/pride (self) and scripture second” But then again as discussed, God in His word has told us that this would happen; Fourteen times in the Gospels and Eighteen times in the Epistles. And as 2 Timothy Chapter 3 indicates well what we can see in with Carrie Cocurullo, Constance Ramsey-Dixon and their protectors.

2 Timothy 3:1-8 1But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness (religion), although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter (creep) into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the (recognition) knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith.

The Lord requires us to expose these modern day Pharisees. The leaders of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY are Heretics that refuse to repent. They are living in their sin. I’ll let you look up Hebrews 10:26-27.

We fear from who they follow, the demeanor of sin in these two’s life that they give a false Gospel message leading to a false conversion.

As far as the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God’s official position on these matters and these two heretical behavior and doctrine. You can try talking to Carrie Cocurullo’s Spiritual Father Pastor Edward Jones, Deacon Terry Padillo Conti and Deacon George Andrews. They feel it is within their “pay grade” to not answer these inquiries, especially to the victims of their criminal acts and violence.

The leadership of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie has been requested formally if the unrepentant criminals/apostates Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon, “self promoting” leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY have been formally credentialed and by whom so we the victims can file a complaint to the credentialing authority. We regard a non-answer as suppression of a valid complaint. Perhaps the leadership thinks unrepentant criminal and violent acts leading to an injury with retribution involving stalking, slander and extortion is a minor issue for a credentialed minister.

Perhaps that letter should be made public.

Next month we will explore Narcissism in Ministry. Our You Tube account has a section on Narcissism. I suggest you start on the ones dealing with ministry and what professions narcissists are drawn to. People who know these two will have their eyes open. Sam Vaknin is a great resource. Unfortunately our family has been educated with a prior event in our lives on this subject. But fortunately that event has equipped us to handle it with the documentation with these apostates own words (recordings), from the day of the criminal act on April 7th, 2013 to the week of serial lying and extortion July 15th to the 20th, 2013.

For now thank you for your time by reading this. We hope and pray the lessons we have shown through examining actual events will help you to examine your own hearts, prepare you with dealing with the sin of leadership, come alongside innocent victims from within the church and bring you closer to the Lord we serve.

God Bless you. Fight the fight the Lord has given you.

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NOTE TO THE READER OF THIS POST: This is the third in the series of the Corrupt Leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY. Please read our first two posts:

BACKGROUND/STATUS AS STATED FIRST POST: These self proclaimed Christian leaders in question are Constance Ramsey-Dixon then President (now director) and Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo then Vice President (now President) of Brand New Beginnings Ministry. All three of us are congregants of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY, where Carrie Cocurullo is the “spiritual daughter” of Lead (senior) Pastor Edward Jones. This episode started October 5th, 2012 with a Spirit of Entitlement and a little fraud and grew into where we will start the story where Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Carrie Cocurullo committed violence and criminal acts leaving me a part time cripple and affecting over 20 people negatively against the church in general,  Faith Assembly of God in specific and against the name of Jesus (Yeshua) on April 7th, 2013. Status is the same as the church is silent to the victims.

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There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you.