Part two: Answering Inquiries about the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry Posts, Faith AG Challenges and updates – Questions 5 thru 8


This post is to answer some additional questions, general inquiries and clarifications that have arisen in the matter of the 3 posts dealing with a small ministry headed up by the apostate Cocurullo-Dixon Team of Brand New Beginnings Ministries in Poughkeepsie, NY and my last post which we will call Part 1:

Answering Inquiries about the Corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry Posts, Faith AG challenges, updates and other Administrative Stuff dated September 16, 2014 (questions 1 thru 4)

Again if you are just picking this up, it may help if you read from the beginning with these three posts.

If you can’t, well, I understand. The Lord knows I understand. When sin goes on and on, it piles up like an old dung heap with sin becoming indistinguishable from the last act.

And again a lot of this will not be clear as to the people directly involved, and a third of them don’t want it to be clear.

5) Has the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God contacted you?

No, does that surprise anyone? They sort have let themselves get in a bad position. They expected me to go and fade away as others did. It didn’t happen.

Maybe the alternate title for Question 5 is "Where are all my accusers?"

Maybe the alternate title for Question 5 is “Where are all my accusers?”

Let me explain. The recent events of three Deacons, George Andrews, Terry Padillo Conti & Bill Leman and the Pastor not reporting the complaint of two separate leaks on personal matters from the rest of the board is worse than the original complaint. Unless somehow a claim is made that Deacon #4 is a liar, the Board of Faith Assembly of God should have to answer to the congregation why these matters that bring dishonor to the church and the name of Christ have not been dealt with.

The board knows that “Deacon” Terry Padillo Conti is one of the sources of those leaks and also withheld information of criminal acts of the Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Carrie Cocurullo from the victims (and still has). She has not repented from her acts of moral turpitude and malfeasance in this matter. I would love to see the Bible Verse that states leadership in a church organization is immune to accountability and that the sheep are the only ones held to accountability.

Sort of sets up an “Old Boy Club”. “Protect your own” in a Board of a Church isn’t a good sign. It says there is a “respector of persons” culture within leadership.

Where is it in Deacon Terry Padillo Conti’s pay grade that she can breach a sacred trust of leadership by ignoring scripture and sound doctrine? Can someone quote a scripture for me that gives Deacon Conti this special dispensation? Why was she allowed to sit on the board with this information that was not given to the victims? Any board member care to answer?

Withholding that information from the victims doesn’t exactly give you a “good citizenship” award. It is hardly an example to the youth of the world, let alone the youth of the church. It not only covers up unrepentant sin of violence, professional corruption and criminal acts; It enabled the slander, serial lies, stalking and extortion that came after that. Deacon Conti became a silent participant in the Cocurullo-Dixon Team’s crimes that came after that day.  It certainly does fit the definition of “Moral Turpitude”.

How does the “board” justify keeping this member on the board? I would like to know. My family would like to know.

And yes, where is it in Deacon George Andrews, Deacon Bill Leman, Pastor Edward Jones for not dealing with the leaks from the board on personal matters of the Congregants? But instead go after a lowly sheep who’s life and his family’s life has been turn upside down by two unrepentant corrupt criminal leader wannabe’s that engages in extortion using the weakest and most vulnerable among us. This is not just about the malfeasance of Deacon Terry Padillo Conti. It is about the others who negated to report the complaint to the board. It is about honor and duty. It is about Yeshua and the truth of His light. It is about sin. Again can someone quote me a scripture here?

When a church (as with other organizations) has no operational recourse to address issues of accountability they often go into siege mode when they fail to deal with it. But unlike the outside organizations, they have a mandate to God  and God’s blood bought children. The Church Board also can choose to stop the heaping sin on top of sin through a process of repentance and restoration as long as they have a willingness to obey the Holy Spirit.

Yes an organization can sin.

I sort of recognized that this would happen as I alluded to in the first post of this series. It is part of our fallen state. Dr Jerry Kaifetz makes the point when he did his series “How a good Church Becomes a Cult:” He states when Church Leadership isolates itself from the congregation without transparency, that this is a sign of a church changing for the worse. And we can see that in the way it conducts secret tribunals on individuals without the individuals even knowing about it.

In other words, the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY are resisting accountability which should be transparent to the victims, the congregation, and the Lord.

