Answering Inquiries about the Corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry Posts, Faith AG challenges, updates and other Administrative Stuff


This post is to answer some questions, general inquiries and clarifications that have arisen in the matter of the 3 posts dealing with a small ministry headed up by the apostate Cocurullo-Dixon Team of Brand New Beginnings Ministries in Poughkeepsie, NY.

The questions mostly came from the people around me. Due to the nature of this story, even people involved in certain periods of time only knew of their segment. Most of the answers are already in the posts, but at the time of writing didn’t want to get explicit or direct, mostly to limit its impact in the unlikely case of repentance which was my prayers as well as others outside Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY that would take place. And as the Bible states, the longer you stay in your sin, your heart will harden making it unlikely of repentance.

My background reflects much of my writing style: Military, technical and always asking questions of myself and others. I was not reared to defend myself, but defend the weak. The same goes as a non commissioned officer born in the 1st Infantry Division. You look out for those on either side of you, directly below and direct above; so you don’t have to look out after yourself. So much of this was very hard for me. If people were not affected that I cared about, it would have been a lot harder battle to wage. Maybe that is why the Lord involved so many innocent people and gave me compassion for them and sent me explaining what the true church of Jesus is versus a church organization. I have talked about Yeshua more the last 17 months to folk than the previous 5 years.

Let me say I understand that my posts were long. People tell me they had to come back to it to absord what I wrote. The original writings were originally written so those who were familiar with the topic could get a complete view. That was hard to do since as you follow it you find out that the Cocurullo – Dixon Team were very active in heaping more evil on top of existing sin. Where initially most Christians cannot understand this phenomenon, especially if they never went through it, they soon realize it has been happening around them all the time.

That is why I added the links to take people out of their cocoons. Those writers have something to say and do a lot better job than I.

The final part is just an administrative section of thanks, random thoughts and such. Well let’s start with the questions.

Fellow Christians that now understand what is going on in many churches, confess they can tell you of times in their Spirit felt uneasy and now realize what was happening to themselves or another brother or sister. This realization is a step to meaningful discernment and movement of change to what Yeshua mandates for His church. The biggest step though is get into the Word of God and prayer for understanding and wisdom.

One day you are making plans with those people you care about and the next day you are seeing everything pushed off the table that you held sacred and than someone throws the table at you, your family and the Word of God.

1) Are you not afraid of legal action against you like slander or defamation of character?

Short answer is no. But I would be a liar if I said with all boldness that “A Christian shouldn’t be concerned from being sued. The truth is the truth.” Because as we all know that “truth” is a constantly devalued commodity in these days. People have distain for the truth; be it the Word of God or anyone painting a picture that shines a light that makes them uncomfortable. I am no different. It pains us all that any longtime belief or impression that we hold has been shattered, whether it be a long held tradition or a trust in authority, we first resist that we have been duped or betrayed, then we slowly admit it to ourselves as the pain of the truth cleanses the barbs out of our soul and it stings. But then we heal and get stronger when we trust in the righteousness of Yahweh instead of agenda of man.

But some rather keep the barbs of deception for fear of that pain and then infection sets in.

But fortunately, I don’t have to rely on taking a step on faith on this issue. When I say this is a well documented case, The Cocurullo-Dixon Team has provided a wealth of information as written in previous posts. When I stated that this wasn’t “a he said – they said” situation; it was not an exaggeration. If the Cocurullo – Dixon Team was to sue, I would not even have to take the stand in defense of myself except to explain the damages. It would be Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo verses the Cocurullo – Dixon leadership team of Brand New Beginnings Ministries.

It isn’t just the April 7th, 2013 recording when the criminal trespassing and the “hit and run” where Caridad Cocurullo couldn’t control her temper. It is 3 and half months later where Carrie Cocurullo described the event with a whole lot of “he saids” and “she saids” added to the story. If you just heard the story from her mouth I would be in trouble. She is a very accomplished and practiced liar. But those conversations were also recorded on the week of July 15th, 2013. It is amazing her account of April 7th, 2013 and the account she told the senior Pastor of Faith Assembly of God, Edward Jones who relayed it to me 3 weeks prior in a June 26th meeting. The same buzz phrases were used, It is amazing how easily the lies flows as she does it without conscience. From the senior pastor to long time friends, the President of New Brand New Beginnings is a masterful liar without any restraint of a moral center. That moral center is supposed to be Christ for the Christian. I doubt the Cocurullo – Dixon lost any sleep from the deceit, harm and pain they caused to many a person. Any loss of sleep for that team was due to fear that thier deeds may be uncovered or addressed. In other words “the truth” of what they do isn’t that important to them, but “the truth” being found out is.

