The shallow Theology and Doctrine of the leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry in Poughkeepsie, NY

As Christians we strive to follow the Word of God in our lives. We believe correctly that scripture is God breathed and is the only thing we use to develop our Theology and Doctrine. This is called Sola Scriptura and Tota Scriptura. Whenever we twist, ignore, use at convenience, add to, over allegorical, legalize and intentionally break the scripture we bring havoc on us, around us and bring shame on the name of Christ. It brings evil. That is Man-Doctrine. That is not sound doctrine. Man-Doctrine will always lead to sin. And uncorrected sin will be heaped on top of more sin

You can have a great doctrinal statement, be well versed in the language of “churcheeze” by saying all the right things, or even quote scripture, but if your motivation is not God’s Righteousness, your “stated” doctrine is only that: “stated”. You are living a lie and it will eventually bring destruction down. You are offending the One who gave you life and saying you have no love for Him, our Creator.

Both these self-professed leaders take the shallow “fill in the blank” workbook “agenda driven” studies that allow just enough to hear the word, but always mixed with a spin. These studies have more an affect to socialize through fellowship than to get closer to Jesus by examining scripture in an exegesis manner. These agenda-driven Bible Studies unfortunately give too much “sway” room to a dominate individual who may have their own agenda, rather than Christ’s.

The beliefs and doctrine of Constance Ramsey-Dixon, Director of Brand New Beginnings Ministries

Constance Ramsey-Dixon: Corrupt leader of Brand New Beginnings Ministry

Constance Ramsey-Dixon: Corrupt leader of Brand New Beginnings Ministry

Never having a deep conversation with Constance Ramsey-Dixon; it is hard to tell what deep convictions she has from that. We know she is a self promoter and has no compassion for her victims of the Cocurullo-Dixon Team’s criminal actions and violence that causes injury. We know of her support for slander, threats and extortion of the most vulnerable. We know Constance Ramsey-Dixon doesn’t think the people affected and directly harmed by her unrepentant actions and the unrepentant actions of her President Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo should be allowed public prayer. Let’s take off her “public” Facebook site and see where she prefers to go get fed with God’s Word. Along with her well documented unrepentant sin, callousness toward her victims, it will be fairly easy to figure out. These are the “deepest three” sources that Constance Ramsey Dixon acknowledges where she gets fed the “Word of God” from.