In Faith Assembly of God this has led to ignoring sound doctrine and scripture in handling matters. They have shown contempt for Matthew 18:15-17 with their secret tribunals and a willingness to overlook look real sin of their own with the leaks of the board and refusing to handle them while going after perceived and unexpressed sin of the victims of criminal behavior. They have ignored their own Corporation Bylaws which state how to handle such circumstances, in other words they have broken the law in this matters. Something both “the world” and other Christians looking in and have been affected can see and understand the malfeasance in this matter.

The following is a YouTube on Dr Jerry Kaifetz’s series “How a good Church Becomes a Cult” Part 1 of 5. I encourage you to watch and go to his site for part 2 thru 5. I highly recommend leadership partake in the entire series.

Or you can go to directly to Dr Kaifetz’s Youtube site. The following are the links to the entire series of “How a good Church Becomes a Cult”

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We do have a couple of Dr. Kaifetz’s videos posted on our Youtube site under the “Spiritual Abuse” playlist.

You would have thunk…

“Thunk” is Jerseyite for “thought”. I have a little Jersey still in me – it is the state that consumes more “real” pizza per capita than any other state in the union. So please indulge me.

You would have “thunk” that a church leader would contacted me by now and showed me where I have sinned. Not one scripture. You would have thunk that a brother seeing that I was in sin would have came along side by now and showed me in the spirit of step 1 of 4 of what Jesus outlined in Matthew 18:15-17 me the error of my way. But then again they haven’t. (maybe because they can’t)

You would have thunk that “a brother” especially a leader in the church would have long before before it was brought up at a board meeting to me as an individual as scripture dictates. You would have thunk.

But the fact is there hasn’t been any sin of me that they are upset about. Where is the one to one correction where my accusers have tried to correct sin? There is none. Am I being attacked for the Truth and/or the outlet of it? Is the board saying that my family and I have no right in protecting ourselves with the truth because elements of leadership enabled more sin such as extortion and slander of the people who submitted testimonies, my family and me? And I ask again for myself and those people who were targeted victims, “Where is that in the Bible?”

Dr. Jerry Kaifetz makes the point in his series “How a good Church Becomes a Cult”: When decisions are made based on what is perceived is the best interest of the church and not on the principles of righteousness. That is the “beginning of the end”. The church doesn’t have any mandate that excludes itself from the principles of righteousness.

And this in fact is where the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY is at now. Not just by me, but others that have either been encouraged to leave. Good brothers and sisters who found themselves without voice because of any process to address outrageous abuse by the “protected class” at Faith Assembly of God. From slander to criminal acts can be perpetuated by the protected ones, but a little girl can in the choir can be kicked out without again benefit of Matthew 18:15-17. Or a godly brother has to suffer humiliation by being made to walk outside the church building to the sanctuary from the Men’s Sunday School Class because carnal “church ladies” don’t like the way he looks. All these are expedient methods to handle the sheep without benefit of scripture and the orthodox doctrine In other words: The righteousness God was replaced by expediency.

Meanwhile the protectors in leadership of criminal and violent acts are themselves protected from having to repent, a false prophetess who acts as a sooth-sayer are protected from having to repent, Pastors who burden a cripple with an ungodly Gag order so he can’t get help is protected from repentance.

One looking at leadership, one would think that repentance is a bad thing.

Remember, Yeshua (Jesus) railed against the Pharisees for their iniquity perpetrated from their position of authority more than any other iniquity.

Matthew 23:4 They tie up heavy burdens and lay them on men’s shoulders, but they themselves are unwilling to move them with so much as a finger. (NASB)

The possibility of the siege mentality of the board was predicted when I wrote the letter to the three deacons which in part is mentioned in the first post of this series in the April 3rd post “The Corrupt Leadership of the Brand New Beginnings Ministry”. We all understand the resistance. It is the carnal nature of man. And the implications are tremendous. And the affects are heaping sin on top of sin. This all started with criminal acts on April 7th, 2013 by two corrupt unrepentant congregants by the names of Carrie (Caridad Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon and has morphed into a well documented of the building of a wall of iniquity to protect those sins that just multiplied. All to protect sin, the people who were affected the most had to endure more sin from within the church.