"... it would lead to a battle of Carrie Cocurullo vs the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries, the Dixon - Cocurullo Team themselves."

“… it would lead to a battle of Carrie Cocurullo vs the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries, the Dixon – Cocurullo Team themselves.”

Like I said it would be Carrie Cocurullo vs Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon on the stand in the court room.

Note aside: The next question you ask may be why didn’t Pastor Jones listen to the recording? Or even interview my neighbor? Good question. I don’t know for sure. But in a way it helped any case because I would not have had the chance of the full documentation needed with Carrie Cocurullo’s second set of recordings and writings of mid July, 2013. That documentation demonstrates the Cocurullo – Dixon depravity and the lengths they are willing to go to keep this simple event quiet at the cost of affecting innocent folk. Affecting innocent folk I may add that paid and are still paying for their criminal acts up to that point. Pastor Jones and Deacon Conti may have enabled Carrie Cocurullo to go further in her exploits against my family, but it has given me the opportunity for documentation on establishing her as a serial liar in court if she would like to go against 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 (again) which she has threatened 3 times. Where I am not grateful to them for the enabling of more evil, especially the extortion using my middle sister, I am grateful to the Lord for giving me the documentation if I am called to defend myself in a civil case.

Right after she told the lies of the April 7th, 2013 criminal/violent event on the evening of July 15th, 2013, I played a small portion of the recording of the April 7th, 2013 Criminal Trespassing/Hit and Run event. Sort of a back to back comparison of what “DID” happen and what she had just told had happened. Surprise – surprise: She wasn’t happy that she had just been caught in her sins. Then her lies began to turn into threats to include a statement that the Director of Brand New Beginnings Ministries; Constance Ramsey-Dixon would lie for her (Carrie Cocurullo). It is amazing how suddenly her demeanor changed. Experienced method actors would have trouble what comes easily for the lead of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team.

And it is recorded for posterity.

Most people who have had his or her hand proverbial caught in the cookie jar of slander and lies would then feel contrite at that point, even if it was an act. But the President of Brand New Beginnings Ministry, Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo went into her compulsive panic mode. It was a almost hour long continued rant involving strange twisting of previous words, threats and even a boasting on how she turned another innocent vulnerable person with hate and fear.

The lead of the Cocurullo – Dixon Team has no reservation in “using” the vulnerable.

Four days later Carrie Cocurullo stalked me at work with a cell call while I was driving to a meeting on Friday July 19th, 2013 and decided to upgraded her threats from Monday that involved using a battered woman, my sister, who was going through hell because I was a part time cripple by the Cocurullo-Dixon Team and couldn’t help during a critical time for my family. Her threats were more thought out and deliberate than Monday. Carrie Cocurullo tried to use extortion using the most vulnerable family member to keep me silent me of her and Constance Ramsey-Dixon’s criminal and violent acts on April 7th, 2013. That is when zero tolerance kicked in. This was depraved. And again with the other veiled threats she restated as noted in the Corrupt Leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry. Apparently Constance Ramsey-Dixon had given her blessing to repeat that portion of the threat that was made four days prior that Ramsey-Dixon would lie for her with all great confidence.

Let me repeat that. When so-called minister Cocurullo demonstrated how far they were willing to go with extortion during an stalking event of an innocent vulnerable member of my family – that is when ZERO TOLERANCE kicked in. That date was Friday, July 19th, 2013.

NOTE ASIDE: Before that week of threats, I had no desire to expose the Cocurullo-Dixon Team’s dirty laundry. After that week her (really their) threats, extortion using a vulnerable loved one of mine and stalking me at work made it necessary to expose them. Her threats of extortion made it necessary to go public. How “self” prophetic on her (their) part. What Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon choose to stop exposure with their depraved acts; it made exposure inevitable as far as my family and I were concerned. Again, how prophetic on their part.

If you keep heaping sin on top of sin, the dung heap of sin will eventually collapse on you.

This is just of the tip of the iceberg of the documentation Caridad Cocurullo, the President of Brand New Beginnings Ministries and Spiritual Daughter of Pastor Edward A. Jones has provided. There are as noted witnesses to several of their backroom claims also made by the apostate leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry.