  • Joel Osteen – As shallow as you get. Joel Osteen is a heretical prosperity pimp and “life coach” who preys on the carnal nature of man tugging on the temporal desires of “self”. He uses the name of “Jesus” just enough to shallowly legitimize his church. He refuses to deal with repentance of sin, humility and sacrifice. He bowed down to the goddess of New Age religion, Oprah Winfrey, while skirting around the question if Christ is the only way to God. His theology is so shallow he believes that the Mormon Jesus is the same as the Christian Jesus. The righteousness of God is nowhere to be found in his message. Joel Osteen is a Heretic. People who follow Osteen are deceived and take on the carnal attitudes he preaches. They more likely follow a False Teacher than Jesus. They are more concerned with “self” and have no fear of the Lord.
  • T. D. Jakes – T D Jakes is another heretical prosperity preacher. He bilks millions off of his supporters. Again repentance is rarely talked about but teaches that Yahweh is Santa Claus. As with Osteen he fell to his knees to the modern goddess of Baal (New Age) Oprah Winfrey rather than Jesus when he waffled on the only True God that will bring you to Heaven.
    • T. D. Jakes is also a heretical “oneness” believer (Modalism). That goes against one of the primary doctrine of the Trinity in Orthodox Christianity. Yes I know he recently put his big toe in the Trinity pool. But no one really believes it. Not even the “oneness Pentecostals believe him or else he would be teaching with great passion his conversion on the doctrine of the Trinity. Rather flippant toward doctrine. Rather flippant toward Christ. One would think that such a drastic change he would be aggressive in his teachings on the Trinity as a show of humility toward Yeshua and his contrition to the Lord in teaching of Heretical Doctrine and correcting this in the minds and the souls of people he wrongly led astray. But T. D. Jakes hasn’t.
    • Pastor Jakes is now softening his view of homosexuality due to his new political relationships and some family indiscretions. Jakes recently preached a message where he claimed that Ruth and Naomi were lesbian lovers and David and Jonathon were gay lovers. That is blasphemy. He doesn’t fear the Lord and again leads his followers to destruction. Self Promoting leaders like Ramsey-Dixon who claims to be a leader is telling who she follows, and it isn’t Jesus. Jakes sold out to Oprah Winfrey, why not sell out to a politician who hates God also. Jakes teaches people by his actions that it is all about self. Constance Ramsey-Dixon follows Jakes, not Yeshua (Jesus).
    • Watchman Fellowship Profile – Modalism/Oneness Pentecostal
  • Joshua Mills (Intensified Glory Institute) – Joshua Mills is a False Teacher that preys on shallow people who are seeking “Glory for themselves”, a lot of “want to be leaders” and justify their seeking for their self-glory which grieves the Holy Spirit while using the name of God. Has a great doctrinal statement but doesn’t believe in it. Joshua Mills partners a lot with Patricia King who has a wide range apostasy to include incorporation of Kudalini and other Hindu Mystic heretical doctrine with phony signs and wonders like gold dust clouds which are only cosmetic plastic gold flakes. If you send Joshua Mills some money, this heretic will send you a piece of cloth he says he stood on this rag and leaked “glory oil” from his feet. Part of the “so-called” New Apostolic Reformation. Doesn’t actually preach the gospel of God’s righteousness. He even says the Holy Ghost transported him to China to an elevator. It is not just a gospel of greed and covetousness, it is a total gospel of “self” which is Eastern/Hindu Mysticism. It is very tempting for the “Jezebel Spirit”(the language in “churcheeze” for Narcissist) He and Patricia King doesn’t just bow down to a Goddess of the New Age Religion, they incorporate it and grievously outright teach it as the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is blasphemy.
    • Spiritual Deception in the End Times- Renegade Christians
    • Do not be Deceived ! Kundalini Warning Documentary by Andrew Storm
    • Gold Dust-Manna-Angel Feathers-Gems-Rainbows-Gold Glory Glory cloud
    • Slaughter of the Sheep – Joshua Mills
    • Another source is Caryl Matrisciana. She was ahead of the curve on how Eastern/Hindu occultism would creep into Christianity from the Emergent Church apostasy to the New Apostolic Reformation and deceive so many Christians.
    • Joshua Mills teaches a totally unbiblical theology that goes beyond leaving out of “God’s Righteousness” and is totally “self”. He dwells in what Jesus warns us about everything about false messages from angels to packaged signs and wonders of packaged Eastern Mysticism (Hinduism). The New Apostolic Reformation movement is demonic. The Bible clearly says expose this and have nothing to do with it.
    • The New Apostolic Reformation, of which Constance Ramsey-Dixon has demonstrated a part of, attributes the lies of man to the Holy Spirit. The New Apostolic Reformation are false teachers that uses deception to exalt man for the purpose of money, power and influence. This movement attracts the same with the deception. It does not exalt God. This should grieve the true believer and bring trembling to those who fear Yahweh, Yeshua and the Holy Spirit. It attracts apostates.

How many false converts follow the likes of T. D. Jakes, Joel Osteen and Joshua Mills? False Teachers bring false converts into the church organization at the cost of the faithful.