It is more expedient to keep me away then the task of repentance. Hence we have the siege mentality. The leaders involved have set up a false system of accountability. Christ says we in the church are accountable to each other regardless of title. There is no royalty or two tier system in the New Testament Church. We see just the opposite what the New Testament Church is suppose to be at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie. We see that the principles of Solas Christus and Sola Scriptura have been pushed to a back burner and are only a subject for sermons, but not in real day to day life on how leadership operates within the church.

This leads us to the doctrine of the “Sufficiency of Scripture”. This is a major tenet of the Christian walk. It is the doctrine that says all we need to prepare and live a life is in the Bible. We say that we trust Christ to equip us with the scripture He has given us and that alone is sufficient. When leadership adds to and/or ignores the scripture and the orthodox doctrine that it has given us, we say portray to “the world” and Biblical Christians alike:

  1. We don’t trust God our creator and He is not sufficient.
  2. We can’t be trusted ourselves and that our creeds will change according of the whims of man
  3. That it is all is up for question to include the atonement, the sacrifice at Calvary.
  4. It tells the sheep that they don’t have to walk with Christ once they leave the sanctuary in “the world” if leadership doesn’t walk the talk in the church. It is all a show.
  5. It plays into the arguments of the antichrist that our belief in Christ is unstable
  6. … and the list goes on and is endless

This is what Dr. Jerry Kaifetz talks about when he says it is the “beginning of the end”. Sin will just heap itself on top of sin until pile of sin collapses on the people around the pile. You see Dr. Jerry Kaifetz has a unique experience to add to his insight in the matter. He was close to the scandal at the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana and writes about it. It is a classic story of mega church corruption that started  with the founder Jack Hynes and ended up with Pastor Jack Shaap going to Jail. The headlines only reflect the end result, the line countless victims started 20 years prior to that. It was man centered while claiming to be Christ centered. It was sin heaped on top of sin. The sufficiency of Scripture was preached but not followed. The justification of man let leadership go where all the classic Spiritual abuse was noted. It could have been stopped at anytime if there was just a few who stood up for the righteous.

And here is where we are at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie. How many people were affected by the depraved acts of two unrepentant congregants who were protected using unbiblical and deceptive practices by leadership making the victims bare the burdens? How much more sin was heaped up by church leadership in addition to the sins of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team of Brand New Beginnings Ministries like stalking, serial lying, defamation of character and extortion?  How many other good brothers and sisters at Faith Assembly of God with different stories of unbiblical acts are no longer among their brothers and sisters at Faith Assembly of God because of expediency rather than righteousness?

And the implications are tremendous…

Whether the Board of Faith Assembly God of Poughkeepsie, NY actions and non-actions were intended for evil, the implications are there. No transparency from the Gag Order on and refusing to answer questions directly and honestly doesn’t help there case here. This isn’t about national security; this is about truth and compassion for someone and his family that was given an injury through a criminal act. It shouldn’t have been about hiding the sins of the unrepentant. The implications are tremendous though.

I think by now we all understand why the Board won’t address me as their Biblical mandate states. And yes, again, I am still a member in good standing at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY… that is of course according to the Secretary of State of New York for which they have a registered corporation and a submitted Bylaws and Constitution that says I am.

This question will be answered with more light when I publish the letter to the two Staff Pastors who were on a fishing expedition that they wouldn’t even tell me who sent them as well as answer other pertinent questions. This would be the “29 point plus letter”.

If leaders cannot answer reasonable questions of the burdens they imposed on victims of criminal and violent acts within the church, there is a deep seated culture of a pharisaical nature that Yeshua railed against. Again Yeshua than any other sin, He did it publically and with gusto. Unlike other sin, he dealt with lovingly, he had no patience with Pharisaical sin. You wouldn’t know that today if you relied on teachings from a pulpit where leadership doesn’t want to be held accountable.

Time to go to the next question.

6) Have you not been a little hard on the leadership with your blog?

This question is sort of the opposite question that was asked in Part 1 of the Inquiries.

Reference: Question 4) It seems that the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God has problems, wouldn’t it have shown more courage to rebuke them first?

Again it is sort of opposite, but not quite.

If this question was coming from one of the “involved leaders” I would be laughing. They know darn well that I have been holding back. If you notice on the first post it is missing the first 12 or so pages of an adapted letter I sent the three Deacons: Conti, Andrews and Leman as well as my co-complainants in a letter “answering their inquiries” in February of 2014. Except for one or two paragraphs the meat of the letter was direct correction factual error and scriptural error presented which may embarrass the three Deacons. The letter also included two affidavits of people who were both affected and witnesses of false allegations. It also included doctrinal attachments I did not publish. Also that was left out is the paragraphs dealing with a minor the Cocurullo-Dixon team immorally used (who should be turning 18 soon.)