So as a legal stance, with legal counsel, being sued is not a top concern. If they could, they would. The Cocurullo – Dixon team does not give two wits about 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 or any other scripture that gets in their way. As I reported they attacked me three times with those specific threats. The first time using a staff Pastor acting as a negotiator the day after the Hit and Run. My neighbor was shocked as I stood next to him as the threat was delivered via the phone to me as someone was just crippled. I went to his lawyer. The second time it was one of the threats if I go public (which at that time was the farthest thing in my mind) just before the extortion during the week of July 15th, 2013. (so Pastor Jones… do you really think the Cocurullo-Dixon Team was contrite) At the third time it was after a detailed Luke 17:3 rebuke via email to the two apostates that was motivated by another attempted defamation of character act. For which at that time I hired a lawyer which helped me get organized and prepared me for future encroachments in my family’s lives at Thanksgiving of 2013. Like I said, I hold a zero tolerance after the extortion/stalking episode.

So right now, it is not a top concern. My family and the people near me is. My current health is. Maintaining my employment is. Trying to pick up after the wake of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team destruction is. And the most important, my relationship to Yahweh is.

2) Does the Cocurullo / Ramsey Dixon Team know about this blog?

Constance Ramsey-Dixon & Carrie Cocurullo - the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry, Poughkeepsie, NY

Constance Ramsey-Dixon & Carrie Cocurullo – the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry, Poughkeepsie, NY

I have it on good authority that they are following it. They will read this post long before most of you who are reading it. There reaction as noted will not be public or direct to me. Through this saga they go behind the scenes and plant seeds of discord while not reacting to the charges directly. After all, the Cocurullo-Dixon Team was caught spreading discontent 4 times with slander and misinformation from within the walls of Faith Assembly of God of Poughkeepsie, NY. They will not risk being questioned directly from me and their victims. They are not anchored in the truth of the scriptures.

But neither leader of the Brand New Beginnings Ministries can claim ignorance of the charges now. Can they?

So let us welcome them and tell them they are welcome to correct me on what is written or even repent. Oops. Sorry, I used the “R” word.

Homework Assignment: signs of genuine repentance

3) Does the church leadership of Faith Assembly of God know about this blog and what do they think?

Yes they do. And while I haven’t got a definitive explanation on exactly what their objection is, I can tell you that they are upset and more offended that I have exposed what is true than any perceived “sin” I have committed. That is their primary objection: uncovering unrepentant sin and preventing further encroachments of this type in my family and my life.

They have gone through this blog superficially. I doubt they were given all the correspondence connected to make a rational decision on the matter.

The fact is that leadership in the form of three Deacons of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY; George Andrews, Terry Conti or Bill Leman knew I was going tell my story and protect or at least minimize any encroachment against my family and myself from future attacks from these two depraved apostates, Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon. Deacon George Andrews knew of my options since December of 2013. George Andrews knew I would have my story told. All three Deacons knew that making this public by mid March 2014. Neither of these three Deacons sought to correct, rebuke or otherwise convince me otherwise this was sin to expose and rebuke unrepentant and uncorrected sin of this magnitude by the likes of the leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry of Poughkeepsie, NY. Not one attempt was made to Biblically show me of my error, if there was one, for which they had a responsibility to do so.

In most cases of church discipline dealing with immediate physical needs because of the criminal and violent acts, slander and extortion as with the Cocurullo – Dixon Team would be addressed without delay. And in the case of extortion and slander it would not be dealt with silently if the offenders removed themselves from the process, even if they left the congregation because slander has a life of its own has a lifelong affect if not dealt with from the start. We all know someone who’s life has been destroyed by lies that were not stopped. I would have much rather have done it as part of a church discipline based on orthodox church doctrine, but scripture from Matthew 18:15:17, Luke 17:3 and 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 were ignored by the leaders involved. The “leadership involved” in this matter decided to protect them instead.

They apparently washed their hands of their responsibility in this matter of me exposing sin. They as leadership of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY certainly didn’t want to deal with the sin of these two unrepentant criminals as the Bible dictates. So they left it to me. They looked away from the pain and harm of what the Cocurullo-Dixon Team caused for others and I, ignored the pending threats and now are deciding my fate based on their unscriptural handling of the matter.