Minister Constance Ramsey-Dixon gets fed by man, not Jesus. All three of who she seeks to get fed by are Men that creates a Jesus that doesn’t exist. There teachings are for “self” not the righteousness of God from the prosperity gospel to the new age of the Joshua Mills / Patricia King all prey on the Glory for self, not the righteousness of God. We can look toward respected Men of God from within Biblical Christianity from the Reformed side with John MacArthur and to David Wilkerson on the Pentecostal side of Biblical Christianity and they call what these teachers are as Heretics. A False Teacher that borrows Yahweh’s name to create a false “Christ” and uses His name is the worst kind of Blasphemy. They create a God that doesn’t exist based on the Temporal. They prey on the worse of man’s nature of the desires of the Temporal whether it to be self importance to the other carnal desires.

2 Peter 2:1-3 But false prophets also arose among the people, just as there will also be false teachers among you, who will secretly introduce destructive heresies, even denying the Master who bought them, bringing swift destruction upon themselves. Many will follow their sensuality, and because of them the way of the truth will be maligned; and in their greed they will exploit you with false words; their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. NASB

John MacArthur states that Preachers like this hate the True God. Dave Wilkerson has stronger words and states that both the follower and the teacher are “spiritual fornicators”. We can now understand why Constance Ramsey Dixon has no use for repentance. She believes the Gospel of “self”.

The Bible teaches that the greatest danger to the real “Church” is not from outside the Church organization, but from within. In the Gospels we are warned 14 times about false Teachers and in the epistles we are warned about these wolves among sheep 18 times. We are told that Jesus is our Teacher, not man.

Matthew 23:8-10 But do not be called Rabbi; for One is your Teacher, and you are all brothers. Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven. 10 Do not be called leaders (Teachers); for One is your Leader (Teachers), that is, Christ. NASB

That scripture tells us several things. Two of which is that: the first Christ is our teacher, not man. That those who twist, ignore and add to Christ is not of Christ. They indeed worship a different Christ. The second is there is no hierarchy in the true church; just those who have different gifts. Those who feed their egos with position and twist, ignore the Lord’s word to suit a position are more than idolaters, they are out and out apostates that may be lost without redemption.

The beliefs and false doctrine of Carrie Cocurullo, the President of Brand New Beginnings Ministries … “Modern Prophesy over the Word of God”

Carrie Cocurullo corrupt leadership Brand New Beginnings Ministries

Carrie Cocurullo corrupt leadership Brand New Beginnings Ministries

Carrie Cocurullo has no set values for that day. She is always looking for a word from man rather than the Lord. Her compulsiveness demands a flexible Gospel, that allows her to switch gears . She didn’t know what Apologetics were until two years ago or what people like Ravi Zacharias or Dr James White did until 2 years ago. She will have you researching to find an “out” for her responsibilities in the Lord, but quickly holds on to the neat “promises” of the Lord.

She only has deep conviction for a moment. For example Carrie Cocurullo will be vehemently against abortion than give at work to organizations that finance abortion and against other Biblical held standards for the sake of acceptance of the “world”.  She lost her job and let her name be used by organizations that either mock Biblical Christianity or have stands against it.

Her big thing is using prophets (word of man) rather than the Word of God. She used to use the false prophet at Faith Assembly of God several times a week and boast about being on the phones for hours with her as this false prophet tickled her ears and tell her what she wanted to know. In other words she was using a soothsayer. There was no discernment and testing her words. If she couldn’t find her answer there (or one she liked), she has been known to drive to where a traveling prophet was speaking. Carrie Cocurullo would act super passionate and use those three little words: “God told me”. It was all to get what she wanted or get out of something she realized she didn’t want anymore. She looked at people that could bring her status up and attached herself to them, hence the false prophetess at Faith Assembly of God and Pastor Edward Jones as her “spiritual daddy”. She loved also having people around her that would be “grateful” toward her and had her own little following. She couldn’t just be a sheep.