That is just an example. If they complain they are being persecuted, remind them they are not the ones who had a twisted back, worried about their employment, a family in turmoil with threats of extortion using their family because of two corrupt an unrepentant criminals. Tell them they didn’t have a “Gag Order” (that as of today they will not account for to the victims) that prevented them from getting help from the brethren, prayer requests suffering in isolation with pain 24/7 and sleep deprivation. Ask them why they didn’t reply to that letter which was initiated by them as a result of a meeting of questionable motives of the three Deacons. You would of thunk they had the moral integrity to answer that letter since they initiated the meeting the answers came from. You would have thunk that their position demanded it upon them rather than “excuse” them from answering.

My family and my advisor sort of believe the same thing. By not replying to that letter it shows the real motive of that meeting was to gather information for the board as long as it wasn’t “documented” information of which I learned that the written word is not welcome at Faith Assembly of God. Their silence, after receiving the answers in writing, didn’t leave them much room for stretching the truth or ignoring what was communicated. The silence is deafening. The silence told us more about the character and the truth we heard in the “leak” we received from the board.

Unanswered responsible questions are a record in itself.

Believe me, it was a truth I had a hard time accepting. My family will tell you how much I used to brag on my church. (And yes it was a form of idolatry for which I have repented.) Fortunately my love of what Christ had me study and was prepared for what was “supposed” to happen. I still find the Bible mind blowing what the God of the universe is about. But it is and was a hard lesson the Lord taught me about the character of this sinner’s heart.

Getting back to the question. The leadership knows that I have shown a lot of restraint on what I have written. While the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie are more concerned that I publish what I had already written; The corrupt leadership of The Brand New Beginnings Ministries, Caridad Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon are more concerned on what I have not written about. And as already answered in Inquiries Part 1, they know this is well documented and is the truth or else they would have clamored for a meeting long ago or answered my charges directly to my family and I.  The Cocurullo-Dixon Team are more concerned that I publish their perceived enemies list and the willingness to use to get to that person to include children. It is warped. I am not the only story. There are a long history of “half” the Cocurullo-Dixon Team of character assassination and using the innocent. So they are probably relieved for the time.

But the fact that my “written” inquiries were not wanted is typical of an individual and/or organization that don’t want truth. It is corruption. And yet as an advisor communicated to me, most denominations will ask for written correspondence from the victim to prove he made an effort in communicating his, her and/or their complaint. The Assemblies of God is no different. Unanswered “written” answers are a record in itself.

7) Why did you use Mark Driscoll as a tag for your last post?

Good Question.

Short Answer: Mark Driscoll is the poster child for what we are talking about in America today with spiritual abuse among the modern Biblical Protestant Churches.

You can stop there if you want and go onto the next question, but I know the leadership at Faith AG in Poughkeepsie will want more. So here is the long answer.

The Brothers and Sisters in Mars Hill Church should be prayed for after what was done to them. And it came from Mark Driscoll handling and lack of humility. Anyone that got in his way was unbiblically dealt with. Scripture and Doctrine was put on the back burner. So was humility. But showmanship and pride led to some of the same things at Faith Assembly of God. Reputations were ruined and people were treated as less than second class citizens of the Kingdom. People were not held accountable if they were in leadership.

Most of the press concentrated on Mark Driscoll’s tweaking his bylaws, his perverse sermons and fiscal fraud on how he raised money and used money to promote Driscoll himself. Driscoll until recently would use his inner circle to protect and promote himself, Driscoll as a little pope. But the real scandal is how he abused people and discarded them like we take out the garbage, except we don’t brag about taking out the garbage. Mark Driscoll brags about the folk he has thrown “Under the Bus”. Except those saints are not garbage, they are Blood bought brothers and sisters.

Famous “Under The Bus” Comment by so-called pastor  Mark Driscoll

There are common threads to what is happening in the three churches so far mentioned in this post: Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, New York, First Baptist Church in Hammond, Indiana, and Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Washington State. They are all evangelical proclaiming a common doctrine in most part and the same Biblical Doctrine.