The only direct input from the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God I got was …

The only direct input I got was on Sunday, August 3rd. Let me explain. After I missed church for about 6 weeks due to a serious medical condition that sent me to the hospital with a stay and three procedures, that was complicated by the twisted spine that the Cocurullo-Dixon Team gave me, I was met going into church by a forth Deacon who runs Faith Assembly of God’s Security. He told me that it was due to the blog that I better not go into church because people were offended. Since when is being “offended” a reason in itself to stop someone from worshipping with the brethren?

He didn’t let me go in because I have sinned (and no sin was named), but (unnamed) people were offended of this blog. Surely, even Assembly of God Preachers have defended themselves publically.

Before I get started with this, I just wanted to say that I don’t believe Deacon #4 did this out of malice, but just ignorance of the situation and what the Bible says to do. He was very patient with me. To Deacon #4’s credit he doesn’t speak churcheese/Christianeeze fluently. Hopefully he will read this blog and gain a better understanding of orthodox doctrine and research it on his own. I may have an advantage here. My area of study was apologetics and studying cults before this happened. And when you are a part time cripple you spend the time you can’t do basic chores applying that knowledge and studying how it relates to what you are going through.

That Sunday there were no charges stated to me of sin I have committed. No individual did step One or Two of Matthew 18:15-17. Remember I am a sheep. The first step is to approach me one on one. No individual did. And remember it doesn’t matter what pay grade you are as a Christian, whether you are a Pastor, Sub-Pastor, Deacon, Ministry Leader or sheep. You approach the individual first in according with the words of Yeshua (Jesus) first. I wasn’t hiding or ignoring people who I have mentioned. Just the opposite; they were avoiding me after they made me go through a interview meeting process on December 26th, 2013. Even I answered the questions in writing they threw at me the day after Christmas, which wasn’t much of a Christmas for my family and me.

I asked Deacon #4, was the other two, Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon under the same restrictions and he said he didn’t know. I protested and said that what this is was immoral and unethical and doesn’t reflect any Biblical Orthodox Doctrine. No charges, No Matthew 18 Resolve.

I was also informed that the board was having a meeting on me that Tuesday which would make it August 5th, and my blog and I were the topic. This is the second time I was a topic in front of the board (that I know of). Imagine that, the crippled sheep and victim of criminal activity, violence, slander, extortion using a battered woman, isolation (gag order), protectionism, respecter of persons (Elitism) and etc… is now the topic in board meetings for scripturally rebuking, protecting future encroachments from taking place by exposure of sin of of a team that has as a member a long history of character assassination.

I found out from a “leak” (Let’s call “The Leak”) that there was a similar meeting of the Board of Faith Assembly of God and was held around the beginning of the New Year (2014). The blog wasn’t a topic then. And what I heard was again was what to do about me and it was unsettling and can be described as an unbiblical secret tribunal. The leak made it beyond the walls of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY. The leak became slander and rumor, this time spread not by the Cocurullo – Dixon Team, but someone on the board of Faith Assembly of God. This is serious stuff.

So I asked this deacon #4 what the board is going to do about the leaks from within the walls of Faith Assembly of God. I explained the two I know of: one on me and one on another case who Deacon Terry Padillo Conti was the perpetrator of the dishonorable act. Deacon #4 didn’t said he never heard about the leaks.

Leaks from the Board of Faith Assembly of God

The fact that Deacon #4 didn’t know about this (and I believe him) tells me several things:

  • Cover up – I made a complaint in April about the multiple leaks from the board and identified and challenged in an email Deacon Terry Padillo Conti her participation in one. This was an email to the three deacons, that included her, George Andrews and Bill Leman in April (2014). They had a duty to bring this up to the board to the rest of the board immediately. Then I made the same complaint to two staff pastors in a fishing expedition and Pastor Jones in May also was informed and had the moral duty also to bring this up. Why didn’t the whole board know this?
  • Institutional Slander/rumor/gossip – I’m just an out of the loop sheep. If I know about two cases of leaks from the board of Faith Assembly of God, it means it has been happening for a while. The world’s institution such as business and the military are more protecting of people’s reputations than Faith Assembly of God. I write that with a heavy heart. This kind of sin is worse than done by the sheep, the Lord holds leaders at a higher standard. It is not just sin against Yeshua (Jesus) and the targets of that sin; it is sin against the congregation as a whole who put their trust in the board.
  • No Accountability – Where is the accountability? Where is the repentance? If board members knew about this and didn’t do anything about this sin. It becomes a “good ‘Ol Boys club”, sort of like Congress. If leadership does not hold themselves accountable, then morally how can they hold the sheep accountable?
  • Loss of Moral Authority – Simply, how can you expect the sheep take discipline or the teachings of the Bible when humility and respect for God’s Word is only a footnote to your ministry? When you treat some brothers and sisters like second class citizens of the Kingdom to unscripturally protect the sin of leaders and leader wannabees? Isaiah 5:23 comes to mind. Look it up a Bible Gateway link is to the right in the blog roll.