The “false prophet/soothsayer” is an interesting story. All this “false prophet” did was what Carrie Cocurullo did. She studied people’s hates and desires and repeat those same hates and desires back to her in the guise of prophesy to tickle Carrie Cocurullo’s itching ears. This was especially evident of her on again/off again relationship with now Deacon Terry Padillo Conti. Both Carrie Cocurullo and Terry Padillo Conti fell prey for this manipulation. (And yes manipulators do get manipulated, especially those always seeking the easy.) This hate grew and affected many relationships that surrounded these two woman, especially Caridad Cocurullo’s daughter and Terry Padillo’s granddaughter. They took the most of grief and hours of rage from Cocurullo who sought to do everything to stop the “evil influence” from the family of the Padillos on her daughter. (Her perception, not mine.)

One would have thought that with all this dependence of “prophesy” in her life over the Word of God, a self professed leader would at least researched and used some Biblical discernment in the matter of prophesy.

1 John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. NASB

The “sort of” fall of a False Prophet (soothsayer) at Faith Assembly of God and Carrie Cocurullo

The office of Prophet is self appointed with the OK nod of Leadership and is a way for folk to enter the fold of influence at Faith Assembly of God. So once you have established your corner office in the organization, it takes a lot to pull you out. Sort of like certain 3rd rate bureaucrats that we meet that work in the federal government. Our heroes in this case were not even members or committed Christians. They were the two aforementioned young teenagers, Miss Cocurullo’s daughter and Deacon Tery Padillo’s (Conti) granddaughter. They basically set up a undercover intelligence gathering program and systematically exposed them by stealing Self Professed Leader Caridad Cocurullo’s Texts and Deacon Terry Padillo (Conti’s) Texts to make their case. The texts showed how these two “Christian” woman, one a deacon the other a self-professed leader that is the Senior Pastor’s Spiritual daughter were being manipulated. Pretty substantial evidence was gathered by the two young ladies affected most.

Well, of course, even with the hard evidence the False Prophet denied everything. And a “select group” of Church Leadership decided the quiet way was the best. At a minimum what should have had happened was “ALL” that were affected should have been told and asked to assemble with the False Prophet asking each one for their forgiveness, especially our two heroes. Then the congregation should have been warned so they would not be influenced by the “False Prophet/soothsayer”. There was no real correction and addressing the affect on the victims. There isn’t the real addressing of sin at Faith Assembly of God when leadership is involved. The “offender” is usually protected and the leadership approaches the vocal victims and tell them that they must forgive. The offender does not even have to go and ask for forgiveness. That would show Christ’s humility. We can’t have that in leadership.

As far as our two heroes are concerned; I guess they had the satisfaction of uncovering the scandal, just to be shown that their righteousness was handled with distain even though they out classed Christian Leaders (and self promoting would be leader)in their discernment in the matter. They saw the church using expediency to cover up sin, but not addressing their healing or pain as targets of sin. They saw the church look away at sound doctrine and so-called leaders like their grandmother and mom who were there to protect them, not fight for them or the “Word of God” they so many a time professed for personal agenda and not Yahweh’s Righteousness. Instead of drawing nearer to God, they became more cynical because they knew that they were more righteous then the adult leaders who claim to profess the Lord as their leader, not and earthly man or woman in the church. Statistically speaking, most kids fall away from the church when they leave for college. In this case they saw the worse before they left the home for college. Pray for these two that they will ignore the church organization and come to the real Yeshua (Jesus).

Pastor Edward Jones, Senior/Lead Pastor of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie, NY and Carrie Cocurullo’s “Spiritual Father” directed the outcome without consideration of how it was seen by the eyes of the two heroes / victims and how those two precious souls may now look at Christianity now. This should grieve all of us. They and others who were affected matter! The Word of God says so. The Lord says if you say you love God and hate your brother, the Lord calls you a liar. And you know the scripture as well as I do in Matthew 18:6

Matthew 18:6 but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea.

As Caridad Cocurullo complicity in the matter, the soothsayer, was just telling Carrie Cocurullo what she wanted to hear and give ammunition to justify Carrie Cocurullo wrath on others. In reality it was Carrie Cocurullo using her own daughter and others under the guise “False Religion” to justify her actions. Will she see the need to repent? Carrie Cocurullo never saw her daughter as a victim in this. That is too bad. At least Carrie had the excuse to blame it on someone… at least to the world.