Mars Hill Church and Mark Driscoll is just the most visual one and actually to Driscoll’s credit he actually relays his arrogance more openly which makes him a less of a deceiver than the aforementioned Jack Shaap of First Baptist in Hammond, Indiana and Edward Jones of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY.

They all on the surface are different One is a from the Reformed Camp, One from the Trinitarian Pentecostal Camp and one from the Fundamental Baptist Church. If you examine their basic doctrine, they socalledly embrace the same Jesus and His Doctrine.

And when you examine what went down another common thread and common results occur.

  1. You have a leadership core that is centered on “mans” vision or personality. That the core leadership first priority is to protect itself rather than a “higher” fiduciary responsibility is to protect the sheep and the interests of Yeshua (Jesus).
  2. They play lip service to core Biblical Doctrine and the scripture from the pulpit, but will deviate from doctrine and scripture if it interferes with their plans or isn’t a good mirror for their image.
  3. Dual standards for two tier system. Instead of being held at a higher standard of accountability, leadership claims special dispensation for the inner circle when it comes to sin.
  4. Once leadership is willing to break their spiritual fiduciary responsibility with God and the sheep as far as the scripture and doctrine states, it is not too big a step is where they break their legal fiduciary responsibility with members of the congregation and the state. When they no longer have the “fear of God”, the leadership will become “respecters of people” and will only see the civil law as a threat when they measure it’s immediate risk.
  5. Spiritual Abuse like shunning and Gag Orders will be used as isolation until they can dispose of you. All three churches have this occurred. In my case they used a Gag Order. I was injured from the Cocurullo-Dixon Team and had to rely on people as much as 2 hours away to do simple tasks around the house. I could not ask the Brethren in my local church. I couldn’t ask for help during a critical time in my family’s life and we are paying big time to this date. Yet I cannot get any reasons like the Biblical Authority to do such a thing from Pastor Linda Schreck for instituting it and Pastor Edward Jones for not lifting it. It would be sin to invoke these tactics without the injury. One just have to read the testimonies from targets of this sin within the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons Yet after inquiries neither Pastor Linda Schreck and Lead Pastor Edward Jones will not answer the inquiries of me and my family. This is unrepentant sin. This is sins of the Pharisees. This was sin to protect unrepentant sin.
  6. No transparency of victims to in clued secret tribunals, not answering reasonable questions of the victims, hiding direct information of criminal acts (Deacon Conti), withholding status from the victims of the criminals, helping criminals by relaying threats and/or silence the individual from telling one’s family on threats directed toward the family itself and using leaks (privileged information from the board) that even go outside the walls of the church… etc
  7. All these ministries set their agenda, “Vision” and themselves above the people (sheep) they were entrusted to grow and minister. They will unrighteously protect their vision above the sheep.
  8. … and the list goes on.

This type of behavior is way too prevalent in the American Evangelical movement.  The Word of God says that the downfall of the church will be from within. It is imperative to fight against this before it is too late. Again, Jesus talked more about this iniquity than any other iniquity. Do you see any of these signs in your own church? There are some of us Biblical Christians that love to point our finger at how the Roman Catholic Church was slow to react to their scandals without transparency? Are you one of those Biblical Christians? So what is the world going to say as we “Cover Up” sin of unholy leadership?

Mars Hill Church of Washington State is just the poster boy for this growing Pharisaical Iniquity. There are bodies of victims from there to Poughkeepsie, NY scattered as if they were garbage along the road into the town dump. Except they are not garbage; they are Blood Bought brothers and sisters in the Lord. And it should make you grieve on what was done to them by those in authority falsely done in the Name of Yeshua. It should make you tremble in Fear of the Lord if you are a believer/leader and partake in this kind of sin without repentance.

Our brothers and sisters are offered up as sacrifice on the modern evangelical alter of Baal for the sake of Man’s Vision and self protection of leadership. It is idolatry of the worse kind.

Note to Pastor Edward Jones: In the membership classes I took about 10 years ago, didn’t you stress the point that doctrine and theology were important over and over again? Why did you change?

8)  The famous “Judge not” or you be judged line

There was a response by a girl named Brandy who used the famous Matthew 7:1 line. Her comment was not directed at anything directly that I wrote, but she was very emotional and took what I wrote very personal. Our purpose here is not to attack sheep, so we are going to overlook her “judgment” as it relates to her interpretation of scripture and answer her lovingly. But she did bring up one of the most popular scriptures to be taken “out of context”, especially in today’s corrupt ministries in the evangelical movement.