I could probably go on with that list. You see I may be a sheep, but I know leadership. And if they are discussing “what to do with a sheep” for protecting his family because the “involved leaders” wouldn’t do their mandated Biblical jobs in dealing with sin, especially the sin of leadership by not taking care of the leaks from the board. Surely the sin of these leaks and not reporting the complaint of them to the rest of the board is a greater sin then this little ‘ol sheep telling the truth on this humble blog which is not sin? What is the board’s priority?

But I have a question for the Board that goes directly to Ministerial Integrity: Do you have the moral authority to go after me because I decided to go public with this blog that was started in April 2014, when a member of your board engaged in an act bringing dishonor to the board and the whole congregation by going “public” before I did in January 2014 with slander/gossip/rumor by leaking information that is more dangerous and evil because it comes with the tint of authority with it?

This question leads to a whole bunch of other questions, especially since it is apparent when leadership received twice a complaint from myself and others and didn’t tell the entire board at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY. I believe Biblically the board owes me a public apology as part of an act of repentance just in this matter.

Or are the sheep the only ones that humble themselves at the foot of the cross?

As I was talking about on Sunday morning (August 3rd) when I was stopped by Deacon #4; the reason I was stopped was not because of sin. It was because I told the truth in a way that they were not used to. Others, and there has been others, just left the church and I guess that is what they expected of me also. (How dare I not go! – I guess I am just thick headed) Good brothers and Sisters have left Faith AG, and not for superficial reasons either. Remember I tried to use the process just to find out it wasn’t biblically based and the people affected by these criminal acts didn’t have a chance. It was all about protecting unconfessed and unrepentant sin of two self promoting leader wannabees. The Bible is clear that we exposed unrepentant sin.

Where is the Biblical Orthodox Doctrine based on Scripture?

When I was stopped there was no Matthew 18:15-17 process or Luke 17:3. I was not told of any alleged sin. I was not even told of any of the complainants or complainants by name. There were none, absolutely none. It was totally unbiblical. Not at any time, was Matthew 18:15-17 was respected. The words of Jesus and the orthodox doctrine based on Yeshua’s words were not observed. Certainly steps 1 and 2 of Matthew 18:15-17 where one is set aside and rebuked for sinning and if that fails the complainant brings two or more others with them. But no sin was even mentioned.

None of the possible accusers ever did this. None of them cared about Yeshua’s words that is the basis for Orthodox Doctrine. NONE. So I ask as Jesus said to the “Woman caught in adultery”: where are my accusers? If there is an accusation, and the possible accuser is a leader, he or she needs to repent and resign if he or she is a leader and if indeed I am in a Biblical based Christian Fellowship. I hope the board admonishes that individual and makes it so if we do indeed have a Board that fears the Lord at Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie NY.

Secret Tribunals – dark age revisited?

The idea of a “Secret Tribunal” where the subjects don’t even know they are even being talked about, should be a concern to everyone in the congregation. I’m not the first in that either. It certainly takes an even more wicked turn when the subject is just defending himself (or herself) and taking legitimate steps against another assault from two depraved criminals that are willing to use someone’s family member to attempt to silence him. There is no place in the Bible where this is of Christ. Just as the greek word for Deacon means servant, not protector of unrepentant sins. The board needs to reevaluate the way they do business. I write this in love and truth.

Another couples question to the Board. This time the questions are not about the leak itself, but the subject of the leak from a secret tribunal (or tribunals).