Carrie Cocurullo’s new exploits into Eastern Religion – Hypnotism

It seems Carrie now is involved with the eastern practice of Hypnotism. She is actually promoting this to other Christians. This practice is very controversial and is considered dangerous by many people in both the secular mental health field and Orthodox Christianity. Both groups of skeptics see the practice as opening the doors to letting things in our lives that shouldn’t be there, even when the practitioners of hypnosis are professional, the dangers can outweigh any potential benefit. In the Christian worldview we see it as letting spirits in on our lives, when we depend on the Holy Spirit.

We should remember the “father of modern day hypnosis, Franz Anton Mesmer, was a practitioner of the occult. The practice of hypnosis opens hidden spiritual doors whether you realize it or not. We Christians are to avoid altered states of consciousness because of the risk. We are to rely on the Holy Spirit and the Holy Word of God. Those who participate in these activities of eastern religions may definitely feel spiritual energy, but it is not of God. Yeshua (Jesus) never had to put anyone in a trance to get into their heart. 1 John 4:1

Hypnosis and Yoga open hidden spiritual doors / Christian Post

Hypnotism by definition gives up one’s control to another “man” to find the answer to one’s life inside one. There are many things wrong with this eastern philosophy. First, we don’t give up self control for any spirit, because the Holy Spirit who dwells within us tells us he will not subordinate to another spirit. And second, that finding the answer from within is an Eastern mystical doctrine that goes against Orthodox Christianity is that we receive “truth” from God’s Word and his Holy Spirit, not from “with in”. This is satanic and is a source of idolatry because we set ourselves as “little gods” and not rely on Yahweh.

The question is, is this dabbling in possible occult activities just adding to Carrie Cocurullo’s compulsive behavioral problems to justify ignoring the Holy Spirit and the Word of God just as her reliance of a “soothsayer” was. Remember this all came about with a “Spirit of Entitlement” that led to fraud, which could have been dealt with Biblically; where it would be a forgotten transgression if she handled it with repentance then. But her compulsive behavioral condition sought a “magic pill” which led to serial lying and cover up, violent and criminal acts that left me injured where I couldn’t help my family, that led to more serial lying, slander, stalking. And when she learned that her crime and the subsequent serial lying was documented (recorded) she then went further trying extortion and threats using the most vulnerable person in one’s life, a battered woman (family member) to stop the truth. Carrie Cocurullo’s uncontrolled compulsive search for a “magic pill” instead of God’s Word to repent, has destroyed a few lives and affected more than one is willing to count.

The Doctrine of the leadership of the Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY

Constance Ramsey-Dixon & Carrie Cocurullo - the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry, Poughkeepsie, NY

Constance Ramsey-Dixon & Carrie Cocurullo – the corrupt leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministry, Poughkeepsie, NY

The doctrine of Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Carrie Cocurullo is one of “self”. They may know all the “christianeze” language. But they don’t apply it. On their web site they use 2 Timothy 3:16, but they themselves will not listen to any correction or rebuke. They have only contempt for John’s First Epistle that actually explains our Christian love. They have done everything to avoid the Matthew 18 resolve and Luke 17:3 for repentance. They have ignored all scripture dealing with warnings of False Teachers and discernment. The signs are is they are false teachers also.

On their site they talk about forgiveness, but they don’t talk about repentance. This is  part of the doctrine of Osteen, Jakes, Cocurullo, and Ramsey-Dixon. This is not the doctrine of Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel of Righteousness. You cannot preach about “Forgiveness” without preaching “Repentance”. You cannot talk about “God’s Love” without talking about “His Truth”. You cannot preach about God’s Grace without the fact we are all sinners and depraved in the eye’s of the Lord. You cannot shout God’s “promises” without the Fear of the Lord, acceptance of His Holiness and to be in obedience with His will. He is a righteous God, He will not be mocked. One who lives a life of “works” over the grace has completely been deceived and has become the deceiver. They actually hate the true God.