We are doing the apologetics thing and her question demands an answer. So let’s take a look.

The scripture in question Is Matthew 7:1.

Matthew 7:1 “Do not judge so that you will not be judged.” (NASB)

But to take it in context we have to continue the quote from Jesus.

Matthew 7:2 “For in the way you judge, you will be judged; and by your standard of measure, it will be measured to you.” (NASB)

This gives us more light. It tells it is how we judge is the way we will be judged by the Lord. It certainly does NOT say we are not to judge.

Let us continue with what Jesus said.

Matthew 7:3-5 Why do you look at the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ and behold, the log is in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. (NASB)

In that scripture Jesus is telling us not to judge as a hypocrite, but to remove the iniquity from ourselves first than attempt to help remove the iniquity from a brother’s heart. And in Matthew 18:15-17 and Luke 17:3 he tells us how to do it. In other words we are to Judge righteously.

And if you still think that Jesus made a commandment “not to judge” let us go to his next statement.

Matthew 7:6 “Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” (NASB)

Yeshua is indeed telling us how we judge. So there indeed we see that we are to judge.

Let me give you some more resources.

The following is a YouTube from oneminuteapologist called “391 Should Christians Judge” which should even make things more clear.

Also let me give the following link to the blog Exit Churchianity article called “Don’t Judge!” on the “Answering Common Questions” Page.

Sister Evelyn who runs Exit Churchianity is a lot better writer than I. She also produces YouTubes for which I link to one from my youtube site. She is a good resource for the “spiritually abused” within Biblical Christianity. So check her out.

There are two major groups that are famous for the misuse Matthew 7:1 and take Jesus out of context.

The first are the enemies of Christianity like atheists who overtly have contempt for Jesus because he sets standards for life. The second groups are corrupt evangelical church and ministry leaders who are covert in their intentions and motives. They want you to be silent about the possibility of exposing their own sin. The second group is more dangerous and is greater in sin than the overt atheist because they were entrusted with teaching the Word of God and they are covertly hiding their intentions to the flock. They are supposed to have the Spirit in them and know better. Paul makes this point in Second Epistle of Corinthians chapter 5 if any are interested.

Dear Brandy, thank you for writing. I hope my answer is complete for you. I know you are angry, but it isn’t at me. Please examine the evidence of God’s word for yourself and you will find such wonderment.

If you are indeed involved in a ministry or church that injudiciously teaches you about Matthew 7:1 as you have demonstrated; it is a church that will abuse you spiritually and not teach you the truth. You may want to correct them. If you can’t or they won’t give you scriptural answers, you may want to leave as the Bible suggests. They are wolves in sheep’s clothing. If they abuse the Word of God, they will abuse you. For if they do not love God to treat His gift to the world, the Holy Bible with respect, they know not how to love you as a Child of the most Holy.

I just want to say again thank you sister. It is a subject that is important in these days we live in today.I like your passion, keep it focused on Jesus. Keep in the Word of God and study it. And pray for us. Have a Merry Christmas. Bless you Brandy.

In Closing

Thank you for your patience, lately I have been dealing with medical issues that have been daunting.

The “29 point plus letter” will be published soon. I am awaiting feedback from a party. We take serious on these things we make public and must protect the innocent in these matters.

Let me just wish all of you a Merry Christmas. It is day that we celebrate of the 100% Man and 100% God who came to dwell among us to give us the gift of hope in salvation if we accept His gift. His name is Jesus. He is our ONLY Hope.

Take care, thank you for reading and until next time may God preserve righteousness in your life.


Some words to think about that may apply to subjects in this blog….

Moral Turpitude n. gross violation of standards of moral conduct, vileness, such that an act involving moral turpitude was intentionally evil, making the act a crime. The existence of moral turpitude can bring a more severe criminal charge or penalty for a criminal defendant.

Nonfeasance:  Failure to perform an act that is either an official duty or a legal requirement.

Malfeasance:  wrongdoing or improper or dishonest conduct, especially by a person who holds public office or a position of trust.

Fiduciary:  A legal or ethical relationship of trust between two or more parties.

Isaiah 5:23 (Woe to) Who justify the wicked for a bribe, And take away the rights of the ones who are in the right!