Tell me what do you think my reaction when I heard about what your plans were after what my family and I went through and was going through because of these two criminals. Just in one area did any of you think about offering help, even physically? There were days that I didn’t know if I that day was the last day I would be able to work the pain was so bad. I couldn’t do simple tasks around the house. Because of that evil Gag Order I couldn’t ask for help. Friends from an hour… two hours away had pity on me to help, but none of you. Did any of you have compassion for this hurting brother and his family and change the subject of the secret agenda to see if you could help? Half of you on the board know me… Did anyone there on the Board speak out and take pity on this cripple and want to help? I couldn’t even act as pall bearer at my Uncles Funeral because of what those two unrepentant apostates, Cocurullo and Ramsey-Dixon did.

Does anyone on the Board of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY have the moral courage to look me in the eyes and answer me? Not like Deacon George Andrews who called me at work two days after he said he would at a very bad time and told me not to discuss the people who were affected and then hang up the phone on January 2nd, 2013 as I explained why they were important. And Brother George has never explained why these people were not important. He was challenged and still hasn’t explained his comments and won’t be held accountable to my family and me. Is there special dispensation for leaders in the Bible for that behavior? My family matters!

George Andrews: Call your office – my family DOES matter.

Tell me Board, how do you think the subject matter of the Secret Tribunal meeting(s) leaks influenced me on how I would tell my story when I heard what was discussed? Do you think what I heard influenced me to write this blog or try another way to get my story out? There was about 5 options to include legal actions. And at that point no one would hold me to 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 especially after the Cocurullo-Dixon Teams actions. Especially since promises were broken to the victims and no transparency was apparent in the most simplest of ways; how do you think the subject matter of the leaks influenced me?

When church leadership make decisions based on expediency rather on the Word of God; It makes for all sorts of folly. Instead of examining on what Jesus says, a leader acts on his or hers emotions to get rid of the problem by removing it from his or hers sight, the problems remain hidden and growing just to emerge more of a problem than before. That is why you must expose sin, especially of leaders when there is no repentance. And let me be clear: It isn’t about hiding dirty laundry. It isn’t about exposing dirty laundry. It IS about cleaning our dirty laundry.

When expediency mattered with my family and help was needed, “involved leadership” didn’t really care.

Where do I stand at Faith AG? Good question. Biblically I am a member in good standing according to the Holy Scripture and The Constitution and By-Laws of Faith Assembly of God. I was told that Pastor Jones would get back to me that Sunday on August 3rd. Then again I asked the day after Thanksgiving in 2013 that I work this out with Pastor Jones through Deacon George Andrews and got the same response from Pastor Edward Jones… not a word. At that time I wanted to talk about his promise to take care of the slander. Silence. So until I get something in writing, I am a “member in good standing”. … but sort of a sheepdom set up in exile. Or am I? I really don’t know my official status. If anyone knows, please tell me (us). It could be a top secret decision that victims of criminal acts are kept from because of some secret policy protecting unrepented criminals and their enablers, sort of like from the page of the J.W.s policy book that supersedes scripture. One would think that transparency would be paramount for any Biblical Christian organization, especially for victims of violence and criminal acts.

The question will be really answered is when the next time I will walk into Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie. Will they shun me or stop me again? Or will they open their arms and say welcome brother (as well as the other brothers and sisters that have left and didn’t fight.)?

4) It seems that the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God has problems, wouldn’t it have shown more courage to rebuke them first?

Yes and no. There are two basic reasons to start with the Corrupt Leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry. The First is I needed to protect people I care about from encroaching threats and second is the base of this story line deals with their behavior first so to establish a better continuity of the “involved leadership” and culture of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie as it relates to unscriptural behavior. It is true that it more important to deal with the sins that are in leadership of the parent organization then leader-wannabe’s in normal circumstances.

As I wrote when the Cocurullo – Dixon Team showed that they had no boundaries when they used extortion and sunk to the level in exploiting the people I love after they already harmed them, especially targeting a battered woman going through hell. I had the moral and ethical responsibility to prevent and or at least minimize any possible future encroachment from their depraved and driven minds to go even further. Since, a confession and repentance was nowhere to be seen, I choose the most practical, legal and biblical option and that was to rebuke them publically. They are leaders in a public ministry. Keep in mind that I was hampered in my physical limitations due to the pain that made me a cripple a good part of the time from the original criminal acts on April 7th, 2013.

The decision process to start a blog and post the truth is a post in itself. But let me clear about this one more time: my family matters. Too much was done to them already due to the actions of these two apostates. The protection of the innocent is a more important and immediate than dealing with a larger organization that will in all probably be a drawn out process just by the depth of numbers and institutional resistance to the truth. No one wants to believe or deal with sin nature that is so close to home and believe that people that you have put so much trust in would do things like protect criminal activity, violence and attacks of the innocent. Yeshua warned of this. We trust in Him. We forget that. And I am no different. But if we look away too long and ignore the truth, we become part of it and the Lord will harden our hearts and let us live in our wretched condition if we don’t turn back.

But as with the latest events by the Board, maybe we should be more active in discussing the Leadership at Faith Assembly of God. Especially since we found out from Deacon #4 that the Board never received word of my complaints of leaks from their secret Tribunal. It tells us that the Board has not been given the whole story in making their unbiblical decisions and that some leaders are withholding information from the rest of the board. That either spells cover-up or that the culture in leadership has been operating in a manner for so long that egregious behavior is so common place that their own eyes are blind to the sin that is amidst them.

Three deacons, two staff pastors and the Senior/lead Pastor knew of my complaint of “The Leak”. They all were morally responsible for ensuring the entire Board was informed of BOTH leaks. It is a serious matter. The last letter was written to the two staff Pastors who were on a fishing expedition in May when I just wanted to be left alone to take care of the rubble. Those two staff Pastors wouldn’t even tell me who sent them and under what authority they were calling me. It appears that these two staff Pastors never told the board of this or my other points that should have been made plain to the board.

So in that light of the August 3rd event and the revelation that the board never had the chance of addressing the problem with the leaks (Institutional slander) , maybe we should take a stroll on a different path concentrating more on the actions of “involved church leadership” and put the self promoting criminals on the peripheral. As mentioned there was a email to the two staff pastors with my family and my response with their inquiries to us. My family calls this the “29 point plus” letter. It is a free moral audit (short version) on leadership failure in this saga. I think it is time I address the Board with an open letter using that “29 point plus” letter as a basis for my complaint/rebuke for the sin of not following the Bible and the Constitution and Bylaws of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY and the sin of treating Blood bought brothers and sisters like second class citizens of the Kingdom.

I think that is the direction to go. Right now I am going through a medical condition and this will be less time consuming. The next post was suppose to be about Narcissism in the Church and that may be delayed until I have the time to learn the technical side on how to make a video using some of the audio that let’s Caridad Cocurullo explain in her own voice explaining the leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry’s operational philosophy how they deal with perceived enemies and who they will use against them. The “29 Plus Point” letter would be a good foundation for many a post afterward that may be shorter and to the point than the long ones I have written.

I hope that answers that question.

ADMINISTRATIVE SECTION: Giving Thanks, A lessen or two learned, a shout out and stuff

Giving Thanks

During this time it got really low, at times well you read it, didn’t know if I would have employment, saw my family go where it shouldn’t because I was laid up, pain 24/7, sleep deprivation, other health issues made complicated because of a twisted spine, couldn’t do basic tasks and the people you identified as your brother and in the Lord were as distant as if they were the other side of the world when they were 10’ from you. It was bad. It still has it’s affects 17 months later. Things with my family will never be healed.

But in all this I give thanks to the Lord:

  • I am thankful for old friends who came to my side and helped me do basic tasks around the house. Traveling 2 hours one way jus to help me rake leaves.
  • I am thankful for my friends who when I could start driving again down to Jersey for my family would give me refuge in their home and listen to me complain once in a while.
  • I am thankful for the time with the Lord and studying what happened and gaining a better perspective on my area of study of cults. It made what I learned before and brought to a whole new level. It gave me an understanding that could not be obtained otherwise.
  • I am thankful for my closest Brother in the Lord, Alan, who sat down and listened to me for 3 hours at my lowest point. Alan lives in a place called Schenectady, NY and is a congregant in the A. M. E. Zion Church. Sort of tells you God gives you friends in the Lord where you don’t expect them. That is what Paul talks about when he talks about unity in the Church. It is about Jesus we are in unity, not a “vision” of a church leader or a denomination/fellowship. It’s about Jesus who we are centered. It ain’t about Baptists, Pentecostals or Reformed. It’s about Yeshua!
  • I am thankful for having neighbors who looked out after me and fed me when I couldn’t stand to cook for myself and stood by me as witnesses through this saga of sin of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. They lived James 2:15-16. God has blessed me.
  • I am thankful for a warrior Pastor in the Mohawk Valley who understands what I went through, because he has seen it. God will put “Men of God” in your way, if you don’t have access to them in your own church. This is also a lesson learned, the true church is not an organization, it is the totality of true believers of Christ. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to a Man of God outside your local church, especially when your questions are answered by silence.
  • I am so thankful for the mercy I received at work from my coworkers and immediate supervisor, so I can work and have a job today. God gave them patience. They also helped me out and drove an hour one way to help me with basic tasks because I couldn’t ask for help from my brothers and sisters in the local church because of a Gag Order. God is good.
  • I am so thankful to a person I thought I was to help and ended up saving an organ or worse and drove me to the hospital. The devil gave me pain from the injury from Cocurullo-Dixon Team Hit and Run and masked a greater health problem. But Yahweh had another idea, that person drove me to the hospital 4 AM in the morning, where I would have probably languished with the pain because I thought it was from the back injury if that person wasn’t available.
  • There is a lot more to be thankful and perhaps I should just start another post on that. Thank you for those who came along side me, Thank you for those who listened and answered the questions wher I couldn’t get answers from within my home church. Thank Yahweh for being faithful and being patient with me as I learned the lessons he had for me. God is good.

Some Lessons Learned

This again could be a 3 part post on this blog. But let me leave you with a few.

  • In the case of violent and criminal acts: 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 doesn’t apply. When the Cocurullo – Dixon Team on April 7th, 2013 comminted Criminal Trespassing and the “Hit and Run” it was criminal, not civil. Very few theologians or even the Assembly of God would say I went against scripture if I called the police and reported “ALL” what had happened. I was wrong in applying 1 Corinthians Chapter 6 in that matter. Point of Fact, if Cocurullo and Dixon were true believers at that time they would have had the police there and confess immediately and hope for mercy, instead they used Church Leadership first to threaten me with escalation the next day and less that 48 hours after they twisted my spine use the Church Leadership to put a Gag Order on me to protect them. Remember to make things worse, Constance Ramsey-Dixon also betrayed the public trust and abused her position, when she committed criminal trespassing, then left without assisting an injured citizen and than full well knowing that Caridad Cocurullo refused to submit insurance information or go and get the police, Dixon did nothing. The New Testament doesn’t expect us to cover up unrepented sin, especially criminal acts.
  • If a church leader puts a gag order on you… It isn’t of Christ. Do just the opposite ASAP. No matter how much you trust or love them. It isn’t of Christ. A gag order on the victim only enables the unrepentant to sin more. That makes the enabler a silent but full partner in the unrepentant criminal’s next sin. Remember this is not the “world”, this is supposed to be the “church”. (NOTE: The Gag Order will be a full post in the future.) Leaders who implement Gag Orders rarely are willing to make the sacrifice that they tell the sheep to make. They are not Leaders.
  • If something like this happens to you: Keep in the Word. Trust Yeshua, not man. There is enough for you to know why 10 times over if you read just one post. This is the time to trust him alone. If you are in pain that you can’t concentrate, use an audio Bible. Use Godly men and woman from outside the local church to seek wise advice. But verify good counsel with scripture. (And take the time to do it. There is too much a tendency for a local church member assist only within the light of a possible bad leader and slant toward “men” instead of God in their advice. Keep in the Word. This is a time for growth. Keep in the Word. Remember who you are in Christ. Keep in the Word.

Isaiah 55:11

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please, And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.

Shout Out

Shout Out to Brazil!

Short Conclusion (really I am not kidding)

That is about it today. I hope this has been educational. I hope it makes you think. Thank you for taking the time. If you are a believer: Please pray for my family to heal and grow in Christ. Please pray for me, I have some physical trials in the near future. Please pray for the church. Bless you.

Again, if I offended you in an unrighteous manner, please forgive me.

Note aside: I apologize to my readers for not posting more regularly. I intend to be more frequent with shorter posts on a more regular basis using the “29 plus point email”. Thank you for your patience.


Some words to think about that may apply to subjects in this blog….

Moral Turpitude n. gross violation of standards of moral conduct, vileness, such that an act involving moral turpitude was intentionally evil, making the act a crime. The existence of moral turpitude can bring a more severe criminal charge or penalty for a criminal defendant.

Nonfeasance:  Failure to perform an act that is either an official duty or a legal requirement.

Malfeasance:  wrongdoing or improper or dishonest conduct, especially by a person who holds public office or a position of trust.