There are no signs of repentance with the Cocurullo-Dixon Leadership Team of the Brand New Beginnings Ministry.

The Cocurullo – Dixon leadership team uses scripture as a prop. Their attitude toward doctrine can be summed up in 2 Timothy 3:5 and 2 Timothy 4:3-4.

2 Timothy 3:5 holding to a form of godliness (or religion), although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. NASB

2 Timothy 4:3-4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. NASB

As stated before, the Gospel is not preached with a life shown to be influenced heavily by self and a gravitation to the mystical rather than God’s Word.. They turn to the Eastern Religion influence which turns to “self” for growth and doesn’t believe the cost of sin is repentance.

We know then from who they follow. Doesn’t the demeanor of sin in these two’s life tell us that they give a false Gospel message leading to a false conversion.

John MacArthur states there are two ways that you become a Heretic; A Doctrinal Heretic or a Moral Heretic. David Wilkerson makes a similar point. We can see both Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon has crossed a line into both Moral and Doctrinal Heresies. I have a slightly different take then MacArthur and Wilkerson. If you are a Doctrinal Heretic, there is a good chance you are a Moral Heretic. If one’s theology and doctrine takes away and treats God’s Holy Word cheaply and lightly as they do, their life will reflect the signs of moral heresy which will creep and reflect “Man-Doctrine” that allows one to justify their carnal behavior first individually than corporately within the ministry organization. Where there is no accountability within an organization to God’s Word; Individual Integrity issues become an organizational problem.

Similarly if we look at the 10 Commandments; if you abide to the 4 Commandments of God, the 6 Commandments on how we treat each other will be abided to. If you disregard those 4 Commandments of God, the likelihood is that you have no problem breaking the 6 Commandments on how we treat each other. That is why the charge of Idolatry of the Leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY is so offensive to the Lord. If you have no “fear of the Lord”, you only have “fear of getting caught” when it comes to the commandments toward man. It also goes to the question whether they ever had fear of the Lord. It also brings to question of their individual salvation. Did they ever Fear the Lord, or did the Cocurullo-Dixon Team see Christianity as a membership to an organization where they perform works to show their peers that they are “good Christians” but secretly avoid repentance to the criminal and violent acts to those they have harmed and the subsequent activities of slander, stalking, serial lying and Extortion using the most vulnerable?

You see when we ignore God’s doctrine as history shows us, we do not just act “like” the world, in many ways we act “worse than the world”. The people that have been affected by this who are not “Born Again Christians” are horrified and don’t see Christ, but they do see a picture of Christianity that isn’t Christ. How many secular newspapers talk about how the “Church” hides sin of church/ministry leadership rather than deal with it from the Roman Catholic Scandals to our very own in the American Evangelical church today? We see it throughout history where bad doctrine is painted as what Christianity is all about. And when we remain silent we confirm to the “world” that this is what Christianity is all about.

It isn’t that the seeker friendly church and/or Emergent church promotes leadership like this, but invites it in without the Biblical accountability of Leadership. The “self-promoters” who have their own agenda instead of God’s finds it easy to rise in this system. In other words they put on a shallow façade and allows the “in house” apostate to find their corner office without accountability. Shallow Leadership promotes future shallow leadership. If one examines the criteria of even for a facilitator of a “work book agenda” Bible Study at Faith Assembly of God, neither Carrie Cocurullo or Constance Ramsey-Dixon on both their Moral and Doctrinal Heresy. They certainly don’t believe in the concepts of Sola Scriptura and Tota Scriptura. It is more like primoris est instituo in ferocitas Scriptura est secundus”with the Cocurullo-Dixon Team. What does that mean? That means “that their first source is arrogance/pride (self) and scripture second” But then again as discussed, God in His word has told us that this would happen; Fourteen times in the Gospels and Eighteen times in the Epistles. And as 2 Timothy Chapter 3 indicates well what we can see in with Carrie Cocurullo, Constance Ramsey-Dixon and their protectors.

2 Timothy 3:1-8 1But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, holding to a form of godliness (religion), although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. For among them are those who enter (creep) into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, always learning and never able to come to the (recognition) knowledge of the truth. Just as Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so these men also oppose the truth, men of depraved mind, rejected in regard to the faith.

The Lord requires us to expose these modern day Pharisees. The leaders of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY are Heretics that refuse to repent. They are living in their sin. I’ll let you look up Hebrews 10:26-27.

We fear from who they follow, the demeanor of sin in these two’s life that they give a false Gospel message leading to a false conversion.

As far as the Leadership of Faith Assembly of God’s official position on these matters and these two heretical behavior and doctrine. You can try talking to Carrie Cocurullo’s Spiritual Father Pastor Edward Jones, Deacon Terry Padillo Conti and Deacon George Andrews. They feel it is within their “pay grade” to not answer these inquiries, especially to the victims of their criminal acts and violence.

The leadership of Faith Assembly of God, Poughkeepsie has been requested formally if the unrepentant criminals/apostates Carrie Cocurullo and Constance Ramsey-Dixon, “self promoting” leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY have been formally credentialed and by whom so we the victims can file a complaint to the credentialing authority. We regard a non-answer as suppression of a valid complaint. Perhaps the leadership thinks unrepentant criminal and violent acts leading to an injury with retribution involving stalking, slander and extortion is a minor issue for a credentialed minister.

Perhaps that letter should be made public.

Next month we will explore Narcissism in Ministry. Our You Tube account has a section on Narcissism. I suggest you start on the ones dealing with ministry and what professions narcissists are drawn to. People who know these two will have their eyes open. Sam Vaknin is a great resource. Unfortunately our family has been educated with a prior event in our lives on this subject. But fortunately that event has equipped us to handle it with the documentation with these apostates own words (recordings), from the day of the criminal act on April 7th, 2013 to the week of serial lying and extortion July 15th to the 20th, 2013.

For now thank you for your time by reading this. We hope and pray the lessons we have shown through examining actual events will help you to examine your own hearts, prepare you with dealing with the sin of leadership, come alongside innocent victims from within the church and bring you closer to the Lord we serve.

God Bless you. Fight the fight the Lord has given you.

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NOTE TO THE READER OF THIS POST: This is the third in the series of the Corrupt Leadership of Brand New Beginnings Ministries of Poughkeepsie, NY. Please read our first two posts:

BACKGROUND/STATUS AS STATED FIRST POST: These self proclaimed Christian leaders in question are Constance Ramsey-Dixon then President (now director) and Carrie (Caridad) Cocurullo then Vice President (now President) of Brand New Beginnings Ministry. All three of us are congregants of Faith Assembly of God in Poughkeepsie, NY, where Carrie Cocurullo is the “spiritual daughter” of Lead (senior) Pastor Edward Jones. This episode started October 5th, 2012 with a Spirit of Entitlement and a little fraud and grew into where we will start the story where Constance Ramsey-Dixon and Carrie Cocurullo committed violence and criminal acts leaving me a part time cripple and affecting over 20 people negatively against the church in general,  Faith Assembly of God in specific and against the name of Jesus (Yeshua) on April 7th, 2013. Status is the same as the church is silent to the victims.

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  2. a body or system of teachings relating to a particular subject: the doctrine of a Church.


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Deuteronomy 18:10-12

There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or his daughter pass through the fire, one who uses divination, one who practices witchcraft, or one who interprets omens, or a sorcerer, 11 or one who casts a spell, or a medium, or a spiritist, or one who calls up the dead. 12 For whoever does these things is detestable to the Lord; and because of these detestable things the Lord your God will drive them out before